Korean talented group H1-key feature! Delivering basic information & performance videos of the members!


This time, we will deliver it is a special feature on the four-member girl group "H1-Key" that debuted in January 2022.💕

Despite the first girl group in the office

Reverse in music charts in Japan and overseas,

Ranked in the top 3 of the girls group brand evaluationand,

It has been steadily gaining popularity since debuting with that abilityH1-keyy👑

It is a hot -focused idol group that is sometimes called "small and medium -sized miracle".✨

This time, we will introduce such a detailed profile of H1-key and recommended performance.♪

In addition, we will formally partner with H1-Key.🎊

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What is the Korean talented idol group H1-keyy?

 H1-key profile

Quote source

  • Group name: H1-key (high key)
  • Affiliation office: GLG (Grandline Group)
  • Date of debut: January 5, 2022
  • Debut song: ATHLETIC GIRL
  • Fan name: M1-Key (Mikey)

"H1-Key" is a 4-member girl group belonging to GLG 🩷

The group name "H1-key" is derived from the slang English "High-Key" with positive meaning, such as "visible and clear", "very, really", and "intense".👏

As "High-keyy" shows, it seems that the idea of ​​"aiming for a dignified and healthy beauty" is included.💡

The H1-Key debuted on January 5, 2022 as an idol group that the newly established entertainment office "GLG" produced at the time.🎉

The debut song is a song called "ATHLETIC GIRL".🎧

At the time of the debut, it was the same group of four groups, but in fact, H1-key, who has actually been replacing the members.👀

Citara, a debut member and Thai, decided to leave for personal reasons in May 2022.

After that, Fiso -chan joined as a new member in June 2022.❕

All four were from Korea and restarted with Run!

Each member is unique and has high skills H1-key!

His ability is said to be "everyone is all -rounder".✊✨

In Rose Blossom, which was released after "RUN", the skills were focused on the skills, and word of mouth expanded, and the charts in Korea and abroad were running in reverse!

Two months after the release, we have achieved the first place on the Korean distribution chart.🌟

After that, he worked smoothlyHe won the first place in music programs, and in the K-POP girl group brand reputation in February and March 2023, following "New Jeans" and "Blackpink"!

The popularity of H1-key, which made a hit song even though it was not a major office, is"Small and medium miracle"It was called💕

Also, the good style is one of their strengths!

HowThe average height of H1-key is 170.6cmAnd everyone is tall✨

Please pay attention to not only stable skills but also overwhelming styles.❣

Introducing H1-key members! Personality and career

Among the fourth generation, H1-key, which is popular as a talented group!

Actually, all members are

YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, WM Entertainment, FNC Entertainment, etc.

As a trainee of a famous office, there is a past that has been taking lessons for a long time ...!

The Avengers H1-Key, where such talented girls gathered✨

We will introduce each profile in detail.♡


H1-key Soi

Quote source

  • Real name: Lee Ye -Jin
  • Date of birth: February 12, 2000
  • Birthplace: Korea
  • Blood type: B type
  • Height: 168cm

The first one is H1-key leader Soi-chan.♪

He was the oldest member and was a trainee in YG Entertainment in the past❣

Soy -chan who has a fluffy and mysterious side, while he has a humorous leader personality.👸

Members have a nickname "Boss Baby"👶(lol)

Soi-chan is a relatively high tone and cute singing voice among H1-key, which has many low vocals.🌟

In addition, visuals with plenty of transparency are often buzzed on SNS.👼

It is a leader who attracts attention from K-POP fans with cute vocals and the strongest visuals.🌟


H1-key Riina

Quote source

  • Real name: Lee Seung Hyun
  • Date of birth: February 21, 2001
  • Birthplace: Korea
  • Blood type: B type
  • Height: 172cm

The second one is Riina who is fluent in Japanese and a cute smile.♪

I had been a trainee life at WM Entertainment for 6 years in the past❣

When he was a trainee, he also appeared on the audition program "PRODUCE48".💡

Due to that, Riina is fluent in Japanese.❕

In addition, Riina's height over 170cm, long limbs that make dance, and style are exactly all girls.😍

The personality is bright and energy!

Fans who fall swamps will not end with a smile that makes the surroundings a fun atmosphere.🌷

Riina's vocals are calm in H1-key, which are low tones.🎤

In this video, it covers the songs of IU -chan that he is listing as a roll model.💕

Pay attention to Riina's warm vocal ability and cute smile♡


H1-key fiss

Quote source

  • Real name: Cho Fihyun
  • Date of birth: July 31, 2002
  • Birthplace: Korea
  • Blood type: type A
  • Height: 169cm

The third one is Fiso -chan, who joined after his debut.♪

Actually, he is also a member who spends the longest trainee period in H1-key.👀

I have trainees for THE BLACK LABEL, source music, FNC Entertainment, and the period is about nine and a half years in total😳

It is a difficult person who has survived a long and harsh trainee life and finally fulfills his dream of his debut.😢

Such a fiso -chan's vocals are soulful, but somewhat refreshing🌬

Also pay attention to the high concept digestive power to sing according to the genre.✨

The unique vocals that pierce K-POP fans are attractive, isn't it?☺⭐

In addition, he is good at rap and dancing, and his facial expression is perfect!

Are you not good at it?All skills are the top -level Fiso -chan.😎🙌

When I appeared on the survival program "Queendom Puzzle", I showed my ability and was selected as the final place.👑

And now I am also active as a member of "EL7Z UP" formed by QUEENDOM PUZZLE!

Keep an eye on the attractive and affordable performance that makes the viewers happy.👀💖

H1-key and EL7Z UP, a busy Fiso-chan who is doing two group activities in parallel,

He / she heals the members and fans with a carefree smile without showing the fatigue (*¨*)♡

It looks cool, surprisingly unique and mood maker Fiso -chan!

There is no doubt that the gap will be inadvertent.😲💗


H1-key Yel

Quote source

  • Real name: Han Shin -Young
  • Date of birth: December 25, 2004
  • Birthplace: Korea
  • Blood type: type A
  • Height: 173cm

Lastly, I would like to introduce Yel of Charisma Manne.♪

I have gained first place in the public audition, entered JYP Entertainment, and spent three years.👀💓

Such Yel is a tall member of members 1!

The powerful dance that dances in a slender style is a masterpiece and is very cool.😳🤍

Yel-chan is often assigned to dance break part on the stage of H1-key.

It is a charismatic explosive all -rounder that can do not only dance but also rap and vocals.🎀

Such Yel -chan is charming when you get off the stage!

The baby -like smile and friendly personality are attractive👶♥

The members sometimes say they look like a dog🐶

H1-key is loved by such a gap.🙌

Recommended performance videos of H1-Key of the talented group!

H1-key, which has become a hot topic in Korea, and has been attracting attention as a talented group in Korea.♡

From here, we will carefully select and introduce performance videos that understand the ability of H1-key.

Please take a look at a number of performances that penetrate your heart.🎀


The first one is the latest song "Deeper" released on February 27, 2024 as a digital single.♪

This song was created in the second work as part of the project "H1-Keynote".🎧

The H1-Keynote project seems to pursue music with the H1-key-like character in front of the members, based on the concept of healing and impressing people living in the present age.💡

It's not a gorgeous idol, but you will definitely show you a new H1-key!

"Deeper" is overwhelmed by the H1-key vocal skill that sings the band sound moist.💗

The delicacy and the strength of the will will resonate with the heart,It's a song that gives you courage and power😢💓

Rose Blossom@Music Bank

The next one is "Rose Blossom", which has a popular reputation throughout the world.♪

Introducing performance videos on Music Bank!

All four people dance, but they show their powerful vocals at all!

You can just see the performance and romantic atmosphere that you can afford.👀💓

Both the melody and the vocals are very comfortable, and the more you listen, the more you will love.💡

Thinkin 'About You

Lastly, I would like to introduce a song called "Thinkin 'About You".♪

Like "Deeper", it is produced as part of the H1-Keynote project"Thinkin 'About You"Published as the first project👏

If you want to enjoy H1-key vocals more, this performance is recommended.💓

Of course, each of them is a sensitive singing voice, but I want all of all four people have stable vocal skills.❣

The delicacy and strength of the vocal will stick to your heart.💘

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This time, we have delivered a special feature on the Korean girl group "H1-Key".💕

H1-key, which is attracting attention from Japan and abroad with overwhelming ability✨

Proposal as a model and a beautiful line dance,And above all, it is an attractive girl group with a unique and unique vocal group.❕

Watch the recommended video introduced this time

I was impressed by the performance ...! !😍」「The swamp has fallen😭💓""

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