What is Senil Crafan? Introducing an overview and flow!

You can download Senil Crafan's materials from LINE♪

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What is Senil Crafan?

What is Senil Crafan?It is a service that launches a project to issue an idol and support advertisement of YouTuber, and it is a service that allows people who agree with their thoughts to share their support money and realize support advertising.😊

For those who say, "I want to give a support advertisement, but it's hard to realize," Senil Crafan is highly recommended.

The main issues facing fans

Many cheering advertising planners are mainly as followsFive worriesI have.

① Difficulty in collecting funds

On your birthday, you want to advertise on an impactful vision and celebrate grandly.😊

but,Advertising expenses often cost hundreds of thousands, and it seems that they often have a hard time gathering and collecting funds.🥲

If the supporter does not gather, the planning itself may not be implemented, so the planner may be the most anxious.

② High commission for other companies' crafted platforms

To launch a crafted project, you need to use a crafan platform.

just,In many platforms, 12 to 20%of the collected funds are deducted as service fees.Therefore, the amount that can be used for the project will be considerably reduced.😢 

Therefore, it is often difficult to carry out large advertisements.

③ Complexity of communication, fund management, and personal information handling with each investor

The planner Exchanges with hundreds of investors, managing payments and delivery informationYou have to do it, and it takes a lot of time.

It is difficult to leak information, so it will be quite responsible.

Also, many investors may be reluctant to provide their personal information to individuals who are not companies.😣

④ Difficulty of advertising arrangements and production

To arrange some advertising media Apply to multiple agenciesSometimes you have to do it.

In that case, you have to do so many times, such as the deposit procedure, which is very troublesome ...

Also, for those who do not usually make videos or designs, creating advertising data may be very difficult.😭

⑤Return delivery work

If the plan is implemented, we will often give a return product from the planner to the supporter.

However, the return products are travers and stickers. In many cases, delivery work is needed, and if there are hundreds of supporters, delivery work will take a lot of time.💦

Senil Crafan solves issues!

The solution to all the worries introduced earlierBirthdayI'm Senil Crafan of JAPAN✨

Use Senil Crafan5 benefitsI'll introduce you!

    ① Project can be created for free!

      Senil Crafan can plan and start a project for free!

      I think many people are worried about planning and starting a clavan.

      but,There is no cost to publish a project☺️

      The cost of implementing advertisements, making advertising products, producing returns, etc. will be used using all the collected support.The feature is that anyone can start with peace of mind.♪

      * If you achieve the project, a part of the support will be charged as a fee.

      ② Service fee for the lowest price in the industry!

      The service commission of other companies' crafted platform is 12 to 20%,Senil Crafan's service commission is 0-5%of the industry's lowest price! !

      I'm very happy to be able to use the collected funds for planning as much as possible.♪

      ③ There is no need to manage funds and personal information yourself!

      All of the collected funds and the management of the personal information of the supporters are all managed by us!

      It is very safe because it saves information management and has no risk of information leakage.😊

      In addition, since the personal information of the supporter does not pass to the individual planner, the supporters can participate in the project with confidence!

      ④ Advertising arrangements and production are all supported!

      We can make reservations for advertising slots and create data consistently!

        We can arrange many advertising media in Japan and overseas, so you can reserve multiple advertising slots at one window.♪

        In addition, our creators will also create difficult videos and design production according to your request.💫

        ⑤ Leave all the returns of returns!

        The shipment of the return product isWe will ship to ship with our affiliated delivery company!

        It is very easy to do so smoothly packing and shipping work♪

        Unique features of Senil Crafan
        1. Exchange on LINEs that you are used to and create projects with Google documentation
        2. No cancellation fee when the goal is not achieved
        3. Personalized support by a full -time person in charge
        4. Project in a minimum of one week!
        5. It is also possible to carry over the surplus funds
        6. Supporting the creation of the income and expenditure report

        Senil Crafan is a crafted service that can only be done by our company, which has more than 500 recommended advertising support a year.✨

        Introduction of success examples

        Here are some specific success examples of Senil Crafan!

        Ni-KI Senil Event 'CRAVING FOR THE SUN'

        • [Name of push] enhypen Niki
        • [Project name] NI-KI Senil Event 'CRAVING FOR THE SUN'
        • [Number of support spaces] 421
        • [Support amount] 3,349,000 yen
        • [Achievement rate] 419%

        With the support of enthusiastic fans, the initial goal exceeds 419%!

        Celebrate NIKI's birthday with famous media from all over the world, such as the NY Times Square!

        Let Me Rooting for U Summer Song half -anniversary project

        • [Name of push] Unnamed
        • [Project name] LET ME Rooting for U Summer Song Half Anniversary Project
        • [Number of support spaces] 161
        • [Support amount] 1,090,500 yen
        • [Achievement rate] 296%

        The topic of Vtuber musician half a year anniversary advertisement!

        Support from all over the world gather, and on the day of the day, a mini -live from the push is broadcast!

        A big buzz, such as entering the trend with X! !

        Flow to the project release

        STEP 1

        First of all, please contact us on LINE! We will have a project dedicated person in charge😊

        STEP 2
        LINE consultation
        Let's decide while consulting with the person in charge what kind of ad♪
        STEP 3
        Check the contents and do an electronic sign.
        STEP 4
        Creating a project page
        Create a project page for Google Document along our template!
        STEP 5
        Start of public relations
        We will publish the page and recruit supporters!

        About the project page

        In order to gather friends, you need a page that describes the outline of the project!

        We have a template on the project page, soPlanners are very easy just to fill in the necessary items♪

        The project page is also very important to realize Senil Crafan!

        By communicating information on the project page well, it will be easier for the supporters to sympathize with them.♪

        Introducing tips on how to make a project to disseminate and realize it on the project page or SNSPlease take a look here as well (^o^)

        What kind of advertising medium can you implement?

        Our advertising media are over 500 in total!

        It is possible to promote advertising to advertising media in the world, such as Japan, South Korea, China, the United States, France, etc.🌟

        Example of handling advertising media
        • Street vision
        • Subway advertising
        • Bus advertising
        • Adtrack advertisement
        • SNS advertising
        • Cup holder event

        If you use a crafandEven in places where it is difficult to realize by individualsIt's not a dream to be able to get an advertisement!✨

        In addition, it may be possible to arrange advertising media that is not posted on our site, so if you have a place where you want to issue an advertisement here, please feel free to contact the staff in charge.😊

        How to select and make an advertising medium

        On our website,It is possible to narrow down advertising media for each "type", "area", and "price"!

        You can easily narrow down your desired ads♪

        * Once the advertisement is confirmed by Senil Crafan, we will send you a link for medium reservation, so please make a reservation from there.

          From public to successful projects

          After the project page is released, we will connect the creative phase staff!

          Please be assured that our SNS will also provide public relations support and consultation on various problems.😊

          If a surplus occurs, you can add an ad, so please feel free to contact us!

          About reports

          Advertising report

          Regarding the state of the advertisement, we will share the broadcast report shared by each medium as soon as it arrives!

          Balance report

          Due to the characteristics of the recommended advertising, it is necessary to submit an investment report to the investor, but we will support the contents described.📝

          About return products

          The type of return product isYou can choose from among the return products (16 types in total) that we can prepare.✨

          There are various types such as treker case, cup holder, acrylic stand.🎁

          • Regarding the delivery of return products, we can outsource to our affiliated distribution companies.
          • If you want other return products, you need to deliver them yourself.

          Important precautions

          ⚫。 The amount of support collected in this project must be used all for this project.

          ⚫。 If the amount of support is gathered that exceeds 50,000 yen or more, you will need to advertise additionally.

          ⚫場合 If you have surplus (up to 49,999 yen), you can donate to non -profit organizations or carry over the next project. (Only the next time you use it with our crafand)

          ⚫。 If you use a support money to implement an event other than an advertising agency other than our company, a service fee will be charged separately. (Please contact the person in charge for details)

          ⚫For advertising and crafan project implementation, it is necessary to apply for a pharmaceutical office such as an artist or an advertiser to apply for a license.

          ⚫。 For materials used in projects and advertisements, you need to use materials that have the permission of your office.

          ⚫︎ Customers need to solve all problems (artist pharmaceutical offices and troubles between customers). We cannot take any responsibility.


          Download materials

          You can download Senil Crafan's materials from LINE♪

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          How long is the application deadline?

          The lowest on the advertising start dateTwo and a half months agoPlease apply by.

          Is there a cost to publish a project?

          The release of the project is free. The cost of implementing advertisements, producing advertising products, and producing returns will be used using the collected support.

          How much should the target amount be set?

          The target amount depends on the project content you want to realize. Please contact the staff in charge on LINE😊