K-POP fans must-see! Thorough explanation of South Korea's sound source performance and sound board chart! How to improve your grades? How to get the first place in music programs?


This time, we will thoroughly explain the Korean music charts that K-POP fans should definitely know!

If you support the K-POP group, you may have heard the words "sound source charts" or "sound board charts" once!

What is the sound source chart or a sound board chart in the first place, how it is related to music programs ... I don't have any questions (;;)

In this article, "The mechanism seems to be difficult ...」「I looked it up but I don't knowFor those who say, I will explain the Korean music chart in an easy -to -understand manner ^^

If you read this article, such as the features of each chart, ranking methods, and how to score music programs, you will be able to understand in one shot.♪

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What is the sound source/sound board chart? How will the performance of music programs affect?

What is the sound source chart?

I often hear the words "sound source chart" and "sound source grade" during the Kamba period ^^

In South Korea, the ranking table that the sub -school music distribution site is created based on the number of streaming and downloads is called "sound source chart".

South Korea has five music distribution sites, and the rankings are ranked on each standard, so the ranking may differ depending on the chart!

K-POP idols will be able to get the first place in music programs by leaving good sound source results on the sound source chart!

In Korea, it is said that the sound source is stronger in the Yo -Jo -Jo Group, which has many popular listeners ^^

What is a sound board chart?

First, the sound board used in the K-POP world refers to the "album"!

Two soundboard charts in Korea "Circle chart"and"Hunt chartThere is, and the rankings are performed based on each aggregation method.

It is said that the Nam Jague Group, which has a thick Fundam layer, is stronger on the sound board because of the sound source chart!

What is the relationship with music programs?


Korean music programs are basically scored by "sound source grade", "sound board results", "YouTube playback", "fan voting", and "broadcast score".

The "sound source chart" and "sound board chart" we have introduced have a large score, and in order for K-POP idols to get the first place in music programs, it is necessary to improve here!

In particular, streaming of fans is very important because the sound source performance accounts for 35-60%of the ratio of scores.

The week of the comeback is still under aggregation, so it will not be the first place candidate, but this week has the best results, so the call for streaming and purchasing a sound board is the most active ^^

The five sound source charts and two sound board charts have different aggregation methods and characteristics for each chart, and the charts used in score aggregation are different depending on the music program!

In order to get the first place, the point is to hold down the characteristics of the charts you are adopted and each chart!

Summary of South Korean sound source charts! The features of each chart!



Melon features
  1.  Focus on "TOP100 Chart" and "Daily Chart"
  2. You can see the popular songs!

First of all, "Melon", which is said to be the largest music distribution site in Korea!

Isn't there a lot of people who have seen this logo! ^^

Melon requires a Korean phone number, so it can measure popularity in Korea!

For this reason, it is also a sound source chart that is considered as important as it is used when viewing the sound source results of K-POP idols.

Here are two major charts, Melon.♪

TOP100 chart"teeth,Chart with 50%reflected in the last 24 -hour data (40%streaming + 60%downloads) and "the last 1 hour data"is.

* Between 1 am and 7 am, only the recent 24 -hour data is reflected

Since the total of about 50 % of the 24 -hour data is reflected, the popular songs are ranked high!

Daily chart"teeth, Chart of Uny Crisner (Unilis) for 24 hours from 12:00 pm to 12:00 am the next dayis.

"Unlis" is the number of people listening to the song, and no matter how many times you play it, you will be counted as one person.



Features of Genie
  1.  The ranking is updated every hour with the number of streaming + downloads
  2.  Sumin with GENIE to improve the performance of the recommended sound source!

"GENIE" with a high number of users after Melon!

Like Melon, it also affects the performance of music programs, so it is a chart that K-POP idols value!

Except from 1 am to 7:00 am, the ranking is updated by streaming and downloads every hour.

For this reason, unlike Melon, where popular songs are ranked high, GENIE has the feature that if fans work hard on streaming (Sumin), it will be easier to aim for the top!

Most music programs are based on the sound source results of Melon and Genie, so by improving GENIE's grades, there is a possibility that you can aim for the first place in music programs ^^.



FLO features
  1.  Ranked with the cumulative data of the last 24 hours every hour
  2.  It is difficult to aim for the top of the chart if it is not popular

The number of users has increased rapidly recently!

Like Melon, it is a chart that is easy to rank the top popular songs because it is based on the cumulative data of the last 24 hours!



Bugs features
  1.  Ranking based on the last hour of data!
  2.  Chart where K-POP idols are relatively easy to aim for

BUGS is ranked in the last hour of data, so it is said that it is a chart that is easy to aim at the top if it is popular to some extent ^^

It was the only music distribution site from Japan, but now it is no longer available ...




VIBE features
  1.  The ranking is updated at 7 am
  2.  Hit songs are ranked high for updating once a day! 

VIBE is updated once a day at 7:00 am, so it is a sound source chart that is easy for popular songs to rank!

It is said that the chart -in is severe if it is a group with weak sound source grades.

Two Korean sound board charts! Introducing differences♪

If you buy an album you want, you want to contribute to sales!

Here, we will introduce the Korean soundboard chart "Circle Chart" and "Hunt Chart"!

Circle chart (former name Gaon chart)


Characteristics of circle charts
  1.  Shipment base
  2.  Since the number of sheets shipped from wholesalers is collected, overseas sales are reflected!
  3. The sound board chart used in "The Show" and "Show Champion"

First, let's look at the circle chart!

Isn't there a lot of people who are familiar with the old names? ^^

Circle charts have various charts not only on the sound board, but also on digital, streaming, and downloads.

The soundboard chart of the circle chart, one of them, is "Shipment baseThe aggregation is being performed in!

in short"Number of sheets shipped from wholesalers to stores-Returned number"The ranking is attached by aggregation.

Since the number of copies shipped from the wholesale company to the store, it is characterized by the aggregation of overseas sales!

The point I want to keep in the circle chart is basically that the number of "reservations + stores + stock" that the dealer ordered is not the actual number of sales!

Also, since the returned amount is deducted later, it may be lower than the first number.

It is a soundboard chart that is often used in year -end music programs because it is necessary to see the movement in the long term!

Hunt chart


Features of hunt chart
  1.  Sales basis
  2.  Since only the number of merchants sold, overseas sales are not reflected ...
  3. Soundboard charts used in "M Countdown", "Music Bank", "SHOW Music Center", and "Popular Kayo"
  4. If you want to contribute to the first day/initial sales, buy it at the Hunt Chart Member store!

Hunt Chart, on the other hand, aggregates the number of copies actually sold at the merchant.Sales basis"The sound board chart!

If you want to contribute to the "first -day sales" and "initial sales" that are attracting attention to the group's popularity, make sure to purchase them from the Hunt Chart Member!

The hunt chart is a chart that shows how much it sold, but it is often the case that only member stores are aggregated, so sales overseas are not reflected.

Because it is a chart that is tuned in real time, many music programs are used for the noise score!

List of Korean music programs! How to get the first place?

[Tue] The Show



The SHOW score ratio and aggregation period
    1. Sound source (Melon, Genie, Bugs, SORIBADA) 40%(Monday to Friday)
    2. Sound board (Hunt Chart) 10%(Monday -Friday)
    3. SNS (YouTube) 20%(Monday to Friday)
    4. Pre -vote (STAR ​​PLANET) 5%(Friday to next Monday)
    5. Real -time voting 10%(broadcast day)
    6. Broadcast score 15%(on the day of the broadcast)

Dosho is a music program called "young climbing gate"!

Because popular singers and veterans do not appear, Dosho is easy to aim for the first place in rookies!

The characteristic of Dosho is that the ratio of the number of videos playback is large after the sound source, so if you are not able to do Sumin, let's actively see YouTube! ^^

Nominated with Kamba until Wednesday!



SHOW CHAMPION score ratio and aggregation period
    1. Sound source (Melon, Genie, BUGS, FLO) 35%(Monday -Friday)
    2. Sound board (Hunt Chart) 15%(Monday -Friday)
    3. SNS (YouTube) 10%(Monday to Friday)
    4. Pre -voting (IDOL Champ) 20%(Friday to next Monday)
    5. Broadcast score 20%(the day of the broadcast)

Shuchan is the most prior voting music program among six music programs!

Fundam with strong voting can be the first place! !

With the iDol Champion app, you can participate in voting from Japan ^^

Nominated with Kamba until Tuesday!

[Thursday] m COUNTDOWN


M Countdown ratio and aggregation period
    1. Sound source (Melon, Genie, Flo, Bugs, VIBE, AppleMusic, Spotify, YouTube) 50%(Monday to Friday)
    2. Sound board (circle chart) 15%(Monday -Friday)
    3. SNS (YouTube) 10%(Monday to Friday)
    4. Pre -voting (Mnet Plus) 15%(Saturday to next Monday)
    5. Real -time voting 10%(broadcast day)
    6. Broadcast score 10%(broadcast day)

Muka is a music program where "sound source" is a big point!

Sumin such as Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube is also counted, making it easier for global fans to contribute ^^

If you appear in the previous week, you will be nominated for two consecutive weeks, and you will not be able to get the first place without appearing on the program!

[Friday] MusicBank


MusicBank score ratio and aggregation period
    1. Sound source (Melon, Genie, Flo, BUGS, VIBE) 60%(Monday to Friday)
    2. Sound board (circle chart) 5%(Monday -Friday)
    3. SNS (YouTube, Tiktok) 5%(Monday to Friday)
    4. Pre -vote (Mubeat) 10%(Monday to Wednesday)
    5. Broadcast score 20%(the day of the broadcast)

Muban seems to be important to the sound source, but it adopts a "score distribution method" that separates the score of 60 % of the sound source!

Therefore, it is a mechanism that is easy for artists who have a good noise performance that have less competition than the sound source ^^

[Sat] SHOW Music center (Umachun)


SHOW Music center score and aggregation period
      1. Sound source (Melon, Genie, Flo, BUGS, VIBE) 50%(Monday to next Monday)
      2. Sound board (circle chart) 10%(Monday to next Monday)
      3. SNS (YouTube) 10%(Monday to next Monday)
      4. Pre -vote (Mubeat) 5%(Tuesday to Thursday)
      5. Viewer evaluation 5%
      6. Real -time voting 10%(broadcast day)
      7. Broadcast score 10%(broadcast day)

Umachun is a music program where "sound source" is important!

Because the number of streaming is important, the power of Fandom in Korea is essential!

A group with a strong sound source performance is easy to aim for the first place, but a group with low sound source results is difficult to get the first place even if other results are outstanding.

[Sun] Popular song (Inga)


Popular song score ratio and aggregation period
    1. Sound source (Melon, Genie, Flo) 55%(Monday to next Monday)
    2. Sound board (circle chart) 10%(Monday to next Monday)
    3. SNS (YouTube) 30%(Monday to next Monday)
    4. Pre -voting (Korea only) 5%
    5. Real -time voting 5%(broadcast day)
    6. Broadcast score 10%(broadcast day)

Inga is characterized by a ratio of 85 % for "sound sources" and "SNS" alone!

Even foreigners who have difficulty Sumin can contribute by the number of playbacks on YouTube ^^

However, the Nam Jague Group, which has a weak sound source performance, is said to be a program that is difficult to get the first place.


This time, I introduced the relationship between "sound source charts", "sound board charts" and "music programs" that K-POP fans should know ^^

South Korea's five music distribution sites and the results of the two soundboard charts play a major role in the popularity of K-POP idols.

In particular, the ratio of the score of the music program for the sound source chart has a large ratio, and it turns out how important the number of streaming is!

Japanese fans who cannot do Sumin can contribute by participating in advance voting and turning YouTube views!

Let's understand the characteristics of each chart and music program in order to win the first place in the music program ^^

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