[Up to 6,000 yen ~] Notification flyer production

[Up to 6,000 yen ~] Notification flyer production

Regular price¥6,180

Outline of the notification flyer production

If you want to do a cup holder event or Senil advertisement that you want, I want more people to come to see it!

To get more people to see itIt is recommended that you make an announcement image (notification flyer) on SNS and notify it.😊

But it is surprisingly difficult to edit images using apps and PCs 🥲

Such "It is difficult to edit the image individually ...😢For those who say,Our creator will make the announcement flyer production!

We will produce an announcement flyer that stands out by the design image of cup holders and ads.♪


Production case

Cup holder event

Korean CM Monitor Advertising

See other portfolios 


Production method

① Template

If you want to use the design of the advertisement/cup holder as a flyer as it is, the template plan is recommended.😊

Just decide the characters to put inSo it's very easy♪

* Please note that decorations that are not used in ads can be inserted.

See the template 

② Customize

I want to make a completely original fryer from 1! Customization is recommended😊

Professional creators will create a flyer in line with your needs!

Great for a set order!

Set order

Things other than the announcement flyer (vision advertising, cup holder production, etc.) togetherIf you order, it will be the price of "Set Order"!

It is better than a single item order✨

Single item order

If you order only the notification flyer, it will be the price of "Single item order".


plan Submit the first draft
Normal plan (if there is 3 weeks or more for delivery time) 7-14 days
Limited express plan (if you have less than 3 weeks to delivery) Within 7 days

* The number of corrections is up to 2 times. An additional charge will be charged for the third and subsequent corrections. Please note.
* The delivery date varies depending on the production schedule, so please check with the person in charge each time.
* Correspondence only on weekdays. (We cannot respond on weekends and holidays.)
* Even if you place an order with a normal plan, if the submission to the material and specification is cut off two weeks before the delivery date, an additional charge will be charged. Please note.

About the nomination of the creator

You can nominate your desired creators from our creators according to the image of the advertising! (A nomination fee will be charged separately.)

The latest production examples are posted for each creator on the following page, so please take a look.♪

Flow of production

First of all, please contact us on LINE for the delivery date.💁🏻‍♀️
Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.
* We are closed on weekends and holidays.
* Please contact us at least one month to two months before the advertising starts.
Added a friend
Application (until 3 weeks before the delivery date)
Once the content is decided, enter the application form.
You will be settled from this page.
Contact from the staff in charge

As soon as payment is confirmed, the staff will receive an email on production.💁🏻‍♀️✉️
We will send you "Material Uploading Folder" and "Specifications".

Enter specifications / upload materials

Please fill in the specifications in our designated folder and "(2) upload the material used".

① Enter the specifications

② Uploading materials used


Production & correction of trial drafts

Our creators will produce based on the specifications.


  • fundamentallyFixed twiceIt will be up to.
    If the number of corrections exceeds 3 times, an additional fee will be charged.

  • All exchanges related to production will be made by email.
Completion of the school

If there is no correction point, it will be the school😊


  • You cannot hand out editing data such as Illustrator or Photoshop.