Video production such as street vision advertisements

Video production such as street vision advertisements

Regular price¥20,600

Outline of video production

If you want to make a recommended Senil advertisement, I want many fans to make cute/cool images and see them.♪

But isn't it surprisingly difficult if you're not used to editing videos using apps and PCs? Lingering

Such "I'm not good at editing videos on my own ...😣For those who say, our creators will act on the video production! 🤗

We will produce video according to the completion image of the customer.♪

Production case

The past production examples are introduced here, so please take a look.

View video portfolio 



We also have a template for those who say "It's hard to think about the composition of the video from scratch!"✨

It's very easy because you just decide the material you want to use and the characters you want to use♪

See the template 


Delivery / plan


plan Submit the first draft
Normal plan (if there is 2 weeks or more for delivery time) 7-14 days
Limited express plan (if you have less than 2 weeks to delivery) Within 7 days

* The number of corrections is up to 2 times. An additional charge will be charged for the third and subsequent corrections. Please note.
* The delivery date varies depending on the production schedule, so please check with the person in charge each time.

Presence or absence of logo

In the case of a regular fee, our logo marks in the last 1 second of the video.

If you do not want to insert a logo, the production fee is the logo -free fee (regular fee + 10%). 

Whether or not our logo is price
can be Regular fee


Normal fee + 10%

Flow of production

First of all, please contact us on LINE for the price, delivery date, etc.💁🏻‍♀️
Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.
* We are closed on weekends and holidays.
* Please contact us at least one month to two months before the advertising starts.
Added a friend
Application (up to 2 weeks before the delivery date)
Once the content is decided, enter the application form.
You will be settled from this page.
Contact from the staff in charge

As soon as payment is confirmed, the staff will receive an email on production.💁🏻‍♀️✉️
We will send you "Material Uploading Folder" and "Specifications".

Enter specifications / upload materials

Please fill in the specifications in our designated folder and "(2) upload the material used".

① Enter the specifications

② Uploading materials used

Production & correction of trial drafts

Our creators will produce based on the specifications.


  • fundamentallyFixed twiceIt will be up to.
    If the number of corrections exceeds 3 times, an additional fee will be charged.
  • The editing that cuts out the moving person in the video takes a lot of man -hours, so we do not respond at regular rates. If you wish, please contact us separately.
  • All exchanges related to production will be made by email.
Completion of the school

If there is no correction point, it will be the school😊


  • You cannot hand over editing data such as PREMIERE PRP and After Effects.

Notification flyer production

If you announce your ad on SNS, you can get more people to know the ads!📢

If you are not used to editing images, please leave the announcement flyer production to us!

Desired content, arrangement, designCan be custom♪

Please order with video production and set ^^