Kagami Tanaka Birthday Project 2023


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本プロジェクトは、November 09, 2022 18:00 までに、少なくとも ¥528,000 円達成しなければ、実現しません。

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About the planner of this project

Project planner

This is a Japanese fan -based Koki JPN FB aimed at operating as a place for domestic and overseas support and fans to support Kiki Tanaka.

January 29, 2023 I would like to hold KOKI's 14th birthday with you. Thank you very much.

[November 8, 2022] About the additional contact period of the additional contact crafan recruitment period

Since the amount of investment was gathered in a short period of time beyond expectations, it was planned to be recruited until November 15, but I would like to close the recruitment on Wednesday, November 9th. 。

Thank you very much for a lot of support money.

In addition, we will report on additional advertising media as soon as it is confirmed.

Nice to meet you.

About the background and thoughts

KOKI's Senil celebration will also celebrate the second time, so we hope that we can implement a better plan with Koki fans, so we will use crowdfunding this time so that we can participate with confidence. I did it.

I would like to succeed in KOKI's birthday celebration plan with Koki's fans.

Project Outline

This project is an advertisement to celebrate the 14 -year -old birthday by crowdfunding through the Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN in the form of a crowdfunding format.

Senil advertisement will be broadcast at NY Times Square around January 29, the birthday of Kagami Tanaka.

▲ NY Times Square (Image)

* This time, there will be no return goods based on the questionnaire result.

The amount of support isFrom 1000 yenPlease participate in 1000 yen units. 

About support money

Target amount


 If the amount of support exceeds the target amount, we will add a place to post support advertising!

How to use support money

The collected support is used for the following purposes.

NY Times Square Senil advertising expenses

 Advertising video production cost

The surplus will be considered to be donated by the name of the person in the prescribed amount or an advertisement posted.

If the support money does not reach the target amount

If this project is less than the target amount, please note that we will refund the total amount of support, and there will be no execution of the plan or delivering the return.

About return

The benefits of those who have supported will be as follows.

1,000 yen (excluding tax)

 Video data

5,000 yen (excluding tax)

 Video data

 Describe your name in the advertisement

10,000 yen (excluding tax)

 Video data

 With your name for advertisingmessagedescription

30,000 yen (excluding tax)

 Video data

 With a large name for advertisingmessagedescription


● The consumption tax will be charged separately for the amount of support. Tax will be added at the time of payment.

● For supporters of 5000 yen or moreAdvertiseThe name is "" "In the cart"Store special notesPlease fill in.

● The names and messages to be put in the ad for the supporters of 10,000 yen or more are in the cart Store special notesPlease fill in.Please give me a message within 50 characters.

● If you do not want your name or message, please enter it if you do not wish.

● Advertising video data will be sent to the registered email address.

● You can support many times from $ 1000 per unit.Please refer to here as a precautions at that time.

● reference:About the second and subsequent support

* Only the same account as the previous time will be valid"" Store special article ""〇 The total amount up to the last time, please list.

* Please be sure to fill in so that there is no confirmation omission.The total amount up to the last time and the sum of this support moneyIf you reach $ 5000 or more, you can participate in the benefits, soIn that case, please fill in your name and message according to the amount of money.


date Content progress
October 11th (Tuesday) -An November 9th (Tuesday) Support fund recruitment period Achieved!
2023 January 23 (Monday) to 29 (Sun) ★Advertising broadcast★

Payment method

The support money can be paid in the following way.

 credit card( VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express

 Apple Pay

 Google Pay 


Is it possible to cancel?

excuse me,You cannot cancel the content once supported. Please think carefully and support us.


723 支援口数


137% 達成

本プロジェクトは、November 09, 2022 18:00 までに、少なくとも ¥528,000 円達成しなければ、実現しません。

計算中 残り日数