Production of air holder (92/98 pie)

Production of air holder (92/98 pie)

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Type of air holder

Cup Holder Senil advertising agency Korea

Everyone often seesAir holderit might be?

The air holder is cute and is very popular because it shines photos when decorated.♪

The size isThere are two types of 92 /98 pie.

Delivery period

plan Delivery period
usually About one month
Limited express About 2 weeks

 * This is a guideline from the submission to the printing company to the delivery.

If you have no time to hold the event!Limited express plan (about 2 weeks)Recommended♪


Notes on delivery
  • The delivery period of the notation is a guide,Delivery may be delayed depending on the logistics delay.
  • Due to consecutive holidays, it may take longer than the delivery period described.

Great set plan

Flow to delivery


First of all, please check the flow by Automatic Chat of LINE!
If you have any other questions, please contact us as the staff will respond.

* We are closed on weekends and holidays.

Form input
If you order, please enter the necessary information in the application form.
Application form 

We will pay on the site.
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Design production
We will make design according to your request.
If you are producing design by yourself, please make it according to the designated template.
About design production 

Submit to a printing company
I will submit it to a printing company.
Please note that the design cannot be changed after submission.
delivery of materials
We will deliver to the specified address by the delivery date.



Is it possible to order only 100?

no. Air holders are 500 units and paper cups are 1000 units.

Is it possible to make 2000 pieces of 1000 pieces into two types?

Is possible. However, the price is × 2 when 500 pieces are issued.

Is it possible to divide 500 pieces to another place by dividing 250 pieces?

Because it is 500 boxes per box, it cannot be divided into 250 pieces.

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