[Paris] Galeries Lafayette Haussmann

[Paris] Galeries Lafayette Haussmann

Regular price¥750,000

basic information

Established on the wall of the CITADIUM building in Paris, it is located in the center of pedestrian heaven adjacent to Gallery Lely and Paris.😊

In the center of Paris, there have been laws that restrict large outdoor advertising for a long time, but this is one of the few outdoor electronic media, which is dense and exposed, and large in Paris. It is a screen.

Installation location 63 Rue de Caumartin, Citadium Shopping
Operation time 7:30~21:30 
standard 41㎡
Number of broadcasts 10 seconds x 840 times/day
audio none
Post period 1 day ~
Sending broadcast photos There are photos and videos
Monday broadcast Wednesday shared * It may be somewhat shifted
Submit a license certificate Preliminary announcement of SNS
Not required* After the material examination is completed

*In the case of Japanese artists, submitting a license certificate is required.

Submission specifications

data form mp4/ png
size Ride 1080*Vertical 1920px
frame rate 25fps
Bit rate maximum 8MB/s
others Requires French translation of text

Application / submission deadline

Application deadline In principle, one month ago
Expiration date Until 2 weeks ago

Flow to advertising

First of all, please contact us for the price and vacant frame status on LINE.💁🏻‍♀️
Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.
* We are closed on weekends and holidays.
* Please contact us at least one month to two months before the advertising starts.
Added a friend
Enter the application form
Once the desired medium is decided, enter the application form.
If there is no problem with the content, we will pay.
Frame secure request & frame secure
After payment is confirmed, we will request the media company to secure an advertising frame.
One month ago, the frame secure will be confirmed.
* Please note that it is not always possible to secure.
If you cannot secure it, we will refund the full amount except the refund fee.
Data production
We will make video production.

About video production 

Submission & material screening (2 weeks ago)
Submit it to the media company and perform the media screening.
Start of advertising
If you receive the media screening, you will start advertising on the specified date!


Please read the following notes in advance.

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