Twitter advertisement

Twitter advertisement

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Features of Twitter advertising

Did you know that you can get Senil ads on Twitter? 🤗

If you advertise on Twitter, which is used by idol fans, you can get many fans to see Senil ads.❤️

It's difficult to see support ads directly in various places, and I'm very happy to be able to see various support ads directly ^^

The price is from 15,000 yenIt is very cheap, and it is recommended because anyone can easily advertise.♪

Type of Twitter advertising
  1.   Image advertising
  2.  Video advertising
  3.   Carousel advertisement


Image advertising

Photo adsAn advertisement that displays one image + text.

There are two types of image size: horizontal (1.91: 1) / square (1: 1).♪ 

Senil advertisement Twitter advertisement

Recommended size
Square (1: 1) 800 x 800px
Horizontal (1.91: 1) 800 x 418px
.jpg / .png
word count
128 characters


Video advertising

Video adsThis is an advertisement that displays a video (within 2 minutes and 20 seconds) + text.

Since the video can be audio, it will be a sensitive advertisement that will be more attractive than the image.

Senil Advertising Instagram Louese Advertising Story

Recommended size
Square (1: 1) 800 x 800px
Horizontal (1.91: 1) 800 x 418px
mp4 / .mov
word count
128 characters


Carousel advertisement

Carousel adsAn advertisement that displays 3 to 10 images / videos + text on the feedis.

Recommended for those who want to release Senil ads with various designs at once!

Twitter Senil advertisement

Carousel adsAdvertising with 2-6 images / videos + textis.

Recommended for those who want to release Senil ads with various designs at once!

Recommended size
image Square (1: 1)
800 x 800px
Horizontal (1.91: 1) 800×418px
Square (1: 1)
800 x 800px
Horizontal (16: 9)
[Still image] .jpg / .png [Video] MP4 / .mov, etc.

* If you use both images and videos in the carousel, only the square (1: 1) is possible.


About the text and transition link
  • When advertising with photo ads / video ads / carousel adsPlease send the text to be described.(hashtagYou can also attach it. )
  • For all adsTransition of linkIt is possible to make it.Many people transition the links of YouTube and Instagram♪
  • In the case of carousel ads, different links can be set for each image and video. (Up to 6)


    Expense plan

    There are five cost plans, from 15,000 to 100,000 yen.

    * You can choose the price freely, but we are making the optimal price plan from our achievements.


    \ New! / 15,000 yen plan

    The cheapest 15,000 yen plan has appeared in response to the voice "I want to advertise more cheaply!"

    You can send advertisements for two days to two countries, such as Japan and Korea♪

    You can easily advertise because the cost is low ^^


    price 16,500 yen (tax included)
    Distributed country

    Up to 2 countries

    Advertising period From 1 day to 2 days

    30,000 yen plan

    30,000 yen planRecommended if you want to concentrate on a narrow area.

    You can advertise to two countries, including Japan and Korea for 3 days!

    price 33,000 yen (tax included)
    Distributed country

    Up to 2 countries

    Advertising period 1st to 3rd days

    50,000 yen plan

    50,000 yen planFocus on East AsiaRecommended if you want to advertise.

    Senil ads can be distributed to people other than Japan and South Korea who have expanded a little area!

    price 55,000 yen (tax included)
    Distributed country

    Up to 5 countries

    Advertising period 2 days to 7 days

    70,000 yen plan

    70,000 yen planCovers East Asia and Southeast AsiaRecommended if you want to advertise.

    K-POP is quite popular not only in East Asia but also in Southeast Asia, so you can excite the recommended Senil with more fans ^^

    price 77,000 yen (tax included)
    Distributed country

    Up to 2 areas

    Advertising period 2 days to 7 days

    100,000 yen plan

    100,000 yen planRecommended if you want to deliver an advertisement to the whole world.

    If you send a world -famous idol Senil advertisement, you will get a reaction to Senil advertising from all over the world!

    price 110,000 yen (tax included)
    Distributed country Unlimited
    Advertising period 8 days to 14 days


    Points to note about advertising agency
    • Advertisements are distributed from our Twitter account.
    • The amount of money does not change depending on the placement of advertising (image advertising, video advertising, etc.).
    • Basically, 70%of the amount will be charged for advertising, and 30%will be charged as an advertising agency fee.
      (The 30,000 yen plan will be charged for 50%of the amount, 50%will be charged as an advertising agency. Approximately 30%is an advertisement cost, about 70%of the advertising agency fee will be charged. To do.)


    Tips for increasing the number of advertisements

    The number of ads displayedA mechanism that fluctuates depending on the reaction rate of user advertisements (detailed click rate, share rate, etc.)is.
    Advertising with a higher reaction rate increases advertisements and more displayed.
    for that purpose,Producing design/video that attracts usersThen, it will lead to an increase in the number of displays ^^


    Distributed country

    Twitter ads are limited to countries and regions that can be distributed.

    The countries that can be distributed are as follows.

    Countries that can be distributed

    Deadline for applying

    When producing advertising data Until 3 weeks ago
    When producing advertising data yourself Until 2 weeks ago


    Advertising production

    For those who are not good at design/videos using personal computers, we will act on advertising production!

    We will produce advertisements according to your wishes ^^

    CostsVideo 30,000 yen (excluding tax), still image 15,000 yen (excluding tax)is!

    See the design portfolio


    Precautions when requesting agency production
    • In the advertising production period3-5 business daysIt will take, so please apply with plenty of time.
    • The material used isHigh qualityPlease prepare.
    • The image of the idol to use isGained permission from the Idol affiliated officePlease use.
    • Design correctionUp to twiceIt is.


    Flow until advertising

    STEP 1

    First of all, please check the flow by Automatic Chat of LINE!
    If you have any other questions, please contact us as the staff will respond.

    * We are closed on weekends and holidays.

    Added a friend
    STEP 2
    Form input
    If you order, please enter the necessary information in the application form.
    Application form

    STEP 3
    You will be settled on this page.
    STEP 4
    Design production
    We will produce according to your request.
    Click here for the flow of design production

    STEP 5
    Advertising setting & advertising screening
    Set ads and make an advertising screening. (About 1-2 days)
    STEP 6
    Start of advertising
    If you receive an advertising screening, you will start advertising from the specified date!
    * Advertisements are distributed from our Twitter account.


    Please read the following notes in advance.



    3万円以下 割引なし
    5万円以下 500円割引
    10万円以下 1,000円割引
    20万円以下 2,000円割引
    30万円以下 3,000円割引
    40万円以下 4,000円割引
    50万円以下 5,000円割引
    50万円以上 10万円毎に1,000円割引

    (40,000円-500円)×消費税1.1 =43,450円(税込)