Cup holder design production

Cup holder design production

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Outline of design production

If you are "difficult to design by yourself", our designer will take the design production!

Designed according to the completion image of your customer♪

Production case

The past production examples are introduced here, so please take a look.

Design portfolio 


number Price (excluding tax) deadline
1 15,000 yen 5-7 business days

Flow of design production


Send the design image and material

The following 3 pointsPlease send it to our email address.

① Design image

Handwritten images and reference images are also OK

② Characters to be put in

Please send it in text so that you can copy to prevent typographical errors.

③ Materials used

If the material is attached directly to the email, the capacity may be compressed and the image quality may be reduced. We recommend that you use large -capacity data transfer services such as data flights.


Production of trial proposals
We will produce a trial based on the rough plan and image.
Correction is basically up to twiceIs possible.
Design decision & submission
Once the design is decided, we will submit it to the printing company.
The design is not possible after data submission to the printing company.


Precautions when requesting design production
  • Design production period3-5 business daysIt will take, so please apply with plenty of time.
  • The material used isHigh qualityPlease prepare.
  • The idol image isGained permission from the Idol affiliated officePlease use.
  • Fluorescent colors cannot be printed.
  • The correction is basically up to twice. If you want to make a significant design change after the third time, you need to pay an additional cost of 11,000 yen.


    When making design yourself

    If you use Illustrator or Photoshop to create your own design, please make it according to the following template!(Download only on a PC)

    TemplateThe range of the red line printedand,A range that can be seen on the frontis!

    If the letters and images are placed along the fan -shaped curve, it will be straight when it is formed round.♪


    Air holder 92/98 pie


    Cup type holder 13 oz

    Download the template


    Precautions when making design by individual
    • The color setting should be "CMYK".
    • Completed dataAI dataorPSD dataPlease send me.
    • In the case of Photoshop data, resolution when saving350 ~ 400 pixel/INCHPlease set to.
    • In the case of Illustrator, please "outline" for letters and lines.
    • Please send the completed data to the following email address.
      [Sending destination]


    Notification flyer production

    SNS event announcement flyer can also be produced!

    Desired content, arrangement, designCan be custom♪

    Please order as a cup holder production and set ^^



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