[Senil JAPAN only! ] TOZ Season's GreeTings -8 people by lottery will receive Polaroids with autographed Polaroids!

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Only 100 sets will be added for each popular!

TOZ Season's GreeTings has been very popular and 100 sets have been decided!👏✨

Four sets of autographed Seaguri, only 4 Polaroids with autographed!

8 people from among the buyers by lot! !🎁

[Sales deadline] Free shipping on purchases until February 25 (end as soon as sold out)

[Scheduled delivery] early March

BirthdayJAPAN limited benefits

This time, TOZ x Senl JAPAN will formally collaborate and sell Season's Green, which is full of benefits that can only be used here!

"TOZ's Season's GreeTings 2024" is full of wonderful goods that can be walked with TOZ throughout the year, such as calendar, mini -shot album, and diary! Details are as follows!

And there are three gorgeous benefits that can only be hit on the Senil JAPAN site, so don't miss it! !

Walk with TOZ in 2024♪

Sales period

~ 2024.2.25 (Sun) 23:59

Winner announcement date: Friday, March 1st
Winner announcement method: Email notification

★BirthdayJAPAN limited benefits 01★
Senil JAPAN limited unreleased travers present to all buyers

To all buyersBirthday1 out of 20 unreleased travers limited to Japan (random) will be presented!

★BirthdayJAPAN limited benefits 02★
Polaroid present with a handwritten signature for 4 people by lottery!

Season's GreenEveryone who purchasedFrom insideOne Polaroid with a handwritten signature for 4 people by lotteryI will send you. (random)

★BirthdayJAPAN limited benefits 03★
Season's green with one member of one member will be presented to four lottery people!

From everyone who purchased Season's Green

Season's Green with a handwritten signature of one member for 4 people by lotteryI will send you. (random)

* Those who have received the autographed polaroid will not be eligible for lottery.


・ This product will end as soon as it is gone.

・ Please note that it is not possible to cancel after ordering.

-The photo card provided as a privilege, small scratches, and fine dust, etc. are unavoidable parts of the printing process, so we will not accept exchanges. In the case of intense damage, we will replace it only in stock. If you are out of stock, you cannot re -ship it.

・ This image is an example of deepening the understanding of the product, and may differ from the actual product.

-The outer box is a protective agent to protect the product, and minor scratches and discoloration of the case are not defective products.

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This collaboration project was realized by the TOZ members in the monthly pushing ranking in November and December.🏆✨

Your support has reached you👏

The next vote will start on January 1st!

Please vote for everyone's recommendation.💖

A total of 9 points! Normal product details

In addition to the above -mentioned Senil JAPAN benefits, the following products are included!

9 points in total! All you can enjoy with 2024 with TOZ♪

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・ Delivery from early March 2024 (may take 10 days or more on weekdays except for shipping/weekends, and holidays) may take more time due to the characteristics of overseas delivery.

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[Senil JAPAN only! ] TOZ Season's GreeTings -8 people by lottery will receive Polaroids with autographed Polaroids!