[Tokyo Metro Tokyo Station] B0/B1 poster

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basic information

Installation location Tokyo Metro Tokyo Station premises
standard B0 1,456 × 1,030mm long
B1 horizontal 728 x 1,030mm long
Post period 7 days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday start)
Sending broadcast photos none
others Included poster printing costs
Submit a license certificate Preliminary announcement of SNS
Essential NG
After publication, confirm the contents of the announcement to the media company OK


Submission specifications

Color Cmyk
size [B0 size] 145.6 x 103.0cm (4127 x 2920px)
[B1 size] 72.8 x 103.0cm (2920 x 2064px)
Applicable items Group name / group contact email address

Application / submission deadline

Application deadline In principle, one and a half months ago
Expiration date 15 Until 15 business days

Flow to advertising

First of all, please contact us for the price and vacant frame status on LINE.💁🏻‍♀️
Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.
* We are closed on weekends and holidays.
* Please contact us at least one and a half to two months before the start of advertising.
Added a friend
Enter the application form
Once the desired medium is decided, enter the application form.

Application form 

Advertiser examination
The media company will conduct an advertiser screening. (Whether permission is obtained, confirmation of the outline of the organization, etc.)
Data production
We will make design.
* Nippon Station advertisements cannot be determined to be posted unless advertising data is prepared first.

About design production 

Design examination
The media company will conduct an advertising design.
Payment of advertising expenses & secure location of posting
After payment, determine the posting location.
Start of advertising
Advertising starts on the specified date!
* Poster advertisements will be replaced in order from 9:00 am to 14:00 in the morning on the day, so even if you go to see it early in the morning, it may not be posted in the morning. please give me.


Please read the following notes in advance.

⚫︎The flow of Japanese station advertisements, unlike other advertisements, cannot be confirmed without preparing advertising data first.

⚫︎It is not always possible to secure a frame of the desired medium. If you cannot secure the desired frame, we will refund the advertising fee.

⚫︎Advertising production costs cannot be refunded after production.

⚫︎If you wish to receive the poster after the publication, please contact us before the publication.