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本プロジェクトは、August 13, 2024 00:00 までに、少なくとも ¥150,000 円達成しなければ、実現しません。

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Precautions at the time of purchase

The name of the desired description in the advertisement is "" "In the cart"Notices"Please fill in. After adding to the cart, it will be displayed immediately below.

 In the case of anonymous, please enter as blank or anonymous request. 

About the planner of this project

Project planner

BTS Nam Junpen Kumi

I have a fan history for 4 years, but thanks to BTS, I enjoy it every day

Project exclusive open chat

If you have supportedBy all means, let's get excited with the connection with the planner and the latest information on the project within the project LINE open chat.

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About the background and thoughts

Last year, I didn't get an advertisement to Unica Vision at the time of Namjun's Senil, so this year I decided to launch a Senil advertisement to Unica Vision and celebrate the Uri leader Senil.

Also, I would be glad if I could get along with many fans through this project.😊

Let's celebrate Namjun's Senil!

Project Outline

This project is a project to recruit support from everyone who can agree with this project through Senil JAPAN, and publish support advertisements that celebrate Namjun's Senle.

Main recommendation advertisement

The first goal, the cheering advertisement, will be posted on Unica Vision on September 12, the birthday of Namjun.

The reason I chose this ad was because I was my first time and I didn't know anything.

If a lot of support is gathered, as the second goal, we are considering donating UNICEF with a project name.

For those who have supported it, we have a return product according to the support money.

[Shinjuku] Unica vision image


date Content
July 1, 2024 -August 12, 2024 Support fund recruitment period
September 12, 2024 ★Scheduled advertisement date★

* Please note that the period may be slightly shifted depending on the progress of the project.

About support money

Target amount

150,000 yen (excluding tax)

If the support amount exceeds the target amount, we will carry out additional advertising!

We will inform you of the advertising content on this project page or X (Twitter).

How to use support money

The collected support is used for the following purposes.

Posting an advertisement

Advertising video design production

Notification flyer design production

How to use surplus

The donated support money is not obtained by the organizer in 1 yen units, all of which are used for Namjun's birthday events, and for unusable surplus (up to 49,999 yen), to non -profit organizations by name. I will donate.

Please be assured that we will contact you after the event.

If the support money does not reach the target amount

If this project is less than the target amount, we will change the advertising content. In that case, we will inform you in advance on this project page and the planner X (former Twitter). Please note that the advertising content may be changed.

About return

The return amount will be tax included.

1,100 yen

No return

3,300 yen

Advertising video data

5,500 yen

Advertising video data

Describe your name on the ad

* Return data will be sent from "", but the email may not arrive correctly due to security settings and spam email measures. In that case, it is not possible to send even after receiving inquiries from the customer. We apologize for the inconvenience to the supporters, but we ask you to cancel or receive the reception so that you can receive the following e -mail address.

Open chat dedicated to Nam Junsenil Advertising Project supporters

If you have supportedBy all means, let's get excited with the connection with the planner and the latest information on the project within the project LINE open chat.

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If necessary in the process of sending the return product, we will sign a confidential information holding agreement with the planner and provide information from the supporters for the purpose of providing the return product. Please note.

Regarding the return product that can be named for the advertisement in the advertisement, there is always a description in the return product column, so please check that there is no mistake. Please note that the entry field will be displayed at the time of purchase on the system even if the name is not stated in the advertisement.

It is displayed in multilingual, but since automatic translation is used, the expression may be different for foreign languages. Please note that "Japanese" will be the correct sentence.

The consumption tax will be charged for the support amount. Tax will be added at the time of payment. Also, please note that the amount that the planner can use as a project will be the tax -excluded amount of the collected amount.

 It is not possible to cancel or refund the content once supported.

The return product of the data will be sent to the email address.

Payment method

The support money can be paid in the following way.

Credit card (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express)


Bank transfer

* If you select a bank transfer, please transfer within 7 days from the payment registration.

About the inquiry

Please contact the planner's Instagram count for details of Krafan and returns.

For inquiries regarding payment methods, please contact Senil JAPAN.


Is it possible to cancel or refund?

I'm sorry, but you can't cancel the content you have once supported. Please give us your support and support. This is not the case if this project is not performed correctly due to the organizer or agency problem.

Where should I ask for questions about the project?

Please contact the above inquiry.

Is it possible to support multiple ways? In that case, is it possible to add a return product?

It is possible to support it with multiple mouths, but it is not possible to add the return (eg, 5,000 yen x 2 spouts, such as a 10,000 yen return). It will be a return for each amount.

0 支援口数


0% 達成

本プロジェクトは、August 13, 2024 00:00 までに、少なくとも ¥150,000 円達成しなければ、実現しません。

計算中 残り日数