★Only for February and March 2024★Ikebukuro PARCO Jack Plan + AR recommended advertisement

★Only for February and March 2024★Ikebukuro PARCO Jack Plan + AR recommended advertisement

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You can fill the Ikebukuro PARCO with your recommendation!

The very popular Ikebukuro PARCO Jack Plan will be implemented in 2024!💖

This time, 20242 months from February to Marchin,We will conduct a campaign where you can jack all four places in Ikebukuro PARCO with your support advertisement for a week.❤️

In the Ikebukuro Palko Jack Plan, which we have implemented so far, there have been many times that idols will raise the authentication shots! !👏


It's the most happy for fans to come to see me, isn't it?❤️

The Jack Plan conducted in the past is also introduced in the article, so please take a look.♪

This time, the jack plan has been further powered up,AR recommended advertisements can now be implemented with comicomi! !🌟

\ Ikebukuro PARCO Jack Plan /
Exterior wall vision

Vision in front of PARCO!
1 unit / day

Distribution of Caphol

Cafe event is also possible♡
1 week


4 -sided signage at the entrance!
4 sides / 1 week

Step gallery

Also on the poster of the stairs!
1 sheet (up to 14 sheets)/ 1 week

\ New! / AR recommended advertisement

For more special advertisements with AR recommended ads♪
Cup holder or poster advertisement

The details of each will be introduced below.♪

Fill out Ikebukuro PARCO with your recommendation and support you grandly!


① Exterior wall vision

Cheering advertisements can be posted on the large outer wall vision installed in front of Ikebukuro PARCO!💖
If an idol support advertisement flows here, there is no doubt that many passers -by will attract the gaze.✨
Installation location Ikebukuro PARCO Main Building Wall
format [Video] MOV or MP4 [Still image] PNG or JPG

* There is audio
* 15 seconds specified

size 491 inches
Data size: W1,088 × H608px
Number of broadcasts 15 seconds 4 times/H
60 times/day
Operating time 8: 00-23: 00 (15 hours)
Post period One day


② Distribution of cup holders

Ikebukuro PARCO You can distribute cup holders at the cafe "Hello Donuts" on B2F💖

It's too cute to have a cup holder event at a donut shop, isn't it?😍🍩


During the event periodSpecial decoration is possible in the decorative space next to the cash register!

You can take a picture of the recommended photos alongside the cup holder, so you can take a picture that shines.

Installation location Ikebukuro PARCO Main Building B2F Hello donuts
Distribution 500 cup holders Other benefits
business hours 11:00~21:00

* According to the building sales hours of the building

Distribution period 1 week
remarks ・ There is a decorative space next to the cash register
・ The decoration should be performed by the applicant (even an agent). (From 19:30 to 21:00 the day before/around 11:00 to 12:00 after opening on the day)
・ Other benefits can be distributed along with the cup holder
・ Original menu cannot be supported


③ P-Wall

Ikebukuro PARCO You can also play support advertisements to digital signage installed immediately after entering the front entrance of the main building.❤️
It is a signage that cannot usually post support advertisements,This time you will be able to play support advertisements for a limited time!💕
Because it is installed near the entrance, it is easy for many customers to enjoy shopping at PARCO.☺️

Installation location Ikebukuro PARCO Main Building 1F
format [Video] MOV or MP4
[Still image] PNG or JPG

* It is also possible to submit 4 sides as one aspect!
* Two or more videos of different videos at the same time cannot be broadcast
* There is audio

size 1 side 55 inches (W1,080 x H1,920px) x 4 sides = W4,320 x H1,920px

* 4 different videos cannot be played. It is possible to use the whole side as one screen.

Number of broadcasts 30 seconds or more/H

* 15 seconds material is also possible, but the number of broadcasts does not change.

Operating time 11:00~21:00

* According to the building sales hours of the building

Post period 1 week


④ Step gallery

Cheering ads can also be posted on posters installed on the stairs in the hall.
Normally, it is a place where the shop posters are included, but here tooIt is now possible to fill in with support advertisements for this time.👏 
How14 maximum B0 postersCan be posted!😳(There is additional cost)
It is also possible to collect messages from fans as sticky notes.🌟
Installation location Ikebukuro PARCO Main Building Central Stairs Posterboard 1F to 6F
format Printed matter
Number of sheets 1 sheet ~ (up to 14 sheets*)
* There is an additional cost when increasing the number
size B0 size
Data size: 145.6 x 103cm
Operating time 11:00~21:00

* According to the building sales hours of the building

Post period 1 week
・ The posting location (floors) cannot be specified.
・ Posters after posting are not returned.
・ Please consult in advance in the case of a sticky advertisement. (No additional cost)
・ Please prepare sticky notes, pens, and guidance POP by the organizer.
・ Be sure to notify the post -it using the specified sticky note and pen at the desk installed next to the information.
・ When applying for two pieces in one organization, two pieces can be adjusted on the same floor.


\ New! / For more special advertisements with AR recommended ads!

This time PARCO JackAR recommended advertisements can now be implemented with comicomi! !

AR advertisement is to hold the camera over a normal recommended advertising.An advertisement that displays a different video or image from the ad on the smartphone screen.✨

It's very nice for fans because it's twice as fun than normal recommended ads, isn't it?♪

Also, only the people who actually went to the site can be seen, so you can feel special.💖

One poster advertisement or cup holderThe event can be set up, so the event will be even more exciting.😊

It is unusual to advertise with AR advertising, so it will definitely be a topic.🌟


About video / design production


If you are not confident that you can produce videos and designs yourself, please leave it to us.✨


Our creators will create videos and designs according to your wishes!

\ Please leave the production /
Advertising production

Leave the data production of advertising!

Notification flyer production

Please use it for event announcement on SNS♡



⚫︎ If you request a production, a separate production cost will be incurred.

⚫︎ Cup holders and posters print costs are included in the Ikebukuro PARCO Jack Plan. Even if you make a design by yourself, we will order a printing company from our company.

⚫︎ It is necessary to write the advertiser "group name" in the advertising data.

⚫︎ The announcement flyer must be confirmed on the Ikebukuro PARCO side before posting to SNS.

⚫︎ If data is submitted after the submission deadline, it may not be in time for the event. Please submit as soon as possible.


Implementation period / application deadline

This campaign isApplicable only during the period from February to March 2024.

It will be one week of Monday start, soThe following 9 termsIt will be implemented in.

Please note that the application deadline varies depending on the implementation period!

Each periodLimited to one setIt will be, so please apply as soon as possible.

Implementation period Deadline for applying
[1st term] 1.29 (Mon) --2.4 (Sun) December 25th (Monday)
[Phase 2] 2.5 (Mon) --2.11 (Sun) January 8th (Monday)
[Phase 3] 2.12 (Mon) --2.18 (Sun) January 15th (Monday)
[4th term] 2.19 (Mon) --2.25 (Sun) January 22nd (Monday)
[5th ​​term] 2.26 (Mon) --3.3 (Sun) January 29th (Monday)
[6th term] 3.4 (Mon) --3.10 (Sun) Monday, February 5th
[7th term] 3.11 (Mon) --3.17 (Sun) Monday, February 12th
[8th term] 3.18 (Mon) --3.24 (Sun) Monday, February 19th
[9th term] 3.25 (Mon) --3.31 (Sun) Monday, February 26

How to apply

 If you would like to apply, please enter the application form below.😌

There is a screening for the support subjects and the contents of the description. The posting may be refused depending on the content.

In the case of Korean idols, please submit a screenshot when applying for a license to the idol office. (The same applies if there is a support advertisement)

In the case of Japanese idols, please submit a license certificate (email) from your office.


About the price

Jack plan

After logging in, you can check from the top of this product page.


You can apply by itself

You can apply for only one place (step gallery from one piece) instead of the jack plan.
However, since it will be a jack plan priority,It is not possible to determine whether or not the implementation is possible until the application deadline for each implementation period.
Please contact us on LINE if you wish.


If you have trouble collecting funds, Senil Crafan!

I think there are many people who want to implement an ad, but are having trouble collecting funds ...

In such a case, please use our Senil Crafan!😊

If you use a crafan, you can collect support money from fans who agree with planning and thoughts!

For those who want to give a big support advertisement, Senil Crafan is highly recommended for those who say it is difficult for individuals.🌟

If you wish, please feel free to contact us.😌



Does the jack plan include production costs?

The cost of the jack plan does not include the production cost of advertising data. If we ask us for production, a separate production cost will be incurred.

Is it possible to produce advertising data on my own?

yes. You can make it yourself. The printing cost of the cup holder and poster is included in the jack plan fee, so please send the submission data.

Is it possible to distribute other benefits along with the cup holder?

Is possible. However, please prepare benefits other than cup holders yourself.

Is it possible to know the advertising broadcast time in advance?

The broadcast time of the outer wall vision can be confirmed 3 to 4 days before the broadcast. The broadcast time of P-Wall cannot be confirmed in advance. (Broadcast more than 10 times per hour)

Is it possible to create a special menu with Hello Donuts?

We do not respond to special menus.

Is it okay to make a pre -announcement on SNS?

After confirming the contents of the announcement after the material examination is completed, it is possible to notify if there is no problem.







★Only for February and March 2024★Ikebukuro PARCO Jack Plan + AR recommended advertisement