Korean actor Park Sodum's debut 10th anniversary celebration advertising project♡


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87% 達成

本プロジェクトは、October 09, 2023 00:00 までに、少なくとも ¥100,000 円達成しなければ、実現しません。

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Precautions at the time of purchase

● If you put your name in the ad, in the cart"Notices"Please fill in your name. After adding to the cart, it will be displayed immediately below.

 If you are anonymous, please enter anonymous hope.

● After the support is completed, we will send a purchase confirmation email from Birthdayadjp.biz@gmail.com. Since the e -mail address reception setting may be required, please confirm and set it up.

About the planner of this project

Project planner

nice to meet you. My name is DAMSMILEJAPAN, who supports Korean actor Park Sodum. Thank you for visiting the 10th anniversary celebration advertising project.

Sodum is an indispensable thing for my daily life♡I supported Sodum from Japan and launched "DAMSMILEJAPAN" that I wanted to support with people with the same feelings. Thank you very much.

About the background and thoughts

We planned a celebration advertising project to Mr. Sodum, who is celebrating the special day of his 10th anniversary of his debut on November 7, with a grand gratitude from Japan.♡

These advertisements are a major supporting method in Korea, and is held on birthdays and debut days. Also, if you are lucky, you may be able to get authentication shots from the push.

I usually participate in the support of the Korean official fan cafe, and I also have to send money for those who have not joined the fan cafe and those who have difficulty remittance in Korea, but sometimes I get inquiries from overseas Sodum fans. I decided to use this site this time.

We would like many people to support them and succeed in the 10th anniversary celebration advertising project.


Project Outline

This project is a crowdfunding format that attracts support for everyone who can agree with this project through Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN, and publishes Sodum's 10th anniversary celebration advertisement. We would be grateful if you could provide the support of those who could agree with both domestic and overseas.


Main support advertising content

The 10th anniversary celebration advertisement is scheduled for 11/1 to November 30, including Sodum's debut date, 11/7.

The location is scheduled for subway lightbox advertisements from the following special city of Seoul.

Near the Johoku Ward Korean Art School

▼ Light box (image)



date Content
August 01, 2023 -October 8, 2023 Support fund recruitment period
November 01, 2023 -November 30 ★Advertising broadcast★

* Please note that the period may be slightly shifted depending on the progress of the project.


About support money

Target amount

100,000 yen (excluding tax)


How to use support money

The collected support is used for the following purposes.

Cheering advertisement posted

Advertising production

Production & delivery of return products

How to use surplus

The donated support money will be used for Sodum's 10th anniversary celebration advertising project without the organizer in the 1 yen units. For surplus (up to 49,999 yen at most 49,999 yen) that could not be used, we will consider additional ads or donate to the appropriate place.
Please be assured that we will contact you after the event.


If the support money does not reach the target amount

If this project is less than the target amount, we will consider changing the advertising content, canceling the project and a full refund. In that case, we will notify you on this project page or DAMSMILEJAPAN Twitter account @damsmileJapan in advance.

Please note that the contents may be changed.


About return

We will give you a return according to the amount of support.😊

3,000 yen

Describe your name on the ad

5,000 yen

Describe your name on the ad

Advertising image data


About the name to be posted

If you put your name in the ad, in the cart"Notices"Please fill in your name. After adding to the cart, it will be displayed immediately below.

The names posted in the ad will be within 10 characters, such as nicknames, Twitter names, and names. Only Japanese, Hangul and alphanumeric characters can be used, and the use of special characters and other foreign languages ​​is prohibited.

Nicknames that are only Sodum's name, misleading nicknames, nicknames that can be received with fans other than Sodum, and other nicks that are not suitable for advertising.

If you are anonymous, please enter anonymous hope.


It is not possible to cancel or refund the content once supported.

The consumption tax will be charged separately for the amount of support. Tax will be added at the time of payment.

After the project, the return product advertisement image data will be sent to the registered email address.

Payment method

The support money can be paid in the following way.

Credit card (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express)


About the inquiry

Please contact DAMSMILEJAPAN's Twitter account @damsmileJapan for details of Krafan and returns.

For inquiries about the financial results and delivery, please contact Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN.



Is it possible to cancel or refund?

I'm sorry, but you can't cancel the content you have once supported. Please think carefully and support us. This is not the case if this project is not performed correctly due to the organizer or agency problem.

Where should I ask for questions about the project?

Please contact the above inquiry.

Is it possible to support multiple ways? In that case, is it possible to add a return product?

It is possible to have multiple ways to support. If there is a request for the applicant for multiple words due to various circumstances, please list the special items in the cart. For advertising image data, the applicant will be collectively collectively. Please note that point.


23 支援口数


87% 達成

本プロジェクトは、October 09, 2023 00:00 までに、少なくとも ¥100,000 円達成しなければ、実現しません。

計算中 残り日数