AESPA Giselle Japan Tour Celebration Project

AESPA Giselle Japan Tour Celebration Project

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Precautions at the time of purchase

 The name to be included in the advertisement of a supporter of 5,000 yen or more is "" "In the cart"Notices"Please fill in. After adding to the cart, it will be displayed immediately below.

 If you are anonymous, please enter anonymous hope. 

About the planner of this project

Project planner
Aerishines JAPAN
Team Aerishines JAPAN is a team to support AESPA (mainly Giselle)🖤 We will update the information on Twitter, so please check it.🙇🏻‍♀️

About the background and thoughts

I respect the Japanese national AESPA Gisel -chan (Toshi -chan Uchinaga) as the same Japanese, and I am always energetic and happy about working hard every day in a foreign land Korea, so Ziselle is the home country. I thought I would like to celebrate in Tokyo, which is✨️

You need your strength to make the project successful😖If you think this project is good, let's celebrate Giselle together❤️‍🔥

Project Outline

This project is a project to recruit support from Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN in a crowdfunding format, and to celebrate the Japanese tour of AESPA.

Main support advertising content

The support advertisement will be posted at Shinjuku Unica Vision on April 1, when a tour is held in Tokyo, the home country of AESPA Giselle.

▼ Shinjuku Unica Vision

If the support money exceeds the target amount, it will be posted on April 1 and 2 days.

For those who have supported it, we have a return product according to the support money.

About support money

Target amount

180,000 yen (excluding tax)

 If the amount of support exceeds the target amount, increase the number of days posted for support advertisements!

We will inform you of the advertising content on this project page or Twitter.

How to use support money

The collected support is used for the following purposes.

 Cheering advertisement posted

 Production & delivery of return products

How to use surplus

The donated support money is not for the organizer in a 1 -yen unit, all of which are used in Giselle's celebration advertisements, and the surplus (up to 99,999 yen) that could not be used (up to 99,999 yen) is not forbidden by the name of Giselle. We will donate to the organization.

After the event, the income and expenditure

If the support money does not reach the target amount

If this project is less than the target amount, please note that we will refund the total amount of support, and there will be no execution of the plan or delivering the return.

About return

We will give you a return product according to the amount of support.😊

1,000 yen

Advertising video data

2,000 yen

Advertising video data


3,000 yen, 4000 yen

 Advertising video data



5,000 yen~ 9,000 yen

 Advertising video data

 Publish your name in the advertisement



Button Badges

10,000 yen~ 19,000 yen

 Advertising video data

 Publish your name in the advertisement



 Button Badges

Acrylic key chain

20,000 yen ~

 Advertising video data

 Publish your name in the advertisement



 Button Badges

 Acrylic key chain

 Trick case


date Content progress
January 18, 2023 -February 28, 2023 Support fund recruitment period Accepting

April 1, 2023

★Advertising broadcast★

Scheduled for late April 2023

Scheduled to ship returns

* Please note that the period may be slightly shifted depending on the progress of the project.


 The consumption tax will be charged separately for the amount of support. Tax will be added at the time of payment.

  The return product will be sent to the registered address from the distribution company affiliated by Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN.

Advertising video data will be sent to the email address.

●  It is not possible to cancel or refund the content once supported.

 The name in the advertisement is "" "In the cart"Notices"Please fill in. After adding to the cart, it will be displayed immediately below.

● If you are anonymous, please enter anonymous hope.

Payment method

The support money can be paid in the following way.

 credit card( VISA, MasterCard,JCB, American Express


About the inquiry

● Please contact the organizer's Twitter account (@aerishinesjp) for details of Krafan and returns.

● For inquiries about payment methods and delivery, please contact Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN.


cancel·refundIs it possible?

I'm sorry, but you can't cancel the content you have once supported. Please think carefully and support us.
This is not the case if this project is not performed correctly due to the organizer or agency problem.

Where should I ask for questions about the project?

Please contact the above inquiry.

Is there a separate shipping fee to receive the return product?

The shipping fee is included in the support, so there is no separate shipping fee.

Is it possible to support multiple ways? In that case, is it possible to add a return product?

It is possible to support with multiple mouths, but it is not possible to add the return product (5,000 yen x 2 to 10,000 yen). We will deliver return products at each amount.



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