Poster advertisement

We will introduce you to the Poster Advertising of Japan Station Advertising!


Overview of Poster Advertising

Format and number of days

Poster advertisement is a print ad that is installed in the station yard.

Supported advertisements decorated by people who gather people✨

The minimum period is7 daysis.



Poster ad sizeThree types of B0, B1 and B2there is!

The most popular is B0 poster♪

▲ B0 poster


Recommended media introduction

We will introduce some of the popular stations that can be advertised!

It can be arranged except for stations that have not been introduced, so please contact us at LINE.

* Conscious fee and consumption tax (10%) apply to the price.






Kanto region


Shinjuku / Harajuku / Shibuya / Shinagawa / Shinbashi / Yurakucho / Tokyo / Akihabara / Ueno / Ikebukuro / Shin Okubo



Osaka Prefecture

JR Osaka Station


Osaka Metro Nava Station / Umeda Station



Hyogo prefecture

JR Sannomiya Station



Chubu region

Nagano Prefecture

JR Nagano Station



Chinese region

Okayama Prefecture

JR Okayama Station / JR Kurashiki Station / JR Tsugayama Station



Conditions to issue Japan Station ads

Japan's station ads are subject to more review than other advertising media.

but,You can make it possible if you clear the following criteria!


1. Submission of license certificate

If you issue a Japanese station ad,Submit a license certificate from an idol affiliation office to a mediumYou need to do it.

* E-mail history is also acceptable


2. Advertising description

In the design of the station adThe following three pointsYou need to include.

  1. Public promotional statement
  2. Group name
  3. Group Contact Example) SNS Account Name, URL, etc.

The advertising statement announces the "New Single Release" and "Fan Club Entress".

Only sentences such as "Happy Birthday" are not considered public documents, and it is not visible.

Depending on the place of publication, there may be additional conditions, so please contact us separately!

In addition, as a fan of fans, it is not annoyed by the station of the station,If you describe the wording of alerting, it will be good ^ ^


Flow to advertising


First of all, please check the flow of LINE's conversation type automatic chat!
If you have any other questions, please contact us.
* Saturdays and Sundays and holidays are closed.

Application form entry
When the desired medium is determined, enter it in the application form.
(Until the third hope)
Confirmation telephone
We will give you a confirmation phone than the person in charge.
If there is no problem with the content, you will be settled.
(Bank transfer)
Advertisement production
Make design production.
Material examination
We will submit to Media and take a medium review.
Publication place decision
If you receive a review, the posting location is officially determined.
It starts ad on a designated date!


  • Japan's station ad flowers are unlike other ads, unless you prepare advertisement data, unable to determine media.
  • You may not necessarily ensure the frame of your desired media. If you can not secure your desired frame, the advertising expenses will be refunded.
  • Advertising production costs can not be refunded after production.



Please read the following precautions carefully in advance.



 How much is your agent fee?
A. Depending on the amount of money, please contact us for details.
 How long should I apply for?
A. Please apply one month before the broadcast start date.
※ The deadline for the submission is until 21 business days before the broadcast start date
Can I give an advertisement with an individual?
A. Japan's station ads can only be produced in groups.
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