About the application to the affiliation office

About permission application

When implementing all ads, apply for a license to the idol office in advance.

Depending on the mediumIt is necessary to submit a document (such as an email screen, etc.) that can prove that you have obtained permission from your office to the media side.

Cup holder production, SNS advertisement, Korean advertising, and Japan Street Vision (partially) do not need to submit a license certificate.

In addition, we cannot take any responsibility for applying and permission for support advertising.

We would like to ask for the license application and permission under the responsibility of the customer.


Remarkable application sentence

The text (example) of applying for a license to the affiliated office is as follows.

In addition, this is just an example sentence, so please make a correction additional according to the situation.

Please note that the final responsibility will be the customer for the content of this sentence.



Address: Idol affiliated office
Subject: 〇〇 (idol name) About birthday commemorative advertisement
〇〇 (idol office name) person in charge
nice to meet you. My name is 〇〇.
I'm sorry for the sudden contact.
This time, 〇 / 〇I would like to implement an advertisement to commemorate the birthday of Mr. 〇〇 (idol name) at the 〇〇 vision in Tokyo on the day of the week).

The contents of the implementation are as follows.
・ Schedule: 2021 〇 / 〇
・ Medium name: 〇〇 Vision
・ Number of broadcasts: 15 seconds 2 times/h@1 day
・ Client: (Advertiser group name)

Can you give me the following content when implementing an ad?
・ Use of video (video link)
I want to put a message "Happy Birthday 〇〇" to the video.

In addition, if there is a problem, please contact us by 〇 / 〇 (〇 Sunday) if there is a problem.
If there is no contact, we will proceed with the advertisement with the perception of "tolerance".
We look forward to your contact after confirming.
Thank you.



Address: 〇〇 Entertainment

Subject: 〇〇 생 념 념 광 광 해 해

〇〇 담당 담당 님

처음 뵙겠습다. 〇〇 고 합다.
갑작 러운 연락 실례 겠습다.

번 에 〇 〇 〇 (〇 요) 〇 〇〇 에 〇 〇 생 생 을 을 축 축 축 축 를 진행 하 하 싶 하 하다 하 습다 습다.

실 내용 래 래 와 같습 같습다.
-정: 2021 년 〇 〇 〇 〇 〇
-광 매체:
-표출 횟: 15 초 2 회/h@1
- 광 주:

광 를 진행 하 이 하 을 받 받 받 있 있 까 요 요
- 동영상 의 용 (URL)
영상 메 메 "Happy Birthday 〇〇" 를 넣 넣 싶다고 하다 하 습다.

제작 간 이 으므 문제 가 있 경 〇 〇 〇 〇 〇 까 적 적 연락 드립 드립다.
연락 이 없 경 는 묵 "묵" 이 이 식 광 광 진행 합다.
감 합다.


List of license applications

The application for license at the idol office (partially) is as follows.

Cube Entertainment demo@cubeent.co.kr
Official site
DSP Media
Official site
Edam Entertainment edam@edam-ent.com 
Official site
FNC Entertainment Official inquiry form
HYBE Entertainment
Enhypen Japan Official FANCLUB
TXT Japan Official FANCLUB
JYP Entertainment ad@jype.com
Official site
Predis Entertainment TEL: 02-548-1677
FAX: 02-548-1671
Official site
RBW Entertainment info@rbbridge.com
Official site
SM Entertainment Official inquiry form
Starship Entertainment starship-ent@hanmail.net
Official site
Top Media Official site
WM Entertainment wment@naver.com
Official site
YG Entertainment Official site
Copyright application form

If you can't find any contacts, try contacting SNS DMs.