[Intake 2nd] Relationship with UNNämed's past/music/fans! "Singing is to make a connection"


This time, we will send you the second interview with the unnamed artist "unnämed".✨

In August 2023, the fans prepared for a vision advertisement in Shibuya and advertrack support advertisements at a mini live.Unnämed!

Cheering advertisements and mini -live have become a big topic, and on X, related hashtags are trendy.😳

After the interview, hereMini live videoIs open to the publicPlease be sure to check it out💙

Following the first installment of support advertising and mini live,This time, Unnämed himself talked about his past, music, and his relationship with fans!

The reason for becoming a singer, the reasons for keeping singing, etc.You can deeply know unnämed as a musician.

In addition, we have heard plenty of relationships with fans!

Following the first installment, the quotes are also in general😍

Even if you already know unnämed, it is an article that you should definitely read.😊

The first interview articleHereYou can read from♪ 

Who is the artist who has no name, Vtuber "Unnämed"? !


Quote source

"Unnämed" is a musician and Vtuber who is active as an "unnamed artist".😊

In less than 8 months from the first post, the number of registered YouTube channel has exceeded 310,000!

Furthermore, he is a hottest artist who has more than one million videos!

The reason why there is no name is

「『I want to be recognized by voice, not the name

I want to be known by singing voice, not name

I thought it would be cool if there was a setting, but I simply couldn't think of the activity. "

What ...? ! (lol)

The fans take the initials of the name and are nicknamed "U-SAN".💙

The fan name is UNNämed's "U" and "ghost", and is called "U-Rei".

It seems that Unnämed likes what fans used voluntarily and used it officially.♪

UNNämed usually has original songs and music distribution on YouTube, X (formerly Twitter), Spotify, etc.♪

In addition, the stance is that the distribution is performed irregularly and the archive is not left.

As a fan, I think that is also attractive again, thinking "it's frustrating!"

Unnämed has a passion for music and still sings while having various pasts.

The humor is also plenty of cheerful, and it is a person who is not really attractive.

In the interview, UNNämed himself talked a lot about his past, his thoughts on music, and his relationships with fans, so please look forward to it! !😍

Unnämed holds Alta's first mini live! Reverse supplements for fans' support ads? !

The beginning was the "Let Me Rooting for U Summer Song half anniversary project" planned by U-REI fans!

This project was to commemorate the sixth anniversary of Unnämed's first original song "SUMMER SONG" to commemorate support advertisements through Senil Crafans.

The location of the support advertisement was also the stage of "SUMMER SONG"109 Forum Vision in Shibuya

The planners

"I want to convey thanks to UNNämed through the street vision,

And I want to make that singing voice under the summer sky

Many people agreed with that, and achieved the initial target amount in just three hours from the start of recruitment!

After that, many supporters gathered, and in addition to the Shibuya 109 Forum Vision,VEATS SHIBUYA VISIONandLED ad trackCheering advertisement is decided✨

▼ Shibuya 109 Forum Vision


▼ State of LED ad truck

In fact, Unnämed had many overseas fans, and more than 50 % of the supporters this time were overseas fans.😊

Those who actually came to Japan from overseas to Japan, I couldn't go to Japan, but I got a photo of my own icons, goods and support advertising! And those who have a repo!

Indeed, it's full of kindness and love, right?😭

In fact, this project became a big topic on SNS at the planning stage, and it reached the U-SAN itself.😳

And Unnämed who knew this project ...

Decide to hold a mini -live at Shinjuku Altavision!!

In returning the support ads of the fans, we planned a surprise surprise.😭

▼ State of a mini live in Shinjuku Altavision

What a… on the day of X (former Twitter), the hashtag “#rootingfor_u” and “#dear_u_san” are double trends! !

The support advertisement and the mini -live became a big topic, and the curtain ended in a great success.

Unnämed talked about such support advertising and mini -live!

The fans are more concerned about what they wanted to convey in the mini -live when they knew the support advertising, what they did on the day ...😊

Articles about cheering advertising and mini -liveHerePlease see from💙

This time, we will deliver an interview that focuses on UNNämed himself.♪

[Super valuable] Interview with unnämed! In the past, I asked about music and fans for roots and fans!

Who is the artist "unnämed" without a name?

Senil staff: I think you are doing various activities such as musicians and YouTube distribution. Can you ask for yourself again with U-SAN words?

Unnämed: I am working as an artist without a name.

That's why there is no name,

I want to be recognized by voice, not the name

I want to be known by singing voice, not name

It would be cool if there was a setting, but I simply couldn't think of the activity (laughs).

Senil staff: When I saw it in my profile, I laughed a little!

Unnämed: You have this kind of personality.

I can't be serious (laughs)

Basically, we are distributing music on YouTube, X (former Twitter), Spotify.

The most common thing is that there are many cover songs that I tried to sing from the original song so far, but I regularly release such things about once a month.

I don't do any distribution at all ...

After all, if you do VTuber, I think there is an image of doing distribution every day, but I do not do it at all.

I want to think about it ~ I want to deliver it, or I sometimes come to the egosatag "I can't stand it" (laughs)

That's why it's just distributed when you see it.

I wanted to enhance the song content alone if possible.

After all, I feel that music is the most snuggling.

We update about once a month.

I don't want to just sing ... Special instrument to make ourselves

Senil staff: How is the cover song selected?

Unnämed: If possible, I try to make a song that will be pleased if everyone listens. I make all the instruments with myself and band members. The most playable number of playbacks is the song by Gen Yonezu called "Kick Back", and I think it is about 1.2 million playback.

Senil staff: Amazing ... it's amazing.

Unnämed: It's basically rocky.

It's a lock, but it's like "What kind of rock would UNNämed sing?"

If possible, I don't want to sing just to sing.

So, I tried to sing and all the special instruments made by me and band members.

In particular, I think the guitar will be a very shining instrument.

Because it is an instrument made by yourself and guitarist!

Senil staff: The width of the genre of the song is very wide.

Unnämed:I agree. Mostly, anison and vocaloid songs are the center.

"It's good to die" is simply a favorite song.

It seems to be one million times in a little more.

Thank you.

Actually, I'm trying to get one this month.

(The cover song of "Idol" was released on September 15!)

Senil staff: Where can you listen to first?

Unnämed: YouTube.

I usually release the premiere, and at that time what the song is after coming to the premiere.

Choosing songs is also quite important.

everyone is,"Next, what will you sing U-SAN? "I want to take care of that expectationSo.

If possible, if everyone listens, I try to choose a song that seems to be happy.

When I thought "I want to meet you soon"

Senil staff: Is there a reason not to distribute much?

Unnämed: Um ... I'm not good at talking ...

Senil staff: Don't lie! (lol)


But what ... it's a selfish way, but if you deliver it every day, everyone will have to go to see it every day.

The side who supports me.

I guess that the side who is pushing and the pushing side will be tough.

So it's not a long -distance love,There is something like you want to appear when you want to see you soon.

But the biggest is still mental.

Now it's a lot better, but six months ago, I was crying just by pressing the distribution button.

In such a situation, I don't want to go out in front of the fans, but I have pride in myself.

When I'm in the distribution or collaboration, I want to show my shining myself, and I want to be confident.

Now that I chose to keep singing

Senil staff: I would like to ask U-SAN's backbone, but where are you raised overseas?

Unnämed: I'm moving overseas. I was born in Japan.

But I was only three years old, so I've been abroad since then.

Senil staff: So you returned to Japan two years ago.

I think U-SAN has been active for half a year, but is the singer activity before that?

Unnämed: There is a video with a character setting called Lore Video.

To be honest, I can't tell a lot, but I'm going to pack everything in this video.

Originally, it was an ordinary musician.

Senil staff: How did you decide to be active as a singer?

Unnämed: It's a very heavy story, is that okay? (lol)

Originally an artist with a label overseasThat's it.

But the producer who worked together was very harsh.

To the drum, "You can't hit the drum as I say, it's shit."

"Isn't it worth doing music?"

So, the members have changed more and more, and it's not fun to play music in such places.

At that time, I was doing music while working at the company and saving money to play music,

Even in a very painful environment, I was able to continue because there were friends who play music together.

He says he doesn't want to end his dream with just a dream.

But when the remaining members became a guitar with me, I finally stopped to the guitar list.

Still, if I thought I had to chase my dreams,

The producer has finally changed to the vocalist.

The reason I knew it was an advertisement.

It's like this Shibuya support ad.

"Major debut!"

Looking at it, I became depressed.

No one could believe it.

I'm distrustful of humans.

I stayed at home for 3 months and rely on the food before going out ...

When I go out in public, I will vomit ... Yeah ... I'm scared of the eyes of people.

To the producer

"Your voice doesn't have a flower, so you have to work harder than others."

I was often told.

So it was like this.

If this is the case, you can still hide your true face, and what kind of face you have will not be transmitted to the other person.

And above all, you don't have to go outside.

It is now that I couldn't give up my dream. 

I guess that's why, the fans gave me a cheering ad.

I guess I wanted to tell me that I was supporting myself in an advertisement that triggered me.

Senil staff: I felt a little understood the meaning of Lore Video.

Unnämed: If you put everything out, it has too much reality, and it's a little different for a different dimension.

The base is what it actually happened.

It is made based on what happened to you.

Senil staff: Vtuber, or in this era, it was very good in the era when singer activities were very good, so I was listening to the story.

Unnämed:I'm happy. Please catch it like that.

I myself, rather than vtuberMusician using LIVE2DI'm trying to say that.

UNNämed's support advertisement, more than half of the supporters are overseas fans!

Senil staff: I think it was said that there are many overseas fans. This support advertisementIn fact, more than 50%of supporters are overseaswas.

Unnämed: Ah, it's Taiwan.

Poland too!

After all there are many Asian spaces.

Mexico, you came out for the first time.

Wow, you support me so much ...

I am going to cry…

Senil staff: Taiwan, South Korea, and Hong Kong are more common because they were active?

Unnämed: It's the night time in Japan.

In Taiwan, the time difference is only one hour.

In the United States, it will be in the morning.

I wonder if people who are easy to see at night in Japan will come together.

Next is "I want to stand on the stage. I want to live"

Senil staff: Are there any visions that seem to be deployed worldwide in the future?

UnnämedAfter all I want to stand on the stage.

I want to live.

I think this was the first step toward it.

I want you to see where you are standing on the stage.

Senil staff: Is Japan or the country regardless?

Unnämed: Regardless of the country, it is a world where you can do anything if you have the Internet.

I want to stand on the stage.

Senil staff: At that time, not as a Vtuber, but a realistic appearance?

Unnämed: I don't think it's a real figure. I am.

What I think now is 3D.

Singers who don't have a face are just shadows.

Connect by sending in English

Senil staff: I think the main thing is distribution and transmission in English. Is there a reason for English?

Unnämed: It's easy to connect to various people, English.

The biggest thing is that it was the biggest and that I started working in English.

Originally, I was a Japanese who was active abroad, so English is easier to do.

Senil staff: By the way, which one is easier to speak in English or Japanese?

Unnämed: Well, of course it's Japanese!

But in fact, when I'm thinking in English and when I'm thinking in Japanese, I'm pretty messed up.

I speak my four languages, Japanese, English, Korean, Thai.

Senil staff: That's amazing!

Unnämed: Work is more than 90 % in English.

Unnämed's "mom" is also a divine for fans!

Senil staff: Did U-SAN illustrations also draw overseas people?

Unnämed:I agree. The Vietnamese illustrator ")Crab (@kanishiima)"is not it.

He also drew the illustration of "Summer Song", and he worked hard together.

Manager: For U-SAN fans, KANISHIIIMA is like a god! (lol)

Senil staff:That's right! (lol)

Unnämed: Isn't there a word "amen"?

"Kanimen" or "Eumen"! (lol)

Senil staff: How do you meet such a person?

UnnämedI'm originally a fan.

Like "Children's Child" (laughs)

I'm originally a KANISHIIIMA fan!

It's like you're drawing a really attractive illustration when you see him drawing on yourself.

"SUMMER SONG" or LIVE2D (I drew it).

In the VTuber industry, the person who drew a live 2D is a mom.

Senil staff: Then, Kanishiima is a U-SAN mom!

Let's worship. (lol)

The original song is based on UNNämed's actual experience

Senil staff: Fans are always looking forward to the release of U-SAN songs.

Where do you get motivated and inspired when making original songs?

UnnämedIt's all about the actual experience, what are you singing?

What I felt, what I really thought.

Even if you really want to tell others what you think, isn't it difficult to speak?

Misunderstanding. The meaning of what I really wanted to convey was that it didn't work well.

When I want to keep it in a form, I am very easy to do music.

When you have something that can be easily accumulated in your heart and you can't go outside, you usually make songs.

For unnämed, "singing is to make a connection"

Senil staff: No, it's so cool!

I think I've been trying songs of various genres so far, are there any genres you would like to sing in the future?

Unnämed: This time I tried the EDM style, soI want to try a little more pop routes, and I want to wrap itis not it.

This time, I have introduced a rap -like one, but I would like to try a full -fledged rap.

I also want to sing with someone. Even the original song.

In the cover song, Dacapo in Thailand also sang a song called "Dance" with a friend, but it also played 1 million.

Senil staff: Do you want to collaborate?

Unnämed: Not VTuber.

It's not a VTuber, but if possible, it's fun to sing with a singer who works on the Internet or an artist.

There is something fun to be able to do beyond the VTuber frame.

Senil staff:I'm looking forward to it!

Is it possible to collaborate with a real artist?

Unnämed: I think it's possible!

I want to do it.

A letter from U-REI that makes you smile

Senil staff: You are communicating closely with your fans through hashtags.

What is the message and comments of the fans for U-SAN?

UnnämedIt looks like a letter, really for me.

I think the fans also post them like a fan letter.

For me, I feel like reading a letter.

I like my letter, so it's amazing!

I love you.

Flowers and letters.

Senil staff: You had a flower in the cheering advertisement!

Unnämed: Because all the fans know that they like flowers.

Senil staff: What do you feel when you are looking at the hashtag of "#Dear_u_san"?

Unnämed: After all, I feel like reading a letter, but there are some children who write things sometimes.

To make yourself laugh.

Seeing "Look at me ~", I look like "Damn it! I laughed for this!" (Laughs)

I'm trying to make me smile.

I don't know what to say in Japanese, but in English it is "Caring".

Is the word "caring" close?

I feel amazing that I'm thinking.

Everyone knows that I'm living alone, so I know I'm worried.

Every day I feel that they say, "I'm connected," "I'm watching," and "I still love it today."

For Unnämed, what is communication with U-Rei?

Senil staff: As U-SAN mentioned, I think the relationship with the fans is very close, but what is the communication with fans for U-SAN?

Unnämed: After all, it's an environment where the connection is easily cut off, so here.

If you notice, some people will go out and go somewhere, and some people with my information may expose and disappear.

It's an environment where you can use both good things and bad things.

In that sense, building a trusting relationship in an Internet environment is very difficult.

Especially if you're a stupid person like yourself (laughs)

So I think it's important.

I've been thinking about why everyone spends time on the Internet, but it's a bit tired of the real world.

There are times when you want to keep an avatar in the virtual world like yourself and keep a little distance from reality.

I think that the Internet does not use real names, and almost people do not appear.

In such a situation, a place that can be connected with my heart ...

Whether it's a lie or not a lie, I think that part will be lost, but it looks like an environment where you want to be yourself.

Among them, there is a bond that is born.

I feel that kind of thing.

I think it's attractive.

Senil staff: I also saw U-SAN's SNS, but I thought it was really nice to see each other and U-REI.

Unnämed: Recently, Thai organizers have planned a "gift lesive".

When I went to a Thai event, I said, "I will collect letters and gifts from fans, check the contents and hand it over."

Such a chance is also the Internet.

Thailand is preparing, and Taiwan and Japanese people do something like "How to deliver things to Thailand!" (Laughs)


What I want to do with U-REI is 〇〇!

Senil staff: What do you want to do with U-SAN with your fans in the future?

UnnämedAfter all my real pleasure is music.

I want to do a plan that all fans will be involved in their own music videos.

I think that the project itself will be announced soon.

Senil staff: What are the specific ways to participate?

Unnämed: Yes, as a content that can be talked about now ... "Picture" will you participate?

For example, everyone who supports me is thinking about "U-Reisona", the appearance of a U-SAN, a character design.

It's a plan that uses it.

Senil staff:It is interesting!

If there is a support advertisement for fans like this time in the future, do you want to prepare a surprise project again?

Unnämed:I agree.

It depends on how far you can do, but you have a lot of spachas and donations, so you don't use it for activity expenses.

I can't do luxury, so it's like luxury here.

What is your future vision as Unnämed?

Senil staff: What kind of activities do you want to do in the future for U-SAN?

UnnämedThe other day, I wrote what I wanted to do 100.

In anime, zoI want to choose what I want to do before it becomes a nibi.

You talked about that in Twitter space.

I think we could write only 88 pieces yet.

You should make it first.

Senil staff: Two or three are fine, can you tell me?

Unnämed: Hmm, it's embarrassing (laughs)

I like the voice, so it's a narration.

I think you can see Lore Video, but I also like acting.

Do you want to work in your voice?

After, I want to sing some theme songAnd.

I want to concert with 3DAnd.

What I wrote about something other than musicians

I want to keep a dog ... (laughs)

There was a time when I was inevitably hunted down, "I don't know what to do next."

It was especially so last December, but there was a time when I made a weak sound to my friends because I was not confident.

At that time, I was told, "Okay, why do you live? It's not like that!

When I asked "Why", he said, "No, if you have a cat, you won't die."

When I said, "I'm not a cat but a dog," I said, "I can use a dog" (laughs)

I want to keep a dog.

Isn't it useless to be independent to keep a dog?

The apartment that I live in, pets can't be used (laughs)

Also, if you don't have a solid income, you can't buy food.

I think it will give you various opportunities.

There is a dog called "Mephisto" in my mascot character.

It's a devil, but this dog.

It's a devil in Lore Video.

I'm sorry for Mephisto, but I want a real dog, not a devil (laughs)

Senil staff: What do you want to be five years or ten years later?

UnnämedI don't think.

Because every day is the full pitch.

Senil staff:I see. This time, I was impressed that I was alive now!

Unnämed: If you work for a company, you will be told to think about yourself in three, five years, or ten years later.

I don't think at all, myself.

I don't know when it will disappear.

So I think there is a child who can push it with all his might, but there is something that can be pushed while pushing.

I'm not thinking.

All you have to do is update the best you can do now.

Senil staff: Then it's because you keep a dog! (lol)

Unnämed:Oh! I'm getting a headache! (lol)

Senil staff:(lol)

That's it for this interview!

Thank you for your cooperation, U-SAN!

That excitement again! Unnämed has released a mini -live video of Shinjuku Altavision!

Everyone, you may have been waiting for this video ...! !

finally,UNNämed's mini -live video at Shinjuku Altavision is releasedit was done👏 


We deliver plenty of two songs, the first original song "SUMMER SONG" and the new song "FLOWER"✨

This time, TokyoCheering advertisements and mini -live were held in meaningful places for Unnämed.

If you look at this video, you will definitely revive the excitement of that day.😭

With unnämedIt is a video of the wonderful memories of U-REI, so please take a look.💙


How was the interview with UNNämed sent twice?😊

I am honored if you enjoyed the past, the relationship with music and fans, which were directly spoken from your mouth.✨

In the interview, the gap of talking seriously with humor, while being humorous, was impressive!

In particular, the musician is exactly the musician itself! !

I am facing my background and musicUnnämed was a very nice person in words and weight.

Again, those who planned the support advertisement, the supporters,He planned a mini -live and was willing to take over the interview.Thank you, unnämed!

We will continue to support those who will be active in the future! 

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