[Inn Video 1st] Vtuber "Unnämed" support advertising and mini live treasured story! Mini live video is also open!


This time! He is a musician and is also active as a VTuber I interviewed unnämed👏

August 2023Unnämed's fanLet me rooting for u "Mr.Project with Senil CrafanEstablished and realized two vision advertisements in Shibuya and advertising advertising for Adtrak✨

From the planning stage, the excitement was shown, and the preparations were steadily preparing ...

On the day of the support advertisement, UNNämed's mini -live is decided at Shinjuku Altavision! !

What a mini live, I knew about supported advertisingIt was a reverse surprise from Unnämed.😭

After the interview, hereLarge release of mini live videoPlease be sure to check it out💙

Such an unprecedented support advertisement and mini -live were successfulI really want to talk to unnämed! I asked for the Senil JAPAN staff and received a good acceptance.😭

In this interview, we heard about the support advertisement, the background of the mini -live holding, and the super back story of the day! !

It is an article that U-REI only wants to read.😊

Who is the artist who has no name, Vtuber "Unnämed"? !


Quote source

"Unnämed" is a musician and Vtuber who is active as an "unnamed artist".😊

In less than 8 months from the first post, the number of registered YouTube channel has exceeded 310,000!

Furthermore, he is a hottest artist who has more than one million videos!

The reason why there is no name is

「『I want to be recognized by voice, not the name

I want to be known by singing voice, not name

I thought it would be cool if there was a setting, but I simply couldn't think of the activity. "

What ...? ! (lol)

The fans take the initials of the name and are nicknamed "U-SAN".💙

The fan name is UNNämed's "U" and "ghost", and is called "U-Rei".

It seems that Unnämed likes what fans used voluntarily and used it officially.♪

UNNämed usually has original songs and music distribution on YouTube, X (formerly Twitter), Spotify, etc.♪

In addition, the stance is that the distribution is performed irregularly and the archive is not left.

As a fan, I think that is also attractive again, thinking "it's frustrating!"

Unnämed has a passion for music and still sings while having various pasts.

The humor is also plenty of cheerful, and it is a person who is not really attractive.

In the interview, UNNämed himself talked a lot about his past, his thoughts on music, and his relationships with fans, so please look forward to it! !😍

Unnämed held Alta's first mini live! Reverse supplements for fans' support ads? !

The beginning was the "Let Me Rooting for U Summer Song half anniversary project" planned by U-REI fans!

This project was to commemorate the sixth anniversary of Unnämed's first original song "SUMMER SONG" to commemorate support advertisements through Senil Crafans.

The location of the support advertisement was also the stage of "SUMMER SONG"109 Forum Vision in Shibuya

The planners

"I want to convey thanks to UNNämed through the street vision,

And I want to make that singing voice under the summer sky

Many people agreed with that, and achieved the initial target amount in just three hours from the start of recruitment!

After that, many supporters gathered, and in addition to the Shibuya 109 Forum Vision,VEATS SHIBUYA VISIONandLED ad trackCheering advertisement is decided✨

▼ Shibuya 109 Forum Vision


▼ State of LED ad truck

In fact, Unnämed had many overseas fans, and more than 50 % of the supporters this time were overseas fans.😊

Those who actually came to Japan from overseas to Japan, I couldn't go to Japan, but I got a photo of my own icons, goods and support advertising! And those who have a repo!

Indeed, it's full of kindness and love, right?😭

In fact, this project became a big topic on SNS at the planning stage, and it reached the U-SAN itself.😳

And Unnämed who knew this project ...

Decide to hold a mini -live at Shinjuku Altavision!!

In returning the support ads of the fans, we planned a surprise surprise.😭

▼ State of a mini live in Shinjuku Altavision

What a… on the day of X (former Twitter), the hashtag “#rootingfor_u” and “#dear_u_san” are double trends! !

The support advertisement and the mini -live became a big topic, and the curtain ended in a great success.

This time, Unnämed talked about such support advertising and mini -live!

The fans are more concerned about what they wanted to convey in the mini -live when they knew the support advertising, what they did on the day ...😊

Then, please enjoy the interview with Unnämed.💙

[Super valuable] Interview with unnämed! The backstory of cheering advertisements and mini live ...!

Support advertisement from fans who "felt special feeling"

Senil staff: This time, as a sixth year of release of "SUMMER SONG", fans have been supported by the streets of Shibuya, Adtrack.

How did you know about support ads?

Unnämed: There is an egosatag.

There is a tag made by the fan called "#dear_u_san".

Before the release of "Summer Song", it was a tag that all fans made.

So it was a tag that left a message to me or waiting for activities.

It's my daily routine to check the tag frequently.

My fans are mostly overseas.

This project itself was a focus on Japanese fans, but overseas children who did not understand much about the project taught themselves (). lol)

I made an advertisement in Shibuya, which is the stage of "SUMMER SONG", so

I knew that I was planning, "Let's get U-SAN to cry."

Then I wanted to return it because no one has done it.

Senil staff: I think I knew about support advertisements in a surprise (?), But what did you feel when you knew that your fans were preparing?

Unnämed: If you say this, your fans will get angry,I was grateful to be doing that for myself.

Really all power.

Despite being making content for overseas, Japanese U-REI children do their best to translate the project, translate in English, translate Thai, and translate to Korean as much as possible. You are preparing.

I was really happy.

I felt special feeling.

We respond to support from fans as much as possible!

Senil staff: This project was very popular on SNS even at the time of recruitment! What did you feel when you saw the excitement of the project?

Unnämed: Hmm,After all I was so happy that it could not be a word.

To be honest, the project itself thought, "Well, I wonder if I should come to the concert about 5 people."

There were some children who came to see Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Senil staff: Is it bother to Japan, right?

Unnämed:that's right. It seems that Korean children came the most.

Senil staff: Did you feel like going to see it because there was a mini -live announcement?

Unnämed: Originally, some children came to see support advertisements, but if it was a long time, U-SAN would take a ticket if you came in a concert, if it was within a week.

There were many people who took the ticket and came to see it because it was close and about 2 hours.

Senil staff: The love of the fans is really transmitted.

Unnämed:yes,Then I have to do the same big thing! I thought.

Give back to U-REI because no one has done it

Senil staff: This time, I think that a mini -live was performed with a surprise as a thank you for supporting advertisements. What kind of thoughts were held?

Unnämed: I have only been six months since I started my activities, and the fan's base is not Japan.

After all, English -speaking countries are the main fan -based, so even if you want to have an event in Japan, it is a bit of a problem that you can not do.

Under such circumstances, I thought that as a musician, I thought that I could not be a Japanese fan child.

At the closest place, the easiest to do. That is also a topic!

Maybe it's a topic for Japanese fans to be pleased.

In that sense, I think that no one has ever performed live in Alta! (lol)

Senil staff: No, I think it was the first time!

Unnämed:I'm glad!

If nobody had done it, I thought I would like the first! (lol)

When I came up with it and talked about it, I saw a Vtuber, Horo Live Mori Cagliope, performing live at Unica Vision.

After all, there are people who think similarly! I was a little disappointed! (lol)

But this is a plan to do for U-REI, so it's all about! I thought.

Senil staff: But it's definitely the first time in Alta!

For the first time, the vision was told, "I'm really looking forward to it!"

Unnämed: You prepared an urgent and new song.

At that time, there were only two songs. And it was a gorgeous rock (laughs)

This is the first EDM style (I prepared songs) for the first time, thinking that people who came to Shinjuku would be surprised.

Senil staff:I see! You were also concerned about that area.

Unnämed: I wanted to make it.

Senil staff: It became a great topic on the day, and the hashtags were also trendy, so it was a great success!

Unnämed:thank you!

I'm surprised. As expected, I was surprised at the trend.

Senil staff: Is this the first time you have entered a trend?

Unnämed: I've been in the trend several times, but this may have been the first time for X (formerly Twitter) in Japan.

What did UNNämed want to convey to fans through a mini live?

Senil staff: What did you feel from deciding on the event to actually performing support advertising or mini -live?

Unnämed: Well, it was something I was preparing for my favorite people ...

I felt like "What should I do if it doesn't work?"

Even if it goes well and doesn't work, it would be nice if you could make your own fan anywayI thought.

So, I wasn't afraid and this project was proceeding.

What I really wanted to convey ... Isn't support advertising a part of the activities?

So, I'm looking at everyone's support advertising!I mean.

I'm watching the recommendation!I wanted to return it with all my might.

Senil staff: (Impressed😭) It's a power word ...! !

Are there any fans overseas who have supported U-SAN support ads?

Unnämed: This rooting_for_u triggered, and it seems that the project is moving in various ways.

If Japanese fans are doing it, we'll do it too!

I saw a little (laughs)

In addition, children who cannot be silent (spoilers) ...! (lol)

When I saw a place with a meaningful place, when I saw a support advertisement in Tokyo ...

Senil staff: You may see U-SAN overseas in the future!

What did you feel when you actually saw your own ads appearing?

Unnämed: Can I express my emotions a little now?

Something like this…

It was impressive.

I've been living in Tokyo for two years, but I couldn't imagine two years ago.

I grew up abroad all the time, so I had the idea of ​​my original song "SUMMER SONG".

I felt very special about working in Tokyo.

It's really really that it appears in Tokyo's ads ...

I feel that it is very meaningful as a run -out musician.

Super back story! What was Unnämed doing that day ...? !

Senil staff:It's was so. The stage of "Summer Song" is also Shibuya, so how was your advertisement appearing in such places?

Unnämed: It's just a little story here ...

I went to see it.

I wanted to go to see the advertisements that the fans gave me, I couldn't stand it.

When I went nearby, there were children like fans ...

terrible! ! ! ! What! (lol)

I tied my hair immediately, took a necklace, and ran away to the building immediately (laughs)

I can't go outside very much, so I go outside only twice a month.

I went out after a long time

This is it! It looks like it's dangerous or bad (laughs)

After waiting for about an hour, the people like it disappeared.

I think it was around 9 o'clock in the evening, but I bought it because peach frappuccino was popular at a nearby Starbucks.

Senil staff:so cute! (lol)

Unnämed: I like ice and milk shake.

The fan of the fan will draw illustrations with it.

There are many children who share photos such as "I ate delicious ice cream" and "I ate delicious cakes" in the ego tag.

It's hot while drinking the peach frappuccino.

I'm ashamed, hiding my face with my smartphone ...

The 109 screen is a police station at Shibuya station.

Stand next to the police station, and if something happens, you can escape to the police (laughs)

The policeman also put up with me, standing with awkward (laughs).

So the advertisement flows,When I saw the fans' children prepared, they cried.

I'm crying ...

That's why it's getting more and more uncomfortable (laughs)

I opened a LINE manga "Children" on my smartphone (laughs)

That's a very cruel scene ... I don't know why I'm crying (laughs)

I don't know what's going on from a policeman,

But I didn't call me and I was putting out an aura ...

It was just one step ahead, until you can call.

But after that, I wonder if I was standing for two hours.

I've reviewed it many times.

Senil staff: Do you have a message received from your fans after seeing the support ads?

Unnämed: I think that the Internet and the side who are pushing it are difficult to realize.

So, the fans told me "I'm supporting you properly",

I often say "I love you" by distribution,

I really felt like "I love you."

Wow, if you remember something, let's cry again.

Senil staff: I'm very happy if the fans hear it.

Unnämed: It seems that there are not so many people who are close to me and the fans.

But I never loved me so much in my life.

It's important, if you are told you love it, you'll love it.

I felt very affectionate.

What was the response of the mini -live that was a great success?

Senil staff: You can deliver the words of U-SAN in the article!

I think the voice of the fans has arrived in hashtags and DM, but how was the response of the mini -live on the street vision?

Unnämed: I tried doing egosa for a little bit,

"It was quick"

"I'm glad I pushed it"

I hear that kind of voice.

Also, the videos on Instagram are likely to play 100,000 times soon, and we have commented on support.

Some people came to see the live and photographed them, and they gave them to YouTube.

The solid live video is planned to be uploaded later.

The reaction of the project planner is "I don't know!"

Senil staff: Like those who could see the mini -live, I think the planner "Let Me Rooting for U" was so happy that he died. What was the reaction?

Unnämed: I think that there were two people in the center and the child called "Mioka" and "Mai".

I felt like "I don't know" (laughs)

I don't know what's going on! I often came in spacha.

First, DM came.

I'm thinking of issuing such an advertisement from two of the planners, but in order to play "Summer Song", I have to get permission from U-SAN, who has the authority of the song, so grant it. Can you give me?

This is what I became decisive.

It was this DM that triggered the investigation.

When I announced that I would give a mini -live, it seems that everyone doesn't understand (laughs)

If you send such a DM, you can't be silent!

[There is a video! ] Message from unnämed to U-Rei

Senil staff: Can you ask us again to this planner, those who supported us, and U-REI?

Unnämed: It's a line that I said at the concert,

I'm always near even if I can't see it. I'm watching everyone

 I think it would be nice to be able to convey that this time.

Senil staff: I felt like God ... (laughs)


Because ... isn't it hard! I'm doing this kind of thing.

That's why I watch it properly, and I have to do my best because I got supported.

I think it's nice.

It's like this kind of cheering advertisement.

As I said at the beginning, I think that the fans' pushing is a topic to be pleased with the side who supports me.

I think it's very nice for fans that the people who support me can advertise in this way.

I think it's really nice, I have a degree of freedom.

Isn't it something you can't think of in the past?

Following the second interview ... 

That excitement again! Unnämed has released a mini -live video of Shinjuku Altavision!

Everyone, you may have been waiting for this video ...! !

finally,UNNämed's mini -live video at Shinjuku Altavision is releasedit was done👏 


We deliver plenty of two songs, the first original song "SUMMER SONG" and the new song "FLOWER"✨

This time, TokyoCheering advertisements and mini -live were held in meaningful places for Unnämed.

If you look at this video, you will definitely revive the excitement of that day.😭

With unnämedIt is a video of the wonderful memories of U-REI, so please take a look.💙


This time, there is no nameWe sent a super valuable interview to UNNämed!

How was your UNNämed support advertising and mini -live, and the story behind the day?😍

A cheering advertising project that started with the desire to thank the fans, "I want to convey thanks" and "I want to make the singing voice of U-SAN".

This project became a big topic at the recruitment stage, and this support advertisement was realized by many fans agreed with that thought.✨

And I knew such a fan's thoughtsUnnämed decided to hold Alta's first mini -live for fans!

The fans thought of the artist and the artists thought of the fans, so this wonderful support advertisement and mini -live were held.☺️

This time, I asked UNNämed directly, and there was love for each word.In the first word, I always thought of a fan, saying, "Everyone is the fans."

It was such a wonderful person who had only the reason why many fans are loved😊

In the second interview,We will approach Unnämed's past, music, and the relationship with fans!

Please enjoy it! !

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