Popular YouTuber Korean international student MOMONA special feature! Introducing Basic Information & Instructor, recommended videos! What are your thoughts on shaping?


This time,It can be said to be a pioneer in Korean YouTuberWe will send you a special feature of "Korean international student MOMONA"♪

Momona -chan is gaining popularity by distributing life and actual experiences in Korea as it is.

We will deliver Instagram information and recommended videos to be seen from Momona's basic information!

In addition, we also feature videos that talk about the shaping situation naked, so if you are interested, please check it out.♪

In addition to the charm of Momona -chan, we will also touch on the recent YouTuber Senil/Support Advertising!

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What is Korean international student MOMONA?

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  • Real name: Momona Fujioka
  • Date of birth: September 19, 1996
  • Birthplace: Osaka Prefecture
  • Height: 160cm


"Korean student MOMONA" (hereinafter, Momona -chan), known as Korean YouTuber!

Korean international student MOMONA is a YouTube channel that was opened in October 2015 and has more than 600,000 subscriads.♪

It is popular due to the state of living in Korea and the distribution of information that you know because you are locally ^^

Momona, who is completely established as a resident of Korea, studying Korean in high school and the university goes to Korea!

Recommended by a Korean teacher in high school,"" Comparable to Keio University in Japan "UniversityWas passed!

After graduating from college, in 2020, I live in Taiwan to study abroad ^^

The appearance of enjoying what you want to do is encouraged by the viewer.♪

After studying in Taiwan, I am now returning to Korea's life again!

It's always a cheerful and bright Momona -chan, but in fact, "Not suitable for SNS "For the period of about 5 months, the period was suspended for about 5 months.

I hope that you will continue to deliver at your own pace without overdoing it.^^

Introducing a fashionable and cute Korean international student MOMONA's Instagram!

The state of private life and the shine of Korea ... I will introduce Momona's Instagram, which has a lot of fashionable and cute photos.♪


  • Instagram ID: MOMOONAAA
  • Opening date: April 2013
  • Number of followers: 260,000 or more


Isn't there a lot of people who say, "I yearn for Korean life ...!" ^^

On Momona's Instagram, you can see a lot of fashionable spots in Korea.♪

Let's take a look at Momona's Instagram!

First of all, from a stylish photo at COEX!


There are many cute spots and stylish cafes in Korea, right?♪

The photo is perfect!

I also upload photos of yakiniku restaurants that I know because I live in Korea ^^


In Korea, tongue is not the mainstream, so you can't eat it!

When you go to Korea, Momona -chan's recommended yakiniku restaurant ""초원"Why don't you go to♪

In addition, photos of not only Korea but also when traveling to Southeast Asia!


Momona -chan spent two weeks traveling around Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand!

I have uploaded a lot of fashionable and cute trip photos ^^

You can see the trip in this video, so be sure to check it out!


Korean international student MOMONA confesses shaping? What is the background and thoughts of shaping?


In June 2022, Momona -chan confessed that she had shaped in a video of a thumbnail called "Shaped"!

In the video, he talks about his feelings after shaping, along with the report that he has been shaped.

Momona -chan came back even more beautiful, but she might be told, "Is this shaping?"

In addition, he talks about his complex in the video.

I hate the face of my outside turtle too muchI'm shooting while checking my expression

Please erase it from the bush, please.I asked my boyfriend to delete the photo

When there is, I talk naked about what I have never talked about.

He had such a complex, and he wanted to do shaping all the time, and he finally took a step.

Monona was worried about putting out the video, but in the comments section, only warm messages from fans have arrived ^^

Insanely cute! ! !

I'm glad to see Momona's cheerful appearance! !

Thank you for putting out the video even though you are courageous

There are many comments that support Momona -chan!

Two months later, a new video about shaping has been uploaded!


Inside the video "Choosing a hospital"or,"Advice for shapingI'm also talking, so if you are interested, please check it out!

Introducing the top 3 recommended video of Korean international students MOMONA!

"Popular with Koreans! Play alone in the topic of Myeongdong VLOG🇰🇷 Sightseeing spot is full of locals, winter is Gyoin!"


Momona who challenged to play alone in Myeongdong♪

Introducing how to enjoy it in Myeongdong, such as eating at popular Myeongdong gyoza and stalls ^^

We also have a recommended photo spot, so if you are planning to go to Myeongdong, why not refer to it!

"If I got makeup at a salon where IVE and Redbell go in Korea, it became the cutest ever. [The highest ever]"


It is a plan that I went to a salon where the popular idol went.♪

I personally look forward to this project personally! (smile)

This time, I went to the salon where Ive and Red Velvet passed ^^

While listening to the story behind the makeup of the idols, I get the makeup and become more and more cute.♪

In the video, there are also introductions of the makeup you are using, so please check it out!

"Since KPOP idol came home, I tried to Q & A without NG to idols."


What a ... until a gorgeous project where the maple and Dahyun of the Korean idol group Triple S come to play in Momona -chan's house (;;)

It is a project that can be realized only because Momona is active in Korea! !

Collect questions from fans and answer more and more while eating cropple!

I'm talking about idol circumstances that I can't usually know, so please take a look.♪

Get a Senil/support advertisement of Korean international student MOMONA and excite your activities!

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Senil advertisement/support advertisementHave you ever heard the word? ^^

It is one of the support methods that celebrate "Senil advertisement" and anniversary to the "Senil advertisement" for the Senil (the meaning of birthday in Korean).♪

In Korea, "Fans give celebrity adsThere is a culture called, and recently it has spread among Japanese fans!

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Recently, not only idols, but what! The number of fans who have advertised on YouTuber is increasing!

From here, youTuber published in the pastSenil advertisement/support advertisementI will introduce ^^

Hera Hera San Musketeer Saorin

First of all, it is Saori's Saori advertisement, a spatula trail.♪

With the advertisement on the underground passage of Shinjuku Alta, how! Saorin himself took a picture together and uploaded the "authentication shot"!

As a fan, it's like a dream that the advertisement and the recommendation that I have given out take a picture together (;;).

Sky Piece Jintan

Sky Piece Jintan's story advertisement♪

Story advertisement is an advertisement that can be relatively low in the media and can easily get it ^^.

For details on SNS adsHerePlease check it out!


Mukuennachi, which is rising rapidly recently. Subway advertisements are also issued♪

 The fans were advertised to celebrate the commemorative of 600,000 subscribers and the 22nd birthday of Enena!

This ad reached the source of the two, and in the videoThat was a longing!I was pleased ^^

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This time, we sent a special feature on popular YouTuber Korean international students.♪

Momona -chan who sends information that he knows only because he lives in Korea and always talks about his real intention!

Even if you live alone abroad, you will want to support you ^^

If you are interested in Korea, you can definitely enjoy videos, so please go to Momona's channel!

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