Explain the popular YouTuber Sky Piece in 5 minutes! Introducing basic information such as age/3 popular videos/live patterns and popular songs♪


Popular YouTuber Sky Piece with 4.8 million registrants!

Speaking of Sky Piece, it's a YouTuber that makes a videos that you don't forget to enjoy, and the viewers' hearts will be bright and energetic!

This time, we will send you a special feature on Sky Piece, which is popular among junior and senior high school students.♪

From the detailed profiles of Theo and Jintan, we will also tell you about popular videos and even the first live at Nippon Budokan ^^

Make a singer debut2Let's check the popular songs of people!

Also, recently the topic "Senil advertisement/support advertisementDo you know? ^^

"Senil advertisement/support advertisement" is one of the activities that fans support the push using "advertising".♪

Recently, the number of fans who publish the Senil advertisement and support advertisements for YouTuber is soaring!

This time, we will also introduce you to YouTuber's Senil advertisements and support advertisements that were actually issued.I want to release a YouTuber ad!"Is a must -see!

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About Sky Piece



Sky Piece is a YouTuber, a pair of men formed in July 2016.♪

The two met through a common friend and took a dance video for the first time!

Theo said, "Don't breathe with this personI invited you to do YouTube together, but he was refused many times.

However, I finally got a combination on the eager invitation of Theo.♪

These two are very popular YouTuber, which is more than 1.1 million registrants in just one year!

The two have the opposite character of cautious and nerdy jintan, which is intuitive and terrible, but their breath is perfect!

The good friendship of Theo and Jin and the appearance of enjoying with all their might are popular among junior and senior high school students ^^

In addition, Sky Piece is not only active as a YouTuber, but also made a major debut as a singer in the single "Start Dash" in 2017!

There are many songs uploaded on YouTube, so please check it out.♪

In 2022, we focused on activities with the goal of 5 million registrants this year!

For the last spurt with 5 million people, he performed a 52 -hour live broadcast on "Returning immediately after sleeping, and a live broadcast of two nights and three days", but the result was less than 4.81 million.

Although the goal did not reach, Sky Piece, who has continued to challenge, will continue to grow in the future ^^

Introducing Sky Piece profile!


Quote source

  • Real name: Daiki Terashima
  • Date of birth: July 24, 1995
  • Birthplace: Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture
  • Height: 174cm

Sky Piece Yanga with an attractive smile, Teo!

Speaking of Theo, it's a bright entity that is full of energy and can be seen here.♪

Theo, who was a good person at school, was the trigger that Vine, which he started with a friend's recommendation, became YouTuber!

It seems that he enjoyed it in his relatives at first, but it seems that it was spread more and more as it was posted on Twitter ^^

Teo's previous job is a carpenter!

When he was not very wealthy, his mother gave me a set of high carpenter tools, but I was sorry that I had left the carpenter in one year.

However, with the charisma that attracts people and their own brightness, they are now the top YouTuber.♪


Quote source

  • Real name: Hitoshi Fujieda
  • Date of birth: October 27, 1995
  • Birthplace: Tokyo
  • Height: 169cm

Skypiece geek jintan that looks good on large black edge glasses!

Jintan, who liked geek cultures such as anime and games, often watched Nico Nico Douga.

Watching the music video called "Meteor Shower" which was popular at that time, ""Even if you are not a professional singer, you can announce it onlineI started posting a video when I knew it ^^

When I started posting, ""Onch」「PoorHe said that he was working hard on the spring with regret!

Before the formation of Sky Piece, Jintan went to a welfare college, and was decided to find a job at a real estate company!

Even though he was invited to do Youtube, Jintan refused many times, saying that he was cautious and indoor (laughs).

However, I finally decided to lose and go as a skypiece ^^

topic! Introducing 3 popular videos♪

[Lol lol] I shouldn't laugh at midnight tension.

Finally, a collaboration with Heisei Flamingo is realized in the Sky Piece's very popular video "Don't laugh" series!

Because the fans were eager to plan x collaboration, it was a topic immediately ^^

In this project, we compete for a fun game to laugh.

The game starts a punishment game in which the one who laughed first gives a present to a person who did not laugh first!

There is also a scene where the laughter does not stop from the very beginning, and there are also scenes where you can catch and laugh here!

Who really1Did you stay without laughing?Please check out the video♪

I can't go home until I eat 10,000 yen at a beef bowl shop! ! ! [Temiji]

It is a very popular gluttony project by Temiji, and the video that "I can't return until I eat 10,000 yen at Sukiya" is also popular.♪

"Temiji" is the name of the trio that takes the acronyms of the three people, Theo, Mikakawa -kun, and Jintan!

Mikawa -kun is a common friend of Theo and Jin, who was an important person who triggered the two people ^^

There are many fans who are looking forward to Temiji's videos!

It is a video that you can enjoy the interesting talk and the strength of the bond between the three people who are good friends while challenging the gluttony, so please check it out.♪

[Popular songs] I sang the trendy Tiktok song as a medley! ! ! [Sky Piece x Comdot] [2022]

This is also a popular "Tiktok Medley" series in Sky Piece videos.♪

The first and second bullets are collaboration videos between Sky Piece and Komdot's very popular YouTuber ^^

Currently, the number of views has exceeded 23 million times, and fans who repeat are continuing!

It is not just singing songs that were popular in Tiktok, but also a work that allows you to see the videos!

He said that he was preparing for the composition of songs and videos for a considerable amount of time ^^

Deliver a live pattern at Nippon Budokan! Even popular songs!

About the first Nippon Budokan Live

Quote source

On April 22, 2022, Sky Piece held a solo live "Skypeake Festival in Nippon Budokan" at the first Nippon Budokan ^^

Sky Piece has debuted as a singer and has made various songs so far!

The live ticket of Nippon Budokan, which was visited by about 8,000 fans to see such Sky Piece, was sold out immediately in seconds.

Quote source

Sky Piece's live that started with "Proof" is very exciting!

As a result of the settlement with the fun of the fun first, Jintan was ""I realized that I was thinking too much and I didn't think about my physical strength at all""

The venue was exciting with abundant music, from songs such as "Isn't it a stupid" to ballad songs such as "This is my Konokimochi"?♪

In addition, youTube will upload the back side to the Nippon Budokan performance!

You can see the Sky Piece who is seriously facing the stage while preparing while having fun!

Finally, the live show of the day is also reflected, so please take a look ^^

Introducing popular songs♪

This is my mochi

Sky Piece's popular song, "This is the Konokimochi" is a little painful love song.

The gentle singing voice of the two is the best"The fans are also a very acclaimed song, but it was originally a song that I made with improvisation!

They also say that improvisation songs did not expect to be such a full -fledged quality ^^


The top is the origin"Otaparidansin" of Sky Piece, which is said to be!

With the concept of lap confrontation with geek vs Paripi, it is a pop and very cute song ^^

It is a must -have song for live, so please check it out!

Let's excite the Sky Piece Senil/Support Advertisements!

Quote source

Everybody,"Senil advertisement/support advertisementDo you know the word? ^^

It is one of the methods of ultimately active, celebrating "Senil advertisement" and debut and release commemorative to "Senil advertisement" to the Senil of the recommended (the meaning of birthday in Korean).♪

In Korea, celebrating birthdays and anniversariesFans give celebrity adsThere is a support method, and recently it has spread among Japanese fans!

You may have seen an advertisement to celebrate idol's birthday in the city, right?

The medium of "Senil advertising/support advertising" isThere are various types of traffic advertisements such as bus stops and subways, street vision, Instagram and SNS advertisements for YouTube.

"Senil advertisement/support advertisement"You can not only an idol, but also a YouTuber ad.♪

From here, youTuber published in the past"Senil advertisement/support advertisement"I will introduce ^^

Sky Piece Jintan

First of all, it is Sky Piece Jintan's Senil advertisement published in the Instagram story.♪

Stories advertisements can be issued at a relatively low cost, so it is a medium that is easy to challenge even for the first time ^^

In addition to Instagram, there are SNS advertisements such as YouTube and Twitter!

If you want to know more about SNS advertisements, by all meansThis articlePlease see!

Hera Hera San Musketeer Saorin

In the underground passage of Shinjuku Alta, Saorin's Saorin's Senil advertisement has appeared!

What a photo taken in front of the advertisement is uploaded to Twitter ^^

It's like a dream to see the prepared ads (;;)

R -chan

It is a Senil advertisement of R -chan of beauty YouTuber published in Unica Vision in Shinjuku.♪

The most popular Unica Vision's advertisement is powerful ^^

Senil ads and support advertisements can be issued not only in Shinjuku but also on street visions around the country!

For more information about street vision adsThis articlePlease refer to♪

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In July, there are plenty of celebration of Theo's birthday and formation commemoration!

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This time, we introduced two popular YouTuber Sky Piece!

Did the powerful and energy -filled Sky Piece be transmitted? ^^

As a YouTuber and singer, the Sky Piece will surely show you a growing figure.♪

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