Beloved YouTuber Hella Hella Three Musketeers Special! Introducing basic information such as age and recommended videos related to Korea! Don't miss the super -topic photo book♪


This time, we will deliver a special feature on popular YouTuber Hella Hella Three Musketeers with over 1.7 million registrants!

Speaking of the three museums of Hella Hera, videos that deliver as they are, such as drinking, clubs, hosts, and love talks have attracted a hot topic, and it is a hot YouTuber that is supported by female viewers!

Arishan, Marina, Saorin's three synergy will be addictive, and many fans will be absorbed!

We will introduce the background of the formation of such a spatula three musician and the three profiles in detail.♪

In addition, don't miss the recommended videos of the three Musketeers of the Hella Hella and the gravure photo book released in February 2023!

This time, in addition to the charm of the three Musketeers of the Herahera, I will also mention the recent Senil/Support advertisement of YouTuber!

We will also introduce the advertisements that were actually issued.I want to release a YouTuber ad!Is a must -see ^^

I want to get an adI'm worried about the cost ...Even those who can advertise with peace of mindSenil CrafanPlease read it to the end.♪

What is the three Musketeers?

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The three -person Musketeers are a three -member female YouTuber, who started his activities in September 2018!

Videos that deliver life -size appearance, such as naked girls talks, shaping, and club videos, are gaining popularity ^^

The name "Hella Hella Three Musketeers" is the nickname of the trio of a trio of a Korean drama that comes from "Three Musketeers"!

In addition, it seems that "Hella Hella" was attached to the front because "I'm afraid"!

The three said they met at the drinking party and said they had deepened.♪

Originally, Aishan, who was studying abroad in Korea, was taking a video, but something happens when he is three! So, I decided to start YouTube in earnest.

It seems that it started with "Nori" at first, but now it is a YouTube program loved by many people ^^

Introducing the profile of the Three Musketeers of Herahera in detail!


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  • Real name: Yurina Nagano
  • Date of birth: September 30, 1992 (30 years old)
  • Birthplace: Tochigi Prefecture
  • Height: 153cm
  • Instagram:@arishan.3
  • Twitter:@arishan_hera3


Arishan is also a person who triggered the formation of a three -martial artist, and is a coordinator.♪

In the past, he has been active as a blogger and model!

Currently, he is active as a YouTuber, but also has the owner of a nail salon!

It's famous that the nail salon "RAVIY", which has six stores, has been rebuilt ^^

In addition, I am fluent in Korean because I have studied abroad in Korea!

The Hera Hera Three Musketeers is in charge of planning and editing, and in charge of MC in the video.

If you want to express it in one word, "exactly"CharismaThe word is perfect ^^


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Marina -chan is known for its interesting things that can't be imagined from a pretty look!

It is a popular member who has an interesting and unwanted personality.♪

It is said that the triple Musketeers became famous, but it was Marina -chan's drunk video ^^.

Before becoming YouTuber, I was doing gravure and idol activities!

He said in a video that he was born in a wealthy family, such as "Dad's company management" and "there is an elevator at home"!

However, such a life changed completely, and he started performing arts to repay his parents' debt, but he seemed to have been tricked by the office.

Now I'm working on one YouTuber ^^


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  • Real name: Saori Funaki
  • Date of birth: March 25, 1993
  • Birthplace: Miyagi Prefecture
  • Height: 153cm
  • Instagram:@funacky325
  • Twitter:@aksb_funaki


Saorin is in charge of the "good woman" of the three Musketeers of the spatula.♪

It is said to be the most common of the three, but there is also one side where the character collapses when you drink alcohol!

When I moved to Tokyo around the age of 19 and was doing an idol called "Axibp PROJECT" ^^

When he thought, "It's time to quit idols," he said he decided to be invited to become YouTuber!

The story is interesting!The video that talks solo is also popular, and it is also a series of Saori.♪

Carefully selected! Let's see three recommended YouTube videos!

The first host dies over 1 million accounting.

The videos in which three Hella Hera three Musketeers played in the host club is still one of the most popular videos.♪

It's a bold video of "spending 1 million yen at the host club", and the talk content will be interesting.

I can't do it myself, but it's interesting to see it!It is a feature of the video of the three Musketeers of the Hella Hella that makes the audience think.♪

Abdominal muscles collapsed by Heisei Flamingo and intense yaba love talk.

A collaboration video with the popular YouTuber Heisei Flamingo is also recommended.♪

The love situation that is spoken naked while drinking alcohol is also a content that makes you sympathize with you and nod!

In addition, there were many positive comments from the three Musketeers and Heisei Flamingo, saying, "The way of speaking and tempo is similar!"

If you haven't seen it yet, please check it out ^^

[Landing in Korea] When I played in the club for the first time in two years, the incident occurred ww

Since Arishan has been studying abroad, Hella Hera Three Musketeers also distribute many Korean videos.♪

Overcoming the period when Corona could not go to South Korea, recent Korean -related videos are revived!

The videos of "Korea x Club", a three -handed musician who delivers it as it is, will be a hot topic!

What happens to the three drunks and drunk? Please take a look ^^

Released freedom gravure photo book! It looks a bit different from YouTube♪

On February 20, 2023, the first and last gravure photo book "Hangover" of the three Musketeers of Herahera, which is very active as YouTuber, was released.♪

It is a photo book with the theme of "I can't forget the night", and it is a topic when you can see an adult spatula!

There are plenty of content, such as happening at the destination of three people and enthusiasm for the future!

From the fans who actually picked up the photo book,

3000 yen is too luxurious for that content!

It has become more aesthetics and the motivation has risen

I was even more worried about what the future spatula would be!

It is very popular ^^

In addition, this photo book is also published in addition to the cover of the regular version and a solo W cover!

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"Arishan Solo W Cover" can be purchased from Seven Net, "Marina Solo W Cover" is Rakuten Books, and "Saorin Solo W Cover" can be purchased from Amazon.♪

As a fan, you'll want a recommended solo cover ^^

If you haven't purchased it yet, check out the solo W cover version!

Let's make the Senil/Support Advertisement of the Three Musketeers of the Hella Hera!


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Everybody,"Senil advertisement/support advertisementDo you know the word? ^^

It is one of the recommended activities to celebrate "Senil advertisement" and the debut and release commemoration to the "Senil advertisement" (meaning of the birthday in Korean).♪

In Korea, celebrating birthdays and anniversariesFans give celebrity adsThere is a support method, and it has penetrated among Japanese fans!

You may have seen an advertisement to celebrate idol's birthday in the city, right?


Senil advertising/support advertising mediaThere are various types of traffic advertisements such as bus stops and subways, street vision, Instagram and SNS advertisements for YouTube.

Recently, not only idols, but what! There are many fans who are advertising YouTuber.♪

From here, youTuber published in the pastSenil advertisement/support advertisementI will introduce ^^


First of all, the two -member YouTuber Mukuen Nachi, which is rising in popularity. It is a subway advertisement♪

The fans were advertised to celebrate the commemorative of 600,000 subscribers and the 22nd birthday of Enena!

This ad reached the source of the two, and in the videoThat was a longing!I was pleased ^^

Hera Hera San Musketeer Saorin

Furthermore, even the Senil advertisement of the Hella Hera San Musketeer Saori introduced this time!

Saorin himself took a picture with the advertisement and uploaded the "authentication shot".♪

As a fan, it's like a dream that the advertisement and the recommendation you have taken together take a picture together!

If you have YouTuber's recommendation, why not advertise? ^^

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Recently, the SUGA of BTS and the popular Korean actor Kim Soo -hyun have achieved Senil Crafan, and the advertising is being prepared.♪

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This time, we have sent a special feature on the beloved and YouTuber spatula three Musketeers!

I understand that there are videos that can only be created because there are three people full of individuality ^^

There are many Korean -related videos, so if you are worried, please take a look at the Hella Hella Three Musketeers!

Please check out the gravure photo book filled with a lot of content, which is said to be the first and last.♪

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