What is recommended for Senior Advertising / Support Advertising in Korea? Introduce popular subway!

韓国 センイル広告 地下鉄 駅 場所

Even if you want to put out Senior Advertising in Korea, it is difficult to choose a broadcast place if you don't feel land.

This time, we will introduce the subway recommended for Korea's Sendai Advertisement towards Korean Sendai Advertising towards the Korea subway, but for those who do not know which station do not know. 


What is Senior Advertising?


Senior advertisement is a birthday advertisement, and one of the cheering methods that fans will be advertising on the birthday of the idol and the birthday of the idol.

Senior ads have various types of cup holders, large visions, and subway.

Korean Cup Holder Senior Advertising


Type of subway advertising medium

There are four advertising media in the subway station.

  1. CM monitor
  2. Wide ad
  3. Mini poster advertising
  4. Large LED screen ad


I will explain each medium.


1. CM monitor

CM Monitor Senior Advertising Metro

It is an ad installed in the station for stations, and you can use the video to make an eye-catching sensor.

Format: Still picture / video (noise)


2. Wide ad

Wide Advertising Senior Advertising Metro

It is installed in a place where there are many people such as waiting rooms, ticket gumes, transfer passages, etc.

Format: Printed matter


3. Mini poster

Mini posters Senior Advertising Metro

Because the ad price is the cheapest, it is an ad-friendly advertising medium for those who want to reduce costs.

Format: Printed matter


4. Large LED Screen Advertising

Large LED Screen Advertising Senior Advertising Metro

You can use large screens to flow an impacted Senior ad.

Format: Still picture / video


In Senior Advertising in KoreaWhat is a popular station?

Subway which is popular with Senior Senior Advertising in KoreaThree areasI will introduce it separately.

  1. Station where many young people gather
  2. Station with many foreign tourists
  3. Certainty office is the nearest station

I will explain in detail about each station.


1. A station where many young people gather

Where a lot of young people gather, it is a subway that is popular with Senior Advertising.

The station with many young people in Seoul is the following four stations.

  • Hiroya Entrance (Honda)
  • Line 2 Aii Station (Hapmer Station)
  • Line 2 Mikami Station (Samson Station)
  • Jiangnam Station (Kannam Station)

  • These places are full of gourmet and shopping and are always crowded with many young people.

    Because it is a popular place for Senior Advertising,The frame of the desired period is not empty or the price may be highSo let's prepare with time and budget.


    2. Station with many foreign tourists

    A place where it is a popular place for Senior Senior Advertising is a subway with many foreign tourists.

    • Line 3 "狎 亭 駅" (Ackjong Station)
    • Line 4 "Myeongdong Station" (My Dong Station)

    Senior advertising Korea

    Myeongdong is a downtown area where you can enjoy gourmet and shopping, and many foreign tourists visit.

    The 狎狎 is also nearby from Karoskill with lots of foreign tourists and is a place where gourmet and brand shops gather.

    Luxury apartments are lined up in the surrounding area, and it is also famous as an enthusiast spot for entertainers.


    3. The nearest station of the entertainment office

    Subway locations near the entertainment office is a popular place for Senior Advertising.

    If you issue Senior Advertising near the Idol Office, you may be able to see the person and fans!

    Finally I would like to introduce some of the nearest subway of the entertainment office.


    · No. 2 Aii Station (Hapmer Station)

    Senior advertising Korea

    Aoi Station isYG entertainmentWm entertainmentUltrimEntertainmentBecause the entertainment office is dense,Holy place of entertainer advertisementIt is called.

    There are many fans who go to the office, and it is characterized by the sake of looking at Senior Advertising.

    If you are considering Senior Advertisement, please try Uoi Station by all means!

    YG entertainment

    YGENTERTAINMENT Senior Advertisement


    Wm entertainment
    [Idol Idol] B1A4 / OH My Girl / ONF, etc.

    WM Entertainment Senior Advertising


    [Idol Idol] Infinite / Lovelyz / Golden Child / Rocket Punch etc

    Woollim ENTERTAINMANT Senior Advertisement

    https://www.seoulnavi.com/play/1352/ More



    · 7 "Chondam Station" (Chondam Station)

    Senior advertising Korea

    Cheongdaku Station is a major entertainment officeSM entertainment,PLEDIS entertainmentThere are nearest offices.

    It is a city where a luxury shop where celebrities gather are also served near "Kohei Station" with many foreign tourists.


    SM entertainment 

    [Idol] Tohoshinki / Girlhood / Super Junior / SHINEE / EXO / NCT / Red Velvet, etc.

    SM Entertainment Senior Advertisement



    Predis entertainment
    【Idol Idol】 SEVENTEEN / NU'ESTSuch

    Predis Entertainment Senior Advertising Korea

    http://www.moamoa-korea.com/2018/05/04/seventeen-zimusyo/  More


    · Lines 5 "Olympic Park Station"

    JYP Office Korean Senior Advertising

    Olympic Park Station, now a big popular Twice and Niziu belongJYP entertainmentIs the nearest station.

    Also in the Olympic Park, Idol Live and Fan Meeting are also available, and it is a station that many idol fans are used by many idol fans.


    JYP entertainment
    [Idol Idol] TWICE / ITZY / NIZIU / GOT7 / STRAY KIDS, etc.

    JYP Entertainment Office Senior Advertising



    · Line 2 "Holy Water Station" (Song Station)

    Korean Senior Advertising Station

    Holy Water Station belongs to (G) I-DLE and PENTAGONCube entertainmentIs nearby.

    Near Gangnam, there has been an increasing number of cafes in the area around the station and is currently attracting attention.


    Cube entertainment
    [Idle Idol] (G) I-Dle / PENTAGON / BTOBdegree

    Cube Entertainment Senior Advertisement



    · No. 9 "Hikushima Station" (Onju Station)

    Korea Senior Senior Advertising

    Hikhou Station belongs to MONSTA X and Space GirlStarShip EntertainmentIs the nearest station.

    Is located in Gangnam-ku, where restaurants and cafes are gathered and crowded with many people.


    StarShip Entertainment
    [Idol] MONSTA X / Space Girl etc
    StarShip Entertainment



    · 7 "Shin-Ryama Station" (Shinyon Sanstation)

    Shin-Ryama Station Korean Senior Advertising Station

    Shinryu Mountain Station is a popular BTS worldwideBIGHIT entertainmentIs a station that is the nearest.

    From Gangnam Ward, the original old office, he moved to a new office in Ryuyama Ward in 2020.

    It will be a popular spot for Senior Advertising from now on!


    BIGHIT entertainment
    【Idol Idol】 BTS / TOMORROW X TOGETHER, etc.




    How was it?

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