[What is Senil] Birthday in Korean! Introducing Korean birthday culture and Senil advertising culture♪


everyone"BirthdayDo you know the word?

If you like Korean idols or those who like Korean actors, I think it's a word you often hear ^ ^

However, the words "Senil" and "Senil advertisement", which have not yet spread in Japan.

This time, let's look at what "Senl" is and the Korean birthday culture!

South Korea's birthday culture is different from Japan, so you may find a new fact.♪

Let's excite your birthday through "Senil Event" and "Senil Advertising"!

What is "Senil"?

I think the word "Senil" is a familiar word for Korean lovers.

Senil (생 생)"" In Korean, "birthday"It means the meaning.

If you want to say "Happy birthday",

"Birthday" meaning "birthday"생 생 (Senil)To translate directly, "celebrate"축 (Chukkahe)Or to the superior, "축다 (Chukka solder)Using

생 생축/축 한다 (Senil Chukkae/Chukka solder)I will express it!

Among young people, "생축 (Centuku)May be used as omitted (^○^)

In South Korea, it becomes a "birthday" when the Senil is expressed in kanji, but in China, the birthday is originally described as "Sheongli", and Chinese kanji is transmitted to Korea and reads it in aloud. The word was born!

Speaking of the familiar birthday songs around the world, "Happy Birth Date You You♪"but,

In Korea, despite the same melody, unlike Europe and the United States and Japan, the lyrics are converted to Korean and sung!

Korean "Happy Birthday" = "생 축 축 합다 (Senil Chukka Hamnida)Start singing in

The following "Happy Birthdaydia XX (name)" is "랑 하 (Saran Hanunun) ○○○ (full name)= "I love ○○○" and "랑 하 는 (Saran Hanunun Uri) ○○ (Name belowNickname)= "Our OO of our favorite"

Is converted to a birthday song that is unique to Korea! 

In Japan and Europe and the United States, it is a familiar birthday song, but in Korea, the original birthday song is sung, so it is strange.♪

What is South Korea's "Senil" culture?

From here, let's look at South Korea's Senil culture!

There are several unique cultures in Korea in South Korea.♪

Is the age counting different between Japan and Korea?

in the first place,Even if you are born in the same year in Japan and South Korea, the age is differentDo you know that?

You may think, "Is there a different age even though you are the same age?", But in Japan and Korea, the way to count age is different!

In fact, South Korea counts age in the "counting year".

In Japan, when you are born, you will be 0 years old"Full age"I will count my age, but in Korea, I am already one year old since I was born.Get older when the new year (January 1st) is reached"Counterful year"I count the age ( ^ ^)

Due to the difference between full age and counting years, two years of errors in Japanese and Koreans will appear.

Originally, counting years were common in Asia, but in Japan, the Meiji 35 has enacted laws to adopt a full age in order to keep up with European and American countries, and in South Korea, the same "counting year" is still used. I'm it!

Wish for your birthday?

In addition, Korean birthday: 생 (Senil) has been raised carefully since it was born.A special day to thank your familyBut there is.

Therefore, the hero who has reached his birthday not only celebrates, but also gives her parents a gift.♪

Furthermore, in Korea, before the birth of a birthday cake, ""wishI often turn off the fire!

In this way, SEVENTEEN members have made some wishes before extinguishing the fire, and then blowing them out.♪

Korean birthday is a wakame soup?

There are other things that you can always eat when you welcome Senil in Korea.

that is,Wakame soupis!


When watching a Korean drama, "Wakame Soup" always appears in the birthday scene.

In Korea, there is a habit of eating seaweed soup to improve after giving birth, and it has been eaten since the Goryeo era!

Wakame soup is established in Korea as a birthday with gratitude to her mother.♪

In this way, there is a South Korea -specific Senil culture that is slightly different from how to spend Japanese birthdays (^○^).

About "Senil advertising"

From here, let's look at "Senil advertising".

Until now, I have introduced what "Senil" is, so if you hear "Senil advertisement", you will get some imagination!

Senil advertising"As the name implies, it is a birthday advertisement.

In Korea, the mainstream is that fans give money on idols and actors' birthdays to subway, bus stops, street visions, etc.!

This "Senil advertisement" is "South Korean fans"Support cultureIs also one of them.

There are many "Senil advertisements" on posters, wide -color advertisements posted on subways and bus stops, and digital posters!

As a result, you can see many Senil ads while walking along the Korean subway.

If you've ever been to Korea, you've always seen it somewhere♪

In Korea, I have a birthday for idols and actors"Support culture" such as "Senil advertisement" that fans give out with the intention of celebrating (^○^)

In this way, Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN has released many Senil advertisements regardless of idols and actors!

I want to support idols and actors!

I want to celebrate the birthday of the recommended idol together!

It is very nice to be issued in the form of "Senil advertising"!

Now, the cheering culture is spreading in Japan.

Many "Senil advertisements" are also issued in Japan to support Japanese artists and YouTuber.♪ 


In this way, it is possible to issue a recommended Senil advertisement not only on street vision but also on Instagram story advertisements!

In Japan, there are many fans who support the push, such as the word "pushing".

In the future, I hope that support culture such as "Senil advertisement" will take root in Japan (^○^).

I want to ask more about Senil advertising!

I also want to release Senil advertisements on my birthday!

If you think that, we are providing free consultation on the official LINE of Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN, so please feel free to contact us.♪


I've been looking at what "Senil" is so far, how was it?

Even if you are in Japan and South Korea, the culture of birthdays is so different.♪

South Korea's support culture, Senil Advertising, is spreading in Japan, and I think that the opportunity to see "Senil advertisements" will increase in the city in Japan (^○^).

In the future, Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN will support the activities of fans!

Leave it to Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN!

Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN

Looking at the examples introduced this time, many people may feel like "I want to release Senil!"♪

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