What is Senil advertising/support advertising? Explain from the basics of the publication method in Japan, costs, copyright, and benefits of asking an agency!


Have you ever seen an advertisement celebrating the birthday of idols in large visions and station premises?

that isSenil advertisingIt is a new advertisement that supports the fans directly and supports their idols, artists, YouTuber, etc.!

This special culture originally started in Korea, but it is also expanding in Japan.
In Japan, it is sometimes called a cheering ad!

I think there are many people who look at the Senil/support ads in the city and think, "I want to release Senil/Supporting!"♪

Therefore, this time, I would like to thoroughly explain the latest cases and expenses of Senil/support advertising, how to publish, and the merits of requesting an agent!

table of contents


  1. What is Senil/Supporting ads?
  2. Main advertising method of Senil advertising
    1. Street Vision Advertising
    2. Transportation advertising (Korea / Japan)
    3. LED truck (ad truck)
    4. Times Square
    5. Cup holder advertisement
    6. SNS advertising
    7. others
  3. Let's support support/Senil advertisement in crowdfunding!
  4. Senil/Supporting advertisement method/cost
    1. How to put out Senil/Supported ads
    2. How much is Senil/Supporting Advertising?
  5. Is the idol copyright OK?
  6. Introducing the latest examples of Senil/support advertising!
  7. Senil/advertising is left to Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN!
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What is Senil/Supporting ads?

I would like to explain what Senil/Supporting advertisements are in the first place!

Idol ads by fans!

Senil advertising support advertising idol advertising agency Japan South Korea

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"Senil advertisement" is an advertisement that fans themselves publish on the idol's birthday!

Senil advertisement is a unique advertising culture that originated in Korea, on the birthdays and anniversaries of their own idols and actors.

This is a non -profit advertisement that fans do voluntarily to support their pushes!

in Japan"Support advertisementSometimes called♪

purely"I want to support you!」「I want to celebrate my birthday!Support advertisements are spreading.

It's surprising that individuals can get advertisements in the city ...!

What is "Senil"?"Birthday (생)" in KoreanIn Korea, the fan himself celebrates the KPOP idol's birthday, "Senil advertisingIs spreading♪

In Korea, the number of Senil/support advertisements increases year by year, and the number of Senil/support advertisements on the subway is2000 per yearIt seems to go beyond!

Recently, the number of fans who publish Senl/support advertisements in Japan is increasing, and idol advertisements have become more common ^^.

Senil/support advertisements are being carried out everywhere around the world, centered on Fandam, a group -based organization that supports the push!


Senil advertising support advertising idol advertisement


How did Senil advertising began?

The popularity of cheering advertising culture became popular in Korea in 2016.It is an audition program "PRODUCE101"!

PRODUCE101 is a survival audition program in which 101 trainees compete for songs and dances, and the remaining members can get a dream of their debut.

Senil advertising support advertising idol advertising agency Japan South Korea

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A completely different point from a normal audition program is that the debut member is determined by the viewer's referendum! !

Therefore, viewers are called national producers (national pries).♪

Country P ""I want to make my recommendation debut!""Senil/support advertisements to raise awareness have spread!

South Korea's PRODUCE101 has created super -popular groups such as I.O.I, Wannaone, and IZ*ONE!

Senil advertising support advertising idol advertising agency Japan South Korea

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Recently, the Japanese version of PRODUCE101JAPAN has also been held, and in Season 1The popular JO1 was born in Season 2!

Senil advertising support advertising idol advertising agency Japan South Korea


What kind of medium that can make Senil/support ads?

There are the following seven advertising media used in Senil/Supporting Ads!

I would like to explain each advertisement in order♪

1. Street vision advertisement | Senil advertising

You can broadcast Senil/support advertisements to large visions all over the country!

It will be aired at a large screen and loud volume, so it will definitely get the attention of many people.♪

Tokyo in JapanUnica visionIs the most popular vision, and overseas fans often advertise in Unica Vision!

Click here for how to release Senil advertisements on the street vision


2. Transportation advertising (Korea / Japan) | Senil advertisement

Senil Advertising Korean Subway

What is traffic advertising?Subway, buses, etc.It's an advertisement!

At stations in Korea, you can often see idol Senil/support ads.

It will be noticeable that many people usually use the transportation and support advertisements.♪

There are also two types of traffic advertisements in Japan: poster advertising and digital signage! 

Transportation advertisements are not only subway or buses.

HowAirports and airplanesThere are also fans who perform Senil/support advertising!

Quote source

Photos of a huge idol printed on an airplane will surely attract many people!

Click here for how to release Senil ads in traffic ads

3. LED Truck (Ad Truck) | Senil Advertising

everyone! "In the city"Ad trackHave you ever seen? ( ^ ^)

LED tracks (ad tracks) are advertising media that runs on a large LED monitor installed on a 4T truck bed and runs in a lot of traffic!

In Tokyo and other places, you may see trucks running in a large LED monitor while playing music with music.♪

When you find it in the city, it is an adtrak that the tension goes up somehow!

LED tracks are different from the type of printing and pastingThe major feature is that you can play videos and multiple images.♪

Compared to other advertising media, it is quite impactful, so you can celebrate the birthday of the push (^○^).

Also, for the LED monitormovieandStill imageIt is possible to broadcast! 

Click here for how to release Senil ads on LED trucks (ad trucks)

4. NY Times Square | Senil advertising

If you imagine "NY Times Square", it may be too large and hesitant.

If you live in Japan, you can actually release the Senil/Support advertisement you want to put out in "Times Square" (^○^).

It is too terrible to issue a Senil/support ad for your favorite idol in a world -famous place and the center of the world!

By all means, if you are an idol's pushing, please release the Senil advertisement with "NY Times Square" and send love to the world (^○^).

Times SquareClick here for how to release Senil advertisements

5. Cup holder event | Senil advertising

Cup holder advertisement

What is a cup holder event? I think many people are wondering,In Korea, where coffee culture is developed, advertising to cup holdersI am enjoying visiting Capho between fans ^^

Collection of small and cute cup holders is popular among fans.♡

The cute decorated cafe store and the lined cup holders are shining photos.♪

The space surrounded by the push is irresistible for fans ^^

Click here for how to create cup holders


4. SNS advertisement | Senil advertising

Instagram Senil Advertising TWICE Tsuwi

Quote source

Recently, I used Instagram and YouTube that are popular in Senil/support advertising.SNS advertisingis!

The goodness of cospa that many people can see at a low priceTherefore, the number of fans who support advertisements on SNS has recently increased.♪

If you share Senil ads together, there is no doubt that it will be a fun communication and excitement!

Click here for how to put SNS ads


5. Others

 In addition to the types of ads introduced above, Senil/Support advertisements are being carried out in various places!

for example,Movie theaters, convenience stores, restaurants, space satellites, stars, etc. ...

What do cinemas and restaurants still mean space satellites and stars? It feels like that

First of all, in Korea, it seems that there are Senil advertisements to movie theaters!

It seems to be more fun to see the Senil advertisement than the movie.😂

In addition, it seems that Senil/support advertisements can be played on restaurants and convenience stores!

I'm glad you can see it anywhere in the country ^^


Finally, the most interesting space satellites and stars!

It seems that some fans are shooting the earth and two shots on the monitor installed in the space satellite.😳

This is a support advertisement that came from the Fans's feelings, "I want to celebrate in the sky (universe)!"


Also, although it is a little different from Senil/support advertisement, it seems that some fans buy stars and give presents!

The stars have an expensive image, but they can actually be purchased surprisingly cheap ...?

It's nice to have a different celebration.✨

Get Senl/Support Advertisement in crowdfunding! | Senil Crafan

What is Senil advertising crowdfunding (hereinafter "Senil Crafan")?

A plan for individuals to issue an idol that individuals and the Senil/support ads of YouTuber is launched, and for their thoughtsThis is a service that all agree with support money and realize Senil/support advertising!

I would like to give a recommended Senil/support advertisement, but it is difficult to realizeFor those who say, Senil Crafan is highly recommended (^○^)

There are various projects that can be realized, but it is not a general Senil/support advertisement such as the Japanese street vision and traffic advertising.

NY Times Square"" And famous "Hongdae Station Digital Signage」「Plan around HYBE / SM / YG / JYP office"Such,

You can realize a large advertising medium that is difficult to realize by one person and a powerful project that is surprising.♪

By all means, let's cooperate with those who support the same push and celebrate the anniversary of the push together!

Click here for details of Senil Crafan

Senil/Supporting advertisement method/cost

Many people are worried, "How do you all have Senil/Support ads?"

Also, the most worrisome thing is "How much cost will be"I think!

Next, Senil/Supported AdvertisingAbout the flow and price of the publicationI will explain it!

How to put out Senil/Supported ads

The basic flow of Senil/Supporting advertising is as follows.


Contact the advertising agency

First, one and a half to two months before the start of advertising, contact the advertising agency to arrange the media.

Payment & medium arrangement
 If the medium is decided, pay and secure an advertising slot.
Creating advertising
Create advertising to be posted.
Advertising product production requires specialized knowledge, so if it is difficult to produce by individuals, it is good to ask an agency for production ^^.
Advertising material examination
If you send the completed advertising data to the medium, the media will be able to publish it.
Advertising broadcast
Once the screening is completed, the advertisement starts on the specified date!


How much is Senil/Supporting Advertising?

Many people think that "Senil/support advertisement is expensive and it is difficult to do it individually".

The market price of the advertisement is as follows.

Advertising medium Price market price
Street Vision Advertising 10 to 1 million yen
Transportation advertisement (bus / station) 10 to 2 million yen
Cup holder 30,000 to 150,000 yen
SNS advertising 30,000 yen~

The advertising price varies greatly depending on where you advertise and time, but if it is cheap, it is a price that can be used by individuals.♪

for that reason,Senil/support advertisement is possible according to the budget!

It seems that fans are often invested by fans, mainly in Fandam, and advertisements are often advertised.♪

By the way, Chinese Fundam has attracted attention on the budget scale of various Senil/support advertising!

BTS V's Chinese Fadam "CHINA BAIDU VBAR"It seems that we collected 200 million won (about 114 million yen) on V's birthday and conducted Senil advertising!

The advertisements are available in 7,039 locations on all routes of Seoul subway, drugstores, convenience stores, and bookstores for a total of 6,272 advertisements, etc.

It's surprising that the scale is too large, isn't it?😳

It's nice to be able to see the advertisements that Fandam etc. will implement, even if you don't give your own Senil/support ads.♪

Is the idol copyright OK?

Many people wonder, "Isn't Senil/Supporting Advertising a copyright infringement of idols?"

 In fact, Korean idol offices can also advertise idols by fans and support ads.The use of images and images has been tolerated, and it is completely rooted in culturally.

However, be sure to send a permission application to your office when implementing an advertisement.
It is important to follow a healthy fan community rules.

The method for applying for permission is here in detail.

➡︎Does Senil advertisement require permission from an idol office? Thorough explanation of prohibited items and guidelines!

It has been gradually tolerated in Japanese offices, and if you officially publish the Senil/Supporting Advertising rules, such as JO1, OWV, INI and BE: FIRST, Senil/Support according to the regulations. You can implement an ad♪

In some cases, the artist belonging to LDH in Japan has also issued Senil/support advertisements!

JO1 support for support advertising

Rules for INI support advertising

Be: FirstRules related to support advertisements

・ LDH copyright and portrait rights


Introducing the latest examples of Senil/support advertising!

I would like to introduce the latest examples of Senil/support advertisements in Japan and South Korea and Times Square!

Cases in Japan



Artist name: TWICE
Advertising medium: Street Vision (Unica Vision)




Artist name: BTS Jimin
Advertising medium: Street Vision (Cross Shinjuku Vision)


Be: First


Artist name: be: first Ryoki

Advertising medium: Street Vision (Unica Vision)


Cases in Korea



artist name:ATEEZ Song Hwa

Advertising medium:Kodai entrance station Digital signage




Artist name: TXT
Advertising place:Olympic Park Wide Advertising/Kodai Illustration Station DID Advertising




actor Songan

Advertising medium:Bath shelter


Cases in NY Times Square



artist name:JO1 Ruhime Shiraiwa

Advertising medium: Times Square


Leave it to Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN!

Senil advertising support advertising idol advertisement

If you are considering Senil/support adsSenil Advertising Agency JAPANPlease leave it to you!

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I will explain each strength in detail!


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If you are wondering which medium or want to ask together!

 Proposals that match the budget and desired area are also possible ^^

Senil advertising advertising advertising advertising agent

If you are uneasy about your first Senil/Supporting ad, please feel free to contact us.♪

If you want to know the recommended subway in Korea, please see this article.

article➡︎ What is the recommended place for Senil ads in Korea? Introducing popular subway!


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Senil advertising support advertising idol advertising cup holder design

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However, can only those who have a financial margin can do, right? Those who are thought!
No, anyone who has a feeling of pushing can be realized!

This is because there is a "Senil Crafan" service that specializes in Senil/support advertising.

Let's convert the birthdays and anniversaries of all the fans who sympathize with the thoughts of their thoughts on the recommendation!


article➡︎ What is Senil Crafan? Open an overview and flow!


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