The most advanced number event "Flower Event" is very popular! Introducing cases of Korea & Japan♪


This time,State -of -the -art Senil event? ! ""Flower event "IntroducingI will do it ^^

In Korea, there are many events such as Senil advertisements and Senil Cafe to celebrate your birthday/anniversary!

Under such circumstances, a new Senil event called "Flower Event" has become a hot topic.♪

You can buy the recommended flowers, it shines and it's too cute ...What is the rumored flower event! Would you like to know?

We will also introduce cases in Korea and Japan, so please refer to it!

There is no doubt that you will be overwhelmed by the quality and cuteness that is too great ...! !

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What is a flower event?

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In South Korea, there is a culture that celebrates the seniles and anniversaries.

Fans will prepare for the recommendation, such as Senil advertising/support advertising and Senil Cafe.

Many fans may have gone to advertisements and cafes and celebrated.♪

While the ideas and quality of the celebration are increasing year by year,Recently in Korea "Flower event/flower shop eventDid you know that "" is popular!

What is a flower event?Senil event to collaborate with a flower shop and celebrateThat is ^^

Like Senil Cafe, the inside of the store is decorated with recommendation, and if you buy a specified flower, you will receive a privilege of pushing.♪

It's a very nice idea to buy flowers and celebrate on your birthday (;;)

This time, let's dig deep into the flower event!

Introducing a flower event case!


NCT mark

It is a flower event held in 2022 to celebrate the birthday of the NCT mark.♪

The organizer prepared a bouquet with the image of "INFJ", the MBTI of the mark ^^

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The birth flower of the mark and the blue flower that likes the mark are also used, so it seems to be a bouquet of memories!

It may be good to keep it as a dry flower.♪

In addition, he received benefits such as postcards, photo cards, and photos to buy flowers!

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It is too luxurious to have a mark of the mark if you buy a flower ...! !

NCT Hechan

Hechan flower event held in 2023♪

The prepared flowers are sunflowers that imagine Hechan!

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The flower has a hechan and it's very cute ^^

In addition, there were many photos of Hechan in the store!

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It's like a Senil Cafe!

A space surrounded by flowers and Hechan ... Too happy (;;)

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You can see wherever you take a picture♪


Despite the debut, a flower event for ZB1 Kim Gyubin was also held ^^

What was prepared is a yellow rose with a flower language called "eternal love"!

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The inside of the store is filled with photos of Kim Gyvin and is decorated very beautifully ^^

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It is a flower event held in Tokyo to commemorate the 5th anniversary of ONF ^^

When I purchased a sunflower, I got a treka and key chain on a first -come, first -served basis.♪

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The shop is also cute for ONF specifications, and some people are taking pictures with the recommended treka ^^

The ribbon with ONF and logo is also cute, isn't it?♪

Ini Takumi Ozaki

INI, celebrating the birthday of Takumi Ozaki -kun, a flower event was held at 5 locations nationwide ^^

It seems that it was implemented in Miyagi, Tokyo, Aichi, Osaka, and Fukuoka, with few examples in Japan.♪

I want to conquer all stores! (smile)

The inside of the store was also very cute!

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The benefits were original ribbons, postcards, stickers, etc. with illustrations of Ozaki Takumi -kun ^^.

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Let's hold a flower event and celebrate your birthday!

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How was the state -of -the -art flower event?

In Korea, the number of fans holding flower events on behalf of Senil Cafe events is increasing!

Although it is a flower event with few examples in Japan, isn't it a perfect Senil event for those who want to have a special celebration? ^^

Depending on the ideas, such as decorations, benefits, and what kind of flower to use, you can hold a promising flower event.♪

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This time, we introduced the trendy "flower event" in Korea!

Just like Senil Cafe, which buys drinks at a cafe, the event of buying flowers at a florist was very novel ^^

Just buying a flower makes you feel happy, but it's a really nice event to follow the benefits of pushing! !

There are many ways to take pictures with the treka with flowers and enjoy it!

It is good to save the flowers you want to keep as a dried flower.♪

I want to celebrate my birthday in a special way! If so, how about holding a flower event ^^?

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