Thai K-POP popularity is hot! Why is young people enthusiastic? K-POP idol special feature from Thailand who is active in the world and support culture unique to Thailand!


K-POP artists are now enthusiastic about fans around the world!

Did you know that K-POP fever in Thailand is now even more exciting as well as popularity in Japan and the United States?

In the city of Thailand, Korean artists are full of advertisements, and young people dream of K-POP idols are continuing!

Why K-POP has gained so popular in Thailand ...!

This time, we will introduce the popular secrets of K-POP in Thailand and the idols from Thai who are very active in Korea.♪

We will also deliver examples of Senil/support advertising in Thailand!

"Thailand"Tuk -tuk advertisementI am also introduced in detail, so don't miss it ^^

The Thai K-POP market is hot! What is the reason why young people are enthusiastic?

Did you know that K-POP, which causes a global boom, is attracting attention in Thailand? ^^

There are advertisements from Korean stars in the city, and young people who do K-POP cover dance appear ...!

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again,"Thailand has the largest tweets about K-POP in the worldThe survey results!

Why are Thai young people enthusiastic about K-POP?

It seems that the secrets are hidden by Thai artists who are active in the K-POP world ^^

With BLACKPINK Lisa and Benben of GOT7, more and more idols from Thailand, who are currently working as K-POP artists, have increased.

In particular, Lisa has gained national popularity in Thailand, and has become a longing for young Thai people!

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Many Thai people want to be a K-POP artist like Lisa, and the Korean government prepared a dance classroom at school.

It can be said that the Korean side is also at a glance in Thai young people to discover future K-POP stars!

It seems that the popularity of Korean wave in Thailand is increasingly excited due to the influence of K-POP artists from Thai who is active in the world ^^

Now that you know the deep connection between Thailand and K-POP, let's take a look at K-POP idols from Thailand!

Active in the world! Introducing K-POP idols from Thailand♪


  • Real name: Larisa Manovan
  • Date of birth: March 27, 1997
  • Birthplace: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Height: 166cm
  • Office: YG Entertainment


Lisa, who is active as a member of BLACKPINK, is now charismatic for young Thai people!

I heard that Lisa comes to mind as the first K-POP artist from Thailand ^^

Lisa went to a dance school since she was in kindergarten, and said she liked BIGBANG and 2NE1 when she was in elementary school and was interested in singing and dancing!

In 2010, I passed the tieodine of the current office and went to Korea as a trainee!

Speaking of Lisa, the ability of rap and dance is attracting attention.♪


However, its success is jumping over the group and the personal activities are durable!

If you think that you have been selected as a new muse in Celine, he will also act as a global ambassador in Bulgari and pull it out of all brands ^^

Individual Instagram has the largest number of followers among Asian celebrities, and Lisa has become the world's most famous Thai entertainer!

GOT7 Benben

  • Real name: Campimuk Bwakuru
  • Date of birth: May 2, 1997
  • Birthplace: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Height: 178cm
  • Office: Abyss Company


Benben is a member of GOT7 born from JYP Entertainment ^^

Grandpa is a Chinese Thai II, and Benben is a Chinese quarter!

Before debut as GOT7, he also appeared in a movie in Thailand!

In Thailand, it is also known that he belonged to the same dance team "WE ZAA COOL" as Lisa.


Benben is wearing a white suit♪

Also, Lisa and Benben also appeared together in commercials of Thai mobile companies ^^

My mother is a Korean big fan, so I have a Korean restaurant in Thailand!

South Korea may have been a familiar country for Benben, as he has touched Korean culture from an early age due to his family.

Benben, who was very active in Korea, said in Thailand.National representative singerIs called!

At the airport when he returned to Thailand, he said that he had used a royal passage because people gathered too much.

Benben is extremely popular in Thailand, but he is still solo singer activities, mainly in Korea ^^

CLC Song

  • Real name: Jung Nason Sajakuru
  • Date of birth: November 18, 1996
  • Birthplace: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Height: 160cm
  • Office: CUBE Entertainment


CLC, known as a multinational group, belongs to Song from Thailand.♪

Although it was a position called sub -vocal, the ability and characteristic tone that were not strange even with the main vocal were gaining popularity!

He won the Survival Audition Program and became a trainee in Korea.

Son's mother is a housewife, his father is a former actor, and he was talking in "Weekly Idol" that he is currently working under the president ^^

He was known as a rich Thai, and he had been learning songs and dances since childhood!

Currently, I have left Cube Entertainment and are working as a solo artist in Thailand.♪


  • Real name: Chittapon Richaia Ponon
  • Date of birth: February 27, 1996
  • Birthplace: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Height: 171cm
  • Office: SM Entertainment


Ten is an idol from Thailand, who is very active as a member of NCT and Wayv!

SM Entertainment is the first and only from Thailand among the artists belonging to SM Entertainment!

Ten, who had dreamed of a singer since he was five years old, became interested in K-POP after watching the SUPER JUNIOR MV in 2009!

In 2011, he appeared on the Thai audition program "TEEN SUPERSTAR" and won the final victory.♪

After that, in 2013, he received a global audition at the current office, but his family opposed South Korea.

At that time, it was grandmother who pushed her back with "Ten as I wanted" ^^

The popularity in Thailand is terrible, and in 2019 I have a fan meeting in Bangkok to celebrate my birthday.♪

(G) I-Dle Minni 

  • Real Name: Minnie Nicha Jontarak
  • Date of birth: October 23, 1997
  • Birthplace: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Height: 167cm
  • Office: CUBE Entertainment


Minni is a Thai member of I-Dle, which is gaining popularity with strong messaging music!

We use the warm and deep singing voice to work on the main vocals of the group.


Mini, whose fantastic and mysterious visuals are gaining in popularity, are Chinese in the Chinese Thai IV ^^

He has been interested in K-POP since the fifth grade of elementary school, and said he was a fan of Super Junior.♪

I passed the audition of the current office at the dance and vocal academy in Thailand in Thailand and went to Korea!

It seems that the bonds of idols from Thailand are strong, and according to Minni, there are five group chats, Lisa, Benben, Song, and Ten!

GHOST9 Prince

  • Real Name: Platas Wataniya Plamo
  • Date of birth: Date
  • Birthplace: Thailand Samplacan
  • Height: 176cm
  • Office: Maroo planning


Prince is a Thai idol who is the only foreign member of GHOST9!

Prince, who came to Korea as a trainee in 2019, had a hard time communicating with the members.

Now, in addition to Thai, it has become a global member who can speak Korean, Chinese, and English!

When I was in Thailand, I went to ON AIR ACADEMY and showed off EXO's "Love Shot" and "The Eve" ^^


He graduated early in high school in Thailand and is currently enrolled in the prestigious American Berkeley College of Music on an online course!

It seems to be very good as an artist ^^

What is "Tukutuk"? Introducing support culture unique to Thailand!

In Thailand during the K-POP boom, there are many Senil/support ads for Korean actors and artists.♪

Here, let's look at the advertisements that were actually issued in Thailand!

A must -see for "Tukutuk" unique to Thailand ^^

Bus advertising

The first is the bus advertisement of SEVENTEEN's John Han.♪

There is an advertisement on the back side of the bus ^^

If you meet while driving, you will be excited!

Vision advertisement in a shopping mall

NCT Jae -hyun's Senil advertisement is on the display on the shopping mall!

I would be happy if I could meet the recommended advertisement while shopping, right?♪

It is rarely seen in Japanese shopping malls, but in Thailand, it seems that advertisements can be posted in any place ^^

Street advertising

THE BOYZ Hyunge's Senil advertisement♪

A large advertisement is posted on the board installed on the side of the road ^^

Because it is a Thai with a lot of traffic, it is highly likely that many people will stop by putting it out on the side of the road!

Tuk -tuk advertisement

Speaking of Thailand, it's still "tuk -tuk"!

Tukutuk is a tricycle taxi where drivers ride in front and customers ride on the bed.

In Thailand, there are many Senil/support advertisements, taking advantage of the tuk -tuk.♪

World Star BTS Jung -kuk's tuk -tuk advertisement ^^

By putting ads, the tuk -tuk looks gorgeous.♪

In addition, Lisa's advertisement, who is very active in BLACKPINK!

Each design is different and it's very cute, isn't it?♪

In the first place, why is the tuk -tuk advertisement so widespread in Thailand?

The first reason is, "Advertising costs for tuk -tuk are reasonable"There is a point!

One of the main reasons is that it is cheaper than traffic advertisements and is easy for anyone to put out.♪

Furthermore, taking advantage of the system that the tuk -tuk's advertising cost is paid to the driver, "To help drivers who have drastically reduced their income due to the new colonavirusIt seems that the movement was great.

The big benefits of putting out advertising from your favorite artist to help people in need were hidden.

If you are considering advertising in Thailand, why not try a tuk -tuk advertisement? ^^

We also provide free consultation on LINE, so if you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.♪


This time, we introduced the connection between Thailand and K-POP.♪

Thai artists who are active in the K-POP world are longing for young Thai people ^^

It turns out that their success is further heated up the K-POP heat in Thailand.♪

Recently, the number of K-POP artists from Thailand has increased, and the popularity of Koreans may be increasing!

In addition, Senil/support advertisements are also issued in Thailand as in South Korea and Japan ^^

The tuk -tuk advertisement unique to Thailand was also interesting!

Keep an eye on the relationship between Thailand and the K-POP market!

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