[Senil advertising beginner must -read article] The first Senil/Support advertisement. Summary of common questions!

【推しのセンイル広告初心者 必読記事】初めてのセンイル/応援広告。よくある質問まとめ!

Recently, one of the “recommended activities” has become a hot topic!

It is a support culture that originated in Korea, but recently many idols and actors and YouTuber's "Senil/Support Advertisement" have been broadcast (^○^).

However, even if you want to release Senl/Support advertisements yourself,

"What should I start with ...?"

"How is the work going on?"

I guess there are many concerns and questions.

Therefore, this time, I will introduce the flow of the Senil advertisement and frequently asked questions for those who plan to issue a Senil/support advertisement for the first time.♪

By all means, I hope that you can enjoy the activities with peace of mind by referring to this!

What is Senil/Cheering Advertising?

"Senil/support advertisement" is an advertisement that fans themselves publish on their idols, actors, and Youtuber's birthdays!

Senil/support advertising is a unique advertising culture that originated in Korea, on the birthdays and anniversaries of their own idols and actors.

I want to support you! It is an advertisement that is non -profitable by fans spontaneously!

in Japan"Support advertisementSometimes called♪

purely"I want to support you!」「I want to celebrate my birthday!Support advertisements are spreading.

It's surprising that individuals can get advertisements in the city ...!

What is "Senil"?"Birthday (생)" in KoreanIn Korea, the fan himself celebrates the KPOP idol's birthday, "Senil advertisingIs spreading♪

In Korea, the number of Senil/support advertisements increases year by year, and the number of Senil/support advertisements on the subway is2000 per yearIt seems to go beyond!

Recently, the number of fans who publish Senl/support advertisements in Japan is increasing, and idol advertisements have become more common ^^.

Now, Senil/support advertisements are being carried out everywhere in the world, such as South Korea, the United States, and China!

What is the flow until you get Senil ads?

From here on, we will introduce the flow to advertising for the first time Senil/support advertisements.

If you are an advertisement for the first time,

How will it be published?」「What should I start with?」「How long will it take?

I think there are many concerns and questions.

Therefore, I will introduce in detail how to proceed to advertising (^○^)

First, let's first decide which advertising medium/support advertisement!

The advertising media we handle will be as follows, so please refer to here.♪

If you do not know which advertising medium is good, we also provide free telephone and chat consultation on LINE.

If you can't decide by yourself ... please feel free to contact us^_^

Next, once the advertising medium to be broadcast is decided, As much as possiblePlease apply for a license for advertising from the office of the advertising target in advance!

If you apply in advance at the application stage, the subsequent flow will be smooth.

Depending on the media, it is necessary to submit a document (email screens, etc.) that can prove that you have obtained permission from your office.

There is an e -mail sentence example when applying for a license to your office.HerePlease refer to.

From now on, I will explain the flow after the desired advertising medium is determined and applying for permission!

note that,Until one month before the advertising start datePlease apply. (In the case of Nippon Kotsu Advertising, one and a half months ago



First of all, on LINEWhoseDo you want to broadcast an ad?when」「Which mediumPlease tell us by LINE chat, such as if you want to broadcast on!

In addition, we also provide free consultation, so please feel free to ask for consultation and questions.♪

Enter the application form
Once the desired medium is decided, enter the application form.
Confirmation contact
The person in charge will give you a confirmation notification on LINE.
If there is no problem with the content, we will pay.
(Bank transfer)
Securing advertising slots (1 day to 1 week)
We will secure an advertising slot after payment is confirmed. The period to secure will vary depending on the medium, so please check with the person in charge.
Advertising production
Design/video production.
Material examination
Submit it to the media company and perform the media screening.
Start of advertising
Advertising starts on the specified date!

Thorough solutions to frequently asked questions by medium!

Japan Street Vision

From now on, I will answer questions that are often used when airing ads on the Japanese street vision.

We can broadcast on street visions around the country.♪

note that,Japan street vision isPersonal advertising is also possibleis!

By all means, I want to support the birthdays and anniversaries in Japan! If you think, please refer to it before applying (^○^)

 How much is the agency commission?
A. Please contact us on LINE for details, as it depends on the amount of the post -note.
 When should I apply by?
A. On the broadcast start dateOne month agoPlease apply by.
* The submission deadline is in principle until 14 business days before the start of broadcasting.
 When do you know the broadcast schedule?
A. You can grasp the broadcast date 2-3 business days before the business day.
 Is it okay to make a pre -announcement on SNS?
A. Please contact the person in charge for details, as the rules for advance announcements differ depending on the medium. Please note that the broadcast may be canceled if the pre -announcement is notified of a prohibited medium. (non refundable)The advertiser cannot be announced on the day of the broadcast.
Is it possible to shoot an ad and send a video?
A. Please contact the person in charge for details, as there are media that can be taken and that is not the case.
Is there a place other than the recommended vision?
A. Yes, there is a vision nationwide, so please contact us if you have any desired location or vision.
What is the payment method?
A. It will be an account transfer.

Japanese traffic advertising

Next, we will answer frequently asked questions about Japanese traffic advertising.

Nippon Traffic Advertising is poster advertising and digital signage mainly inside the station!

Nippon Kotsu advertising has a special flow to broadcast, and there are some parts that are slightly different from the Japanese street vision and Korean advertising, so please check here.

again,In the case of Nippon Kotsu Advertising, it is necessary to judge the organizations to be advertised and the design to be posted.One and a half months before the advertising start datePlease apply.

Is it possible for individuals to advertise?
A. BasicallyAdvertising in the name of the group onlyWill be. However, depending on the electric railway or advertising medium, it may be possible to publish it individually.
 Is it necessary to submit a license certificate from my office?
A. yes. In the case of Nippon Station Advertising, it is necessary to submit a certificate for advertising from the affiliated office of the advertising person. (E -mail screenshot is also possible)
Is it possible to advertise even if the advertising target is not in the office?
A. Basically, advertising is possible only when you belong to the office, but depending on the electric railway, you may be able to advertise even if you are independent of the office.
How long will I apply in time?
A. Please apply one and a half prior to the advertising start date.
Please tell me the flow until the start of the ad.
A. The flow until the start of the ad is as follows. (Please note that it is a little different from the flow of Japan Street Vision and Korean advertising.)
① Application ② Advertising owner screening (one and a half months ago) ③ Design production ④ Design (material) examination ⑤ Payment of advertising expenses & secure frame (3 weeks) ⑥ Advertising start
Can I receive a poster after posting?
A. If you wish to receive it, please contact us in advance. The delivery fee will be charged separately.
Is it possible to arrange for stations that are not listed on our site?
A. Yes. It is possible. You can arrange station advertisements from all over Japan, so please feel free to contact us.
Is it possible to make a pre -announcement?
A. Confirmation is required because there are places where possible and not possible. If possible, it is necessary to check the text to be announced in advance with the media side, so it will be announced.Ahead of timePlease consult us.

Korean advertisement

Next, we will answer frequently asked questions about Korean advertising.

Korean advertisements are mainly Korean subway advertisements, bus shelters, ads at Incheon Airport, and advertisements around HYBE, SM, JYP, YG!

K-POP idol is recommended! If you do, why not try issuing Senil/Support advertisements around your office (^○^).

May the probability of authentication shots (the person to take a picture with the advertisement) also increase? !♪

 When can I make an advertisement?
A. BasicallyOne month before the start of the adYou will be able to secure more advertising slots. Please note that cancellation after securing the frame is not possible.
 Is it okay to make a pre -announcement on SNS?
A. yes. There is no problem with advance notice.
Is it possible to shoot an ad and send a video?
A. Once the advertisement is posted, we will send the data of the media -photographed advertisement to our company.

LED ad track

Next, I will answer frequently asked questions about LED adtracks.

LED Adtrack is an advertising medium that runs on a large LED monitor installed on a 4T truck bed and runs in a lot of traffic!

Currently, it is operating only in Tokyo, but it is quite impactful compared to other advertising media, so you can celebrate the birthday of the push.♪

If you live live in Tokyo, there is no doubt that it will be exciting if you specify a running route around the live venue (^o^).

Can you play videos?
A. The video isOnly while stoppingIt is possible to flow. However, the time to stop in recent years has been cracked down in recent years.Within 1 minuteAnd the main is a still image.
 How many seconds can you play the video?
A. There is no limit if one data capacity is 500MB or less.
How many still images can be flushed?
A. If one data capacity is 500MB or less, you can flow as many as you want. Still images can be switched every minimum minute.
How many music can be played?
A. If one data capacity is 500MB or less, you can flow as many as you want.
Is it possible to play separate data on the side of the truck on the side of the truck?
A. It is possible to play different data at the same time on the left and right.
Can I specify a running route?
A. The driving route can be freely specified
How many hours a day is running?
A. The driving time of the day11:00-22:00amongUp to 9 hoursIt will be up to. (Including 1 hour of movement and break)

Times Square

From now on, we will answer common questions about Times Square.

Times Square is the most crowded intersection in New York, and is a famous tourist spot that everyone knows with the entire face on the electronic bulletin board!

You can also give Senil/support advertisements to the New York Times Square (^○^)

It is a recommended medium for those who want to celebrate the birthday of the push ^^

If you advertise in Times Square, the idol will actually raise the authentication shot ...!

There is no doubt that it will be a topic♪

Is it possible to shoot an ad and send a video?
A. Once the advertisement is posted, we will send the data of the media -photographed advertisement to our company.
 Is it possible to arrange other than the Times Square media on the site?
A. At present, only the media listed on the site can be arranged.
Can I know the broadcast time in advance?
A. You can check it on the day of the broadcast.
When will the broadcast start?
A. The date of local time has changedAM 12 o'clock(Japan time13:00) The broadcast will start.

SNS advertising


Next, we will answer frequently asked questions about SNS ads.

 SNS advertisements are advertisements that can be played mainly on Instagram Twitter, YouTube, and KakaoTalk!

In SNS advertisements, it can be transmitted not only in Japan and South Korea, but also in Southeast Asia and the United States.

I want to spread the charm of pushing around the world! I recommend it (^o^)

Is it possible to distribute ads from my personal account?
A. Advertising distribution is only possible from our account.
 What is the guideline for the number of displays of the Instagram story?
A. It will be displayed about 50,000 times with a 15,000 yen plan. (It will be slightly different depending on the click rate.)
What is the gender in the form column?
A. It is possible to specify only women only for women, and only for men.

Cuphe event

A cup holder event that distributes an original design cup holder at a cafe, which has become one of the recently recommended activities!

Now, Capphei events are being held at cafes around Japan.♪

We have a partnership with a cafe that can be used by Caphohoi Event from all over the country to collectively, from arranging cafes to the production of Capho.

In addition, it is convenient for a cup holder eventCuphe event set"and!

Production/cafe arrangement/announcement of fryer event announcement of air chain/traver/sticker/mini canban/acrylic stand, etc.

It is very convenient because it is set up to♪

We have three sets of "A, B, C" according to the size of the event from small to medium -sized events!

For more information about "Capphei event set",HerePlease refer to the.

Therefore, this time, I will answer frequently asked questions about Capho production/ordering and capo event set (^o^).

 Is it possible to divide 500 air chains to 250 and deliver them to another place?
A. Since it is 500 boxes per box, it cannot be delivered separately for 250 pieces.
 Is it possible to change the air holder to a cup -type holder?
A. You cannot change to a cup -type holder.
 Is it possible to increase/reduce the number of products in the Cappheo event set?
A. You cannot change a part of the set content.
 Is it possible to order separately, such as treka or stickers?
A. We cannot accept single items for treka/stickers/mini cans/acrylic stands/cafes. Air holder production/design production/announcement flyer production can be ordered separately ^^
 Is it possible to design 2000 air chains with 2 types of designs?
A. Is possible. However, the price is × 2 when 500 pieces are issued.
 Is it possible to order only 100?
A. no. The air holder is 500 units and the cup -type holder is 1000 units.

About data submission

GreatlyIf you want to give a recommended Senil/support ad, I would like many fans to see cute and cool images.♪

However, is it surprisingly difficult if you're not used to editing videos using apps and PCs? (;;)

Therefore,"I'm not good at editing videos on my own ...For those who say, our creators will act on the video production!

We will create a video according to the completion image of the customer, so please feel free to contact us.♪

Regarding the price and flow of data submission,HerePlease take a look at it in detail.

Here, we will answer frequently asked questions regarding data submission!

Is there any material that can be used?
A. If there is an idol office, please use the material according to the rules. If you are a Korean idol, use a material that belongs to the Korean office, such as photos of SNS released from your office for free and songs with Korean sound sources.
 Is it possible to receive an Illustrator file in the created data?
A. Basically, Illustrator or Photoshop data cannot be handed over. (If the layer is bonded, it is possible to hand it over.)

Safe even for beginners! How to issue Senil/Support advertisements with Senil Crafan?

Some of the first -time Senil/support advertisements are

I want to give a support advertisement, but it's not easy to do it individually ...I think there are some people.

Therefore, the recommendation isSenil advertising crowdfunding (hereinafter "Senil Crafan")!

Senil CrafanEstablished a plan for an individual to issue an idol and a support advertisement for YouTuber.

InevitablyThis is a service that all agree with and share support money and realize support advertising.♪ 

Senil Crafans are characterized by many benefits for those who have first issued Senl/support ads.

The first of the features isIt means that large -scale support advertisements that cannot be implemented by individuals can be implemented!

In fact, it costs hundreds of thousands to millions to give a large -scale advertisement, so it's difficult for individuals to collect funds ... (;;).

However, if you use a crafan, you can carry out large -scale projects such as Times Square with supporters who agree with planning and thoughts! !

The second isAnyone can plan and start a project for free, so anyone can start with peace of mind.♪ (If the project is achieved, a part of the support will be charged as a fee.)

Also, when you start, you just create a project in a template Google document that can be easily used by newcomers (^o^).

    The 3rd one,We will provide collectively support for troublesome procedures such as payment management, delivery management, and advertising arrangements!

    Therefore, it is a service that can be served with confidence even for those who release Senil/support advertisements for the first time.♪

    Click here for details about Senil Crafan!

    From now on, I will explain the detailed flow of performing Senil Crafan.

    STEP 1
    Launch a project with our dedicated staff

    First of all, let's launch a project with our full -time staff on our LINE! If the plan is difficult, our staff will consult.♪

    STEP 2
    Create a project page and collect support with friends
    Once the project is decided, anyone created can be used easily.Please create a project with Google Document.
    After that, we will recruit project supporters using SNS etc.! We will help you with SNS and write special articles to help you succeed (^o^).
    STEP 3
    Goal achievement!
    If the amount of support is achieved in the goal, the project will be confirmed.
    STEP 4
    Medium arrangement
    We will arrange your desired advertising medium.
    STEP 5
    Production of broadcast materials
    Create advertising data. Our creator will produce in accordance with your request♪
    STEP 6
    Submit to medium company & material examination
    When the data is completed, submit it to the media company and perform the material screening.
    STEP 7
    Start of advertising★
    Advertising starts on the specified date!✨
    STEP 8
    Return delivery
    We will deliver the return to the supporters!


    Until now, we have answered the flow up to advertising and frequently asked questions for those who are new to Senil/Support advertisements.

    I want to support you! Even if you have the feeling, it is anxious and courageous to actually advertise in Japan and Korea.

    However, we want to support us! In order to answer with all your might, we provide support so that you can advertise with confidence (^o^).

    By all means, I would be grateful if you could refer to this article and enjoy it with peace of mind.♪