Recommended CM Monitor for Senior Senior Advertising / Support Advertising in Korea Subway! We thoroughly explain to expenses, station, advertisement


Recently, it is a Senior advertisement that came to see a lot in Japan, but I think that there are many people who say "Senior Advertising in Korea, which is recommended!"

The most popular Korean subway media is an advertising medium with a monitor called CM monitor.

This time,About popular CM monitors in subway advertising,Seoul installation station from basic informationcostAdvertising methodWe explained to thoroughly! !



Korea Subway Advertising Type

First of all, we will introduce the type of advertising medium of Korea subway!


Korea Subway Advertising Type

What kind of medium do you have Korea Metro? There should be many people who do not know.

The type of station ad isCM Monitor Poster Advertising / Wide Advertising / DID Advertising / Lightbox Advertising / LED Large Monitor Advertising, etc.There are various things.

Korea Station Subway Advertising Cost Expense

There are various other media in addition to these♪

There are many media,Among them, it is a CM monitor that is particularly popular!


Basic information of CM monitor

We will introduce the basic information of our most popular CM monitor!

Korea Station Subway Advertising Cost Expense

feature Monitor installed on subway pillar (Back table 2 aircraft)
20 seconds of video / still image (all silence)
86 inches (data size: 1080 * 1920)
Number of broadcasts More than 200 times a day (operation time: 05: 00-01: 00)
Post period Contract in units of one month


case study

We will introduce the case of CM monitors supported by our company!

Twice Momo

Korea Station Subway Advertising Cost Expense

TWICE Momo Birthday Memorial
  • [Period] November 1-November 30
  • 【Place】 Gangnam Ward Office Station CM Monitor 1



Korea Station Subway Advertising Cost Expense

ATEEZ Yuno Happy Birthday Memorial
  • [Period] 3/1 to 3/31
  • 【Place】 No. 2 Aii Station CM monitor 1



Korea Station Subway Advertising Cost Expense

B1A4 Debut 10th Anniversary
  • [Period] 4/1-4 / 30
  • [Place] Aii Station CM monitor 2 Gonu

Korea Station Subway Advertising Cost Expense

My.ST Gove Birthday Memorial
  • [Period] 2/9 to 1/8
  • [Place] Non-Hyun Station CM monitor 1



Korea Station Subway Advertising Cost Expense

NI-KI birthday memorial
  • [Period] 11/16-12 / 15
  • [Place] Debt Introduction CM Monitor 1


Installation station of CM monitor

The subway of Seoul in which CM monitor is installed is as follows.

Line 5 Koto / Light Gate / Kimi / Kimi / Yeouido / Nagato Palace Office / Kotori / Kushiro 3 town / Chito / pore / coffinji 4 towns
Line 6 Vicing / Saiai / Youncine
Section 7 Digital entrance / constant speed terminal / Kayama Digital housing / Gangnam-ku Nowon / Non Hyun / Oyabayashi / Kamogumi / Kidso Park / Iron Mountain
Line 8
Barb / Japan


Korea Station Subway Advertising Cost Expense

A particularly popular station,7 Donori Station, 7 Non-Hyun Station, 7 Gangnam Ward Agency Station, 5 Utai Station!

If you issue Senior Advertising around the Idol Office, the idol person may take a certificate shot and raise it to SNS♡

 Korea Station Subway Advertising Cost Expense

B.I. G Gonmin

Let's decide in advance that you want to give advertising! ^ ^



I think everyone is priced!

The price of CM monitor isIt is 1 month 88,000 yen (tax included).

The market values ​​for other Korean subway advertising media are as follows.

Media name Market price (1 month)
CM monitor 88,000 yen
Wide ad
About 300,000 yen to about 500,000 yen
Lightbox ad
About 100,000 yen
DID advertisement
About 200,000 to 300,000 yen
LED monitor ad
About 300,000 yen

Because CM monitor is relatively low in subway advertising,There are many people who often publish Senile Ads♪

If you want to know more about other media, please see this article.

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Flow up to a part

The flow until you issue Senior Advertising is as follows. Korea Station Subway Advertising Cost Expense

If you want to issue Senior Advertising for the first time, we will support smoothly!

Please feel free to contact us first ^ ^



How was it?

This time we introduced the Korean Subway Advertising CM Monitor in detail!

Please refer to the Senior Advertising in Korea.♪


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