Korean Cup Holder production agent! Introduce expenses and types [Senior Advertising Agency JAPAN]



In Korea, it is a mainstream cup holder event, but recently, a fan of cup holder events has been increasing in Japan.

So this time, Senior Ads Agency JAPAN doesI will introduce the price, delivery date, service content, etc. of cup holder production!

Cup holder type

We handle itCup holder type and sizeI will explain about it.


Air holder

Cup holder Senior Advertising agency Korea

EverybodyAir holderWe handle.

The air holder is cute and decorating and decorating photos is also popular♪

SizeIt is two types: 92/98 pie.
Korean Cup Holder Agent



Cup type holder

Cup cup holder

We also handle recently popular cup holder ^ ^

Size92 pie and 98 pieis!

Since the handling size is different depending on the cafe, let's check in advance!


case study

We will introduce some cases of cup holder production!


Niziu Mayuka

Cup holder Korea agency

Niziu MayukaHappy birthday memorial
  • [Period period] Tokyo / Osaka / Fukuoka / Seoul
  • [Production period] about one month
  • 【Performance date】 Mid in mid November
  • [Order number] 500 pieces




Senior Advertising Cup Holder Korea
Enhypen Debut Commemoration
  • [Period period] Tokyo / Osaka
  • [Production period] about one month
  • 【Performance date】 11. December
  • [Number of orders] 1000 pieces




Senior Advertising Cup Holder Korea Agent
EXO Chanyol your birthday memorial
  • [Period period] Tokyo / Osaka / Miyagi / Fukushima / Fukuoka
  • [Production period] about one month
  • 【Performance day】 Late in November
  • [Order number] 500 pieces



Senior Advertising Cup Holder Korea Agent


VICTON Debut 4th Anniversary
  • [Period period] Aichi
  • [Production period] about one month
  • 【Performance date】 Mid in mid November
  • [Order number] 500 pieces


Design production agent

Cup holder design agency Korea

"It is difficult to design with an individual", and our designer will have a design production agent!

Design along the completed image of the customer♪


Notes on requesting a substitute production
  • In the design production period3 to 5 business daysIt takes, so please apply for time.
  • Material used isHigh qualityPlease prepare.
  • Image of idolI got permission from an idol affiliation officePlease use.
  • Design correctionUp to 2 timesIt is.


Notes on creating design with individuals
  • Please produce along the specified Illustrator template.
  • Completed dataAI data or PSD dataPlease send it.

Price and delivery period

I would like to explain the price and delivery period.
The price is as follows.
Number plan price(tax included)
500 Normal 29,700 yen
Express 54,450 yen
1000 pieces Normal 44,550 yen
Express 76,450 yen
1500 Normal 61,600 yen
Express 100,650 yen
2000 pieces Normal 79,200 yen
Express 125,950 yen
  • · Normal plan: about one month
  • · Limited express plan: about 2 weeks

    It is an estate period until delivery after submission to a printing company.

    "There is no time to the event implementation!"Limited Express Plan (about 14th)It is recommended♪


    Delivery notes
    • The delivery period of the notation is a guide,Depending on the delay of logistics, delivery may be delayed.


    Contact-Flow to Delivery

    The flow from the inquiry to the delivery is as follows.

    STEP 1

    First of all, please check the flow of LINE's conversation type automatic chat!
    If you have any other questions, please contact us.

    * Saturdays and Sundays and holidays are closed.

    STEP 2
    Form input
    If ordering, please enter the required items for the application form.
    Apply form
    STEP 3
    I will settle at the site.
    Purchase the product
    STEP 4
    Design production
    We will produce design in line with your request.
    If you do design production by an individual, please produce along the specified template.
    About design production
    STEP 5
    Enter a print company
    We will join a printing company.
    Please note that you can not change the design after youth.
    STEP 6
    delivery of materials
    We will deliver to the designated address by the delivery date.


    Senior Advertising Agency JAPAN Strengths

    We will introduce the strength of Senior Ads Agency Japan!


    1. Every month of every month

    Thanks to youI support you a few 10 senile ads every month ^ ^

    In addition, we specialize in idol ads, so we will respond to various worries about Sendai Advertising!

     Senior Advertising Cup Holder Agency Cost Korea

    Since we support many social advertisements, please leave the Senior Ad-Agency JAPAN with peace of mind if you say "Senior Advertising is the first time"!


    2. Deliverable in the shortest 14 days

    Please contact us from those who say that there is no time to the Cup Holder Event!

    It will be delivered for about one month after orders,The shortest approximately 14 days if it is a super limited express planCan be delivered!

    If you say "I'm not going to give up and give up ...", please contact us once again ^ ^


    3. Japan-Korea compatible


    Korean Cup Holder Agency Cost

    As Korean staff are resident, weContact with Korean cafes and printing companies, create design production in Korean, and Japan and Korea translation!

    Even if Korean is uneasy, we will support Senior ads with confidence!


    4. Other media are also possible

    Besides the cup holder,Street Vision Advertising, Traffic Advertising, such as Buses and Stations, SNS AdvertisingCorresponds to various Senior Sendai Ads!


    Senior Advertising Agency Cup Holder Senior Advertising Agency JAPAN

    I want to advertise Senior in addition to the cup holder! Please feel free to contact us if you♪

    As the media handling is introduced in this article, please see!

    ➡︎【Senior Ads Agency Japan】 Japan · Korean Idol Support Advertising Specialist




    Is it possible to order only 100 pieces?
    A. no. Order is 500 units.
    Is it possible to make 1000 pieces of 500 pieces for two types of design?
    A.Is possible. However, the price will be price x 2 at 500 pieces.
    Can I divide 500 pieces by 250 and deliver to another place?
    A.Because it is 500 pieces of 1 box, it can not be divided by 250.

    Leave the Senior Ads Agency Japan!

    Senior Advertising Agency JAPAN

    Please leave the cup holder production to Senior JAPAN ^ ^

    First of all, please feel free to contact LINE!

    When registering the official line of Senior Ads Agency JAPAN,Automatic response chat solutions will be solved about your support ads!

    Of course chat to the staffIt is safe to consult with the phone♪

    Consultation-Media Arrangement-Design Production-Admain Report Only LINE can be completed!

    First of all, please register your LINE friend ^ ^

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