How do you watch Senior Advertising / Support Advertising with Insta? Introducing the case or how to see it again!

センイル広告 インスタ 見たい 見る方法


Recently, the number of fans who advertise Senil on Instagram has increased.♪

But isn't there a lot of people who want to see Senil ads on Instagram but don't flow!

So this timeHow to see Senil ads on InstagramI will explain in detail!



Senil advertisements on Instagram are increasing rapidly!

Instagram advertisement

Senil advertisements that support idols are common in Korea, but recently many fans have also seen Senil ads.

If you want to know more about Senil ad, please see this article first.

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And what is particularly increasing recently is Senil advertisement on Instagram!

How to see Senil advertising Instagram

Because of the goodness of cospa that can be transmitted all over the world at a low price, more and more fans are issuing Senil ads on Instagram!


case study

What are the Senil ads using Instagram?

Here are some examples!


Senil advertising Instagram

Story advertising

TWICE Chae Young

Senil advertising Instagram
Story advertising

EXO Beckyung

Senil advertising Instagram
Photo advertisement

Red Velvet Joy


Story advertising (video)


How to see Senil ads on Instagram?

I think there are many people who say, "I want to see Senil advertising but it doesn't flow!"

That should be it,There seems to be no way to see a specific ad. 。 。

but,How to increase the probability of displaying Senil adsThere is, so I would like to introduce it!

  1. nice! / Follow / hashtag search
  2. Ask your acquaintance to share
  3. Search for advertiser accounts

I would like to explain each method in detail.


1. Good! / Follow / hashtag search

How to see Senil advertising Instagram

The advertisement is described on the Instagram official website as follows.

How to see Senil advertising Story Instagram

According to the official websiteFlowing randomly according to the interests of the userIt seems to be like that.

SoFind out the idols of the Senil advertisement you want to see and like it! By pressingI was recognized that I was interested in it,The possibility of relevant advertisements increasesabout it.


2. Ask your acquaintance to share

This method isOnly if you have an acquaintanceYou can do it.

For Instagram adsShare functionYou can share it to an acquaintance from there.

How to see Senil advertising Instagram

If you have a friend who says "I saw Senil Advertising!"♪


3. Search for advertiser accounts

Next is the method using Twitter.

First, you can search for the following keywords on Twitter to see prior notice of Senil ads and Senil ads seen by other users.

Search keyword

  • (Idol name) Senil advertising Instagram
  • Instagram Birthday Ads

It seems that there are many overseas people who release Instagram ads, so we recommend searching in English.


 Next, if you search for the "Instagram Account Name of the Advertiser's Instagram Account", you may be posting Senil advertisements in stories.

In addition, other users who have seen Senil advertisements may be spreading on Twitter, and you can search for the advertiser's account on Instagram!

How to see how to see Senil advertising Instagram

It is a steady task, but it seems that the current situation can only be seen in this way if advertisement does not flow.


How to see the same advertisement again

Isn't there a case where you want to see the Senil advertisement you've seen once again!

In that case,Advertising activityYou can see the advertisements that you browed in the past!

From the Instagram settings① Advertising → ② Advertising activityLet's check.

How to see Senil advertising Instagram

Advertising activities only show ads clicked on ads.

If Senil ads flowBe sure to click on the details of the ad!



How was it?

This time, we introduced some ways to see Senil advertisements on Instagram!

Try various methods and enjoy the Senil advertising tour on Instagram♪

If you want to get Senil advertising yourself, please see this article!

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