Finally, the "Korean style" age is abolished! Is it unified to "full age" and rejuvenates up to 2 years old? ! Explain the complex "three age" of Korea in 1 minute! What is the impact on the people?

ついに「韓国式」年齢が廃止へ!「満年齢」に統一され最大2歳若返る?! 韓国の複雑な”3つの年齢”を1分で解説!国民への影響は?

Korea is said to be a society that values ​​age in particular!

The age count is unique, and when you go to Korea or talk about your age with your friends, you may be older than Japan and have experienced confusion.

But recentlyIn Korea, how to count age is changing to world standards, and it is now a hot topic (° _ °)

This time, complicatedEliminate Korean age circumstancesExplains what changes will occur in Korea in the futureI will like to try♪

1. "How old are you in Korea?" Explain how to count on Korea's current age!


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In Korea next door, unlike Japan, the current age is all about how much.ThreeIt is said that there is also!

Let's take a look at what differences each are♪

① ① 이 (Senunnai, Korean style)


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When asked about the age of the age that is most commonly used in Korea, everyone will answer at this age!​​

In Japan and even now, it is a count that is still used as a "counting year"

Based on the idea that "life has been raised since I was in my mother's stomach"

The moment of birth is considered one year old.​​

  • When I was born → 1 year old
  • New Year (January 1st) → + 1 year old


How old are you in Korea now?  

☆If this year's birthday is not+2 years old for the current agedo

 (Example) The age of "now" is 20 years old → Currently 22 years old in Korea

 "Now" 18 years old → 20 years old in Korea, so it is already considered an adult!

☆If you are already welcoming this year's birthday, at that age+1 years old


② 만 나 (Mannai)

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this isHow to count the same as JapanSo, so -called"Full age"I am referring to.

Infants under 1 year old are counted as ◯ months

How to count in tax, medical care, welfare, etc.♪

  • When I was born → 0 years old
  • Birthday → + 1 year old


③ 연 (Yon Nai)

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This is how old you will be this year.

This yearfromBorn yearIf you draw, you can easily calculate!

In today's Korea, the age of enlisting, the age of buying alcohol and cigarettes,The age of entering elementary and junior high schools, etc.

It seems to be used to unify♪

  • When I was born → 0 years old
  • New Year (January 1st) → + 1 year old


In this way, in Korean society, three ages are sometimes and in some cases.It is said that you use it properly!

It feels difficult just to know how to count the age, but when you use it properly

It's very complicated> <

Therefore, in Korea, in order to avoid confusion by age,

Especially complicatedEliminate the age system of "Korean style" (how to count in ① above) and "See how to count

I want you to fix it. "​​​​

Finally, the movement to review the age systemIn the President of Yoon

To startIt ’s♪

2. To the abolition of the "Korean style" age by the President Yun! How will it change?

In December 2022, a bill to finally review the age system in the Korean DietIt was passed♪ 

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 actually,From the time of the presidential candidate, he promised to "implement Korean -style age abolition"

Current Korean presidentYoon Sogyolpresident

As President Yoon's promise, the long -standing voice of the people will be reflected.The Korean people are already in favor of the moodIt is said that it is ^^

The following is a simple summary of the amendments that have passed in the Korean parliament this time.

☆"Korean style age" 세 이 (SenunnaiHow to count Korean age ①) The abolition of)

☆In the scene where "Korean style age" was used so far, it is widely used"Full age" 만 (Mannai ・How to count Korean age ②To use

☆The age notation of infants under 1 year old is unified to "1 to 12 months of birth"

☆연 (Yon Nai ・How to count Korean age ③) Is used as it is at this time

→ Depending on future public opinion, it may be unified to a full age

☆June 2023 -Enforcement

Let's take a look at what impacts are expected in Korea in the future.♪ 

3. Change to the "full age" system and have the impact on the Korean people?

 In Korea, there are already voices of joy, saying, "It's no longer complicated!"

I'm up, butApparently it is not just the part that is improvedLike (;;)

For example, let's look at what is there!

Expected improvements


① The part that has been ambiguous in the age notation is improved   

 (Example) Age notation of drug usage and dosage

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        ageMore than 30 years old
        Under 12 years old20ml


          Until now,The line is ambiguous whether it is full age or Korean style age depending on the medicine

          → The age of everyday life isFull ageYou don't get lost because it becomes


          (2) Because there are many countries that use the full age worldwide, there is no gap with other countries.

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          Expected concerns


          ① Age gaps come out among classmates

          The age of enrolling in school연 (Yong Nai, how old will you be this year)?To be

          Hasasa, who will have a birthday among classmatesThere is a difference in ageThere is a possibility that the problem occursIt can be thought> <

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          This is in KoreaThe tendency that emphasizes ageIt can be said that it is a problem that comes up because of the existence.

          In Japan, I don't think that my classmates who celebrated their birthday earlier are "older"!

          However, in Korea, almost everyday friends are almost always "OnniOppa""

          Despite being a classmate, be aware of the ageIsn't the calling apart?

          There is concern about the problem!

          Expected improvements

          4. Summary

          Something so farI felt inconvenientKorean style ageIs abolished> <

          It seems to be a nice news for Koreans who have counted more age than in other countries,

          Because it is a Korean society that values ​​age and hierarchical relationships, what kind of changes will actually occur in society?

          This year'sAfter JuneExpect♪

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