Discover BTS and NCT specification hotels!? What was your impression of staying? Let's stay in a recommended room surrounded by the push!


Speaking of Korean artists, we often hold concerts overseas not only in Korea, but also in Japan and the United States.♪

At the time of overseas contests, many people have heard the word "global package" and "theme room"!

With the package tours and hotel rooms prepared for overseas fans, you can further improve the enhancement of the activity ^^

This time, we will introduce the global package and theme room unique to overseas con!

Let's take a look at what kind of group it was held in the past, the contents of the package tour and the actual theme room.♪

In addition, we will also take up the trendy “recommended rooms”, so I want to enjoy more activities! It is a must -see!

Special specifications only for overseas con! What are global packages and theme rooms?

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Do you know the words "global package" and "theme room"?

Global package, commonly known as "Glopa", is a package tour for SM Entertainment artists overseas, issued by a travel agency called SM Town Travel ^^

It is a tour that overseas fans including Japan can secure tickets and hotels for overseas performances such as Korea on regular routes.♪

Basically, there is a pick -up and drop -off from the hotel to the concert venue, so even those who do not have a sense of land can go to overseas concerts with confidence!

The biggest attraction of Glopa is to choose a package with a theme room, so that you can stay in a hotel room with an artist specification!

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SM Entertainment has adopted Glopa since 2012 and has been entertained for fans who participate in overseas performances.♪

There are about 20,000 Glopa users from 30 countries worldwide every year!

Recently, BTS has been a hot topic by incorporating a "theme room" in the hotel with the event in Las Vegas and Busan!

It's like a dream to go to a favorite artist's concert and stay in a room surrounded by pushing ^^

This time, we will approach the charm of Glopa and theme rooms that can only be participated in overseas performances!

What are the global packages and theme rooms?Let's take a look!

Which group did you hold a global package/theme room?

Dong Bang Shin Ki

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First of all, we introduce the contents of the Glopa content of Dong Bang Shin Ki.♪

  • ・ Ticket price
  • ・ Accommodation expenses
  • ・ Round -trip transfer fee to the venue
  • ・ Snack/lunch
  • ・ Preliminary reception service for goods
  • ・ Global package tour limited souvenir

It may vary depending on the year, place, and package grade, but basically the above contents are included in Glopa ^^

It's easy to understand if you think of it as a package tour with a concert ticket.♪

Since there is a transfer to the venue, it is safe even in unknown lands.

The real pleasure of Glopa is sloppy! Stay in the "Dong Bang Shin Ki -specification hotel room" and get "Glopa -only Dong Bang Shin Ki goods"!

Here is the room of Glopa premium package!

"Dong Bang Shin Ki Room" with cushions, slippers, towels, etc. from the bed cover, "The tension has risen considerably!""

You can take all of these!

In addition, there are plenty of pens, stands, autographed souvenirs.♪

Limited goods are different every time, and there were years when I got a passport case ^^

It's a wonderful package tour that makes you excited every time you stay!


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Also the Glopa content of SM Entertainment artist SUPER JUNIOR!

  • ・ Ticket price
  • ・ Accommodation expenses
  • ・ Round -trip transfer fee to the venue
  • ・ Snack/lunch
  • ・ Global package tour limited souvenir

Glopa of the tour "SUPER SHOW 9: ROAD", which has been held since June 2022, contained the above contents!

The room to stay is also "SUPER JUNIOR Room" ^^

All can be taken home as a souvenir, such as a bed cover or pillow cover with the logo of this tour♪

In addition, depending on the ring set and package grade, you can get a limited souvenir of moodlights!

Limited goods are irresistible as a fan ^^


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  • ・ Ticket price
  • ・ Accommodation expenses
  • ・ Round -trip transfer fee to the venue
  • ・ Snack/lunch
  • ・ Preliminary reception service for goods
  • ・ Global package tour limited souvenir

Basically, it has the same benefits as other artists ^^

This is the room with a premium package with a theme room!

The whole room is full of EXO♪

It seems that limited items for moodlights and necklaces were also prepared ^^

Don't miss the room tour by the fans!


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BTS will hold an urban concert play park "THE CITY" at the concert "Permission to Dance on STAGE -LAS VEGAS" held last April!

I was surprised at the fans by preparing various events everywhere in the city, involving the entire city of Las Vegas!

One of the first events of "The City" held this time was the "BTS theme room" at 11 hotels!

The BTS theme room does not include ticket costs, but it is a topic among fans because of its high satisfaction!

When I entered the room, it seems that the BTS handwritten welcome message card, door hanger, and photo card welcomed me.♪

In addition to limited goods that only those who stayed in the theme room are available, goods for decorating the theme room have been sold!

In addition, the theme room is also prepared in the concert "YET TO COME IN BUSAN"!

In addition to the limited photo card, the benefits were gradually different depending on the hotel, and the Marriott Hotel had a cover with a concert logo.♪

The cover of "purple", which has a lot of feelings for fans, is cute ^^

In the Grand Korean Hotel, pillows and poncho with logo, bath salt and purple shampoo!

Not only will you go to the concert, but if you use it to the hotel room, the tension will rise alone!

It's worth staying!It was a theme room that made the fans delighted♪


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  • ・ Ticket price
  • ・ Accommodation expenses
  • ・ Round -trip transfer fee to the venue
  • ・ Snack/lunch
  • ・ Preliminary reception service for goods
  • ・ Global package tour limited souvenir

NCT127, which performed the world tour, also incorporates Glopa ^^

In the room of the tour motif, you will be excited just by looking at it!

Even those who actually stayedIt's too fun"It seems that the theme room was enjoyed!

The ring necklace and hoodie were souvenirs♪

moreover! There is a letter paper in the Glopa room, so you can send a letter to the recommendation!

If you are lucky, your letter may be posted on the authentication shot ^^


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  • ・ Ticket price
  • ・ Accommodation expenses
  • ・ Round -trip transfer fee to the venue
  • ・ Snack/lunch
  • ・ Preliminary reception service for goods
  • ・ Global package tour limited souvenir

NCT Dream's Glopa is the same as other SM artists♪

The theme room filled with the tour logo will always increase the tension ^^

In this NCT DREAM Glopa, Acusters, posters, folder mask traps, etc. were also available!

Glopa is also sold at concerts in Jakarta, Bangkok, and Hong Kong.♪

A happy space full of recommendations! Let's stay in the recommended room♪

In the gloper and theme room introduced this time, it seems that many fans were happy in the space surrounded by the push ^^

In fact, it is not only Korean artists that incorporate "push rooms"!

Did you know that you have a room for the baseball team, Yomiuri Giants you know?

From March 31 this year, the "Giants Collaboration Room" will open at Tokyo Dome Hotel.♪

In the room, there are "HERO Interview Back" inspired by the background board of the post -game interview, and "stadium lockers" inspired by players lockers!

In addition, there is a photo spot in a room for female fans where you can take pictures by decorating the uniforms and towels of the recommended players!

It seems that it is a room with a lot of fun to tickle the fan heart.♪

In this way, as part of the recommended activity, the "recommended room" is spreading ^^

If you are a fan saying "There is no theme room to push ...", why not make a "own push room"?

Many fans are enjoying the recommended Senil Party at the hotel, not just when staying at the hotel on an expedition to a concert.♪

This is the state of BTS Gin's Senil Party!

You are decorating the RJ of BT21 and Jin's slogan♪

If there are many recommended goods, the tension will rise!

ASTRO Chanu's recommended room!

Celebration of Senil and many balloons and custom -made cakes are prepared♪ 

Goods, balloons, cakes, cup holders, etc. ... it's exciting just thinking about preparing ^^

Depending on the idea, there is a pleasure to come true in any recommended room.♪

Why don't you enrich your activities even more in the happy space surrounded by the recommendation?


This time, we introduced the global package and theme room unique to overseas concerts.♪

If it is a package tour, it will be easier for those who want to go to an overseas concert alone! "I'm worried about overseas but I want to go to a concert!"

Luxurious limited goods and the theme room of pushing will increase tension.♪

If you don't have a theme room, make sure you make a room full of your own ideas!

Even on days when there are no concerts or events, there are various ways of staying in a room with fans, celebrating Senles and debuts at the hotel, and enjoying a variety of ways!

Let's create a room full of originality and make it even more exciting.♪

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