Can individuals give Senil/support ads? ! Introducing the advertising media that can be issued by individuals/organizations and the flow to the publication♪


I want to give a recommended Senil/support advertisement, but can I get it alone?

Isn't it expensive to advertise alone?

I think many people are wondering!

In fact, most media, such as Times Square, Japan Street Vision, and Korean Transportation Advertisements, can release Senil/support advertisements!

In addition, depending on the advertising medium, it is possible to release Senil and support advertisement relatively low!

So this time

"I want to give Senil / support advertisements, but I haven't given it yet."

I want to give Senil and support advertisements individually! "

To that personIntroducing Senil and support advertisements that can be issued by individuals and organizations♪

Everyone will give you a recommended Senil / support advertisement to excite your activities (^○^)

About Senil/Support advertisements that can be issued by individuals/organizations

From now on, we will introduce Senil and support advertisements that can be issued by individuals or organizations!

Let's make more excitement by referring to this article.♪

Times Square

The first medium to be introduced is the symbol in New York."Times Square" is!

When asked, "You can advertise in Times Square," at firstCan you really do that? !」「The cost is too high! ?There are images and questions like that.

If you imagine "Times Square", the scale may be too large and hesitant, but even if you live in Japan, you will be able to issue the "Times Square" Senil and support advertisements by individuals. (^○^)

This is a Senil and support advertisement at Times Square that was actually issued at Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN!

In this way, you can issue Senil and support advertisements with individuals and organizations with the powerful "Times Square".♪

The cost of posting advertisements in Times Square is

It usually costs about 500,000 yen to 2.5 million yen,

Because we have a special contract,

About 360,000 yenYou can do it!

It depends on the medium, period, etc., so please contact us for details ^ ^

This article contains more detailed information about Times Square, so if you are interested,Hereplease look at!

Korean Subway / Bus Advertising

The second advertising medium is"Korean Subway / Bus Advertising" is!

This is a very popular advertising medium for those who like K-POP.♪

I want you to take a certified shot!

I want to release Senl and support advertisements near the recommended office!

It is highly recommended for those who like (^○^)

Korean subway advertisement

This is a subway advertisement in Korea that was actually issued at Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN!

The most popular Korean subway advertisementCM monitorIs an advertising medium that is noticeable to many people because it has excellent impact and very beautiful images.♪

Korean bus advertisement

This is a Senil / support advertisement issued at a Korean bus stop!

J HOPE's Senil advertisement isBass shelter near HYBE It was issued in♪

In addition, actor Choi Ushik's Senil advertisement, who has appeared in very popular works in Japan, such as "Parasite semi -basement family" and "We are that year",He took a certification shot on his Instagram! !

In this way, if you issue Senil and support advertisements at the Korean subway / bus stop, "Authentication shot"" "

There are many types of Korean subway advertisements, and the costs vary from medium to detail.Hereplease look at!

In addition, the price of the Korean bus stop notice is

It depends on the location, but in one frame (2 sides)Approximately 60,000 yen ~ 400,000 yenis.

The detailed media information of the Korean bus stop advertisement isHereplease look at!

Why don't you celebrate your birthdays and anniversaries in Korea with individuals and organizations (^○^).

Japan Street Vision

The third media introduced is"Japan Street Vision" is!

Even in Japan, you can issue sensory and support advertisements such as Japanese artists, YouTuber, and K-POP idols.♪

In addition, in Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN, advertising can be issued at street visions around the country.I want to celebrate at my hometown!」「I want to deliver Senl and support advertisements to fans nationwide!It is also recommended for those who say (^○^)

Which medium should I put out?If you are worried, please feel free to contact us for free consultation on LINE (^○^).

This is a Senil / support advertisement at the Japanese street vision that was actually issued at Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN!

This is,The most popular street vision "Tokyo / Unica Vision"BE: FIRST Junon -kun's Senil advertisement!

There are many people, and you can broadcast powerful images on a large screen, so the impact is also outstanding.♪

This is a cheering advertisement issued at "Tokyo Unica Vision" to commemorate TWICE's two years of Tokyo Dome performance!

In addition to Senil ads to celebrate your birthday, you can also advertise support for performance commemorations and debut commemorations.♪

This is a support advertisement to celebrate SHINee's Kamba from the streets of Hokkaido, Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka!

in this way,You can issue cheering ads simultaneously all over the country♪

You can have people all over the country celebrate the commemorative commemorative (^○^)

The cost of the Japanese street vision varies depending on the location, so for detailsHereplease look at!

Cup holder

The fourth one is"Cup holder"is!

Some people say, "I've been to a cup holder event"?

At Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN, you can request from cup holder production to design.

Cup holder events are popular, and the number of cafes that can be held in Japan is increasing!

again,The group can plan and hold a cup holder event as well as individuals.♪

It is very nice to hold an event that will be pleased for those who are supporting the same push as you, and as a community place, you will be able to enliven your birthday (^O^).

Here is the production price of the cup holder.

In addition, in the futureProduction support even from 100 unitsintend to do something.

In addition, if you are "difficult to design by individual", our designer will perform design production!

Designed according to the completion image you want♪

the price is11,000 yen (tax included)is.

For more information,Hereplease look at!

SNS advertising

The last advertisement is"SNS advertisement"is!

There are four types of SNS advertisements: Instagram, Twitter advertising, YouTube advertising, and KakaoTalk advertisements.

Compared to the advertising media introduced so farRelatively cheapIt is a particularly popular advertising medium recently because it can release Senil and support advertisements.♪

Instagram advertisement

If you are using Instagram, do you ever see idols or YouTuber ads?

Recently, many people who support idols and YouTuber have launched Senil and support advertisements using Instagram.♪

Even in situations where it is difficult to go directly to advertisements in various places, I am very happy to be able to see various Senil and support ads directly ^^.

The price is from 15,000 yenAnd it is very popular because anyone can easily advertise.♪

For more information about Instagram ads,Hereplease look at.



Twitter advertisement

Did you know that Twitter can give Senil and support ads?

If you advertise on Twitter that every idol fan uses, you can have many fans see Senil advertisements (^o^).

The price is from 15,000 yenIt is very cheap, and it is recommended because anyone can easily advertise.♪

For more information about Twitter advertising,Hereplease look at.

YouTube advertisement

When you look at YouTube, have you ever been an idol advertisement between the video?

Now the number of people who use YouTube to release Senil and support advertisements is increasing!

YouTuber is being pushed up! It is also highly recommended for those who♪

In addition, the number of users on YouTube is overwhelmingly larger than Instagram advertisements, and it is characterized by a detailed targeting!

If you do detailed targeting, it will be easier for users (fans) who are interested in Senil and support advertisements.

The price is 30,000 yen ~And surprisingly cheap♪

For more information about YouTube advertising,Hereplease look at.

KakaoTalk advertisement

Did you know that all Koreans can give Senil and support ads even in cocoa talks used by Koreans?

If you are lucky, you can see the idol himself!

It is becoming more popular in Korea with a stylish style that is not like an ad.♪

The price is 110,000 yen (excluding tax) ~It will be.

For more information about KakaoTalk advertising,Hereplease look at.


About Senil / support advertising that can be issued only by groups

From now on, we will introduce Senil and support advertisements that can be served only by groups!

Why don't you work together with fans who support the same push to enliven your birthdays and anniversaries together? (^○^)

Japanese traffic advertising

Nippon Traffic Advertising is a poster advertisement and digital signage that can be served mainly in the station premises.

Nippon Kotsu advertisements cannot be issued by individuals,Only in groupsIt is possible to put it out!

However, even in groups, Japanese traffic advertising is strictly screened, and it is often caught in advertising design screening.

In particular, if you are not particular about Nippon Traffic Advertising, we recommend Japan Street Vision and Korean traffic advertising.

The price depends on the type and location of the ad, so for detailed information.Hereplease look at!

This is to support Mr. Takumi Ozaki, who had appeared in PRODUCE101JAPAN2 in the past.Get out at Ikebukuro StationIt is a support advertisement!

This is a Senil advertisement from Osaka Umeda Station to celebrate the birthday of Yuta Nakamoto, a Japanese member who belongs to NCT127 in the past!

Flow to advertising

When you make Senil / support ads, you may feel uneasy, "Is it okay to use the idol image without permission?"

First of all, when issuing Senil / Supporting adsBe sure to submit an advertisement application to your idol or YouTuber's office

Also, depending on the advertising medium, you may not be able to broadcast the ad without a license certificate from your office.

On the other hand, there are advertising media that can be published without a license certificate from your office.

that is,

  • Korean traffic advertising
  • Instagram advertisement
  • YouTube advertisement
  • Japan Street Vision (part)
  • Cup holder

These advertisements can be advertised without submitting a license application from your office.

Street vision may require a license certificate depending on the medium.

However,Even if you do not need to submit a license applicationBe sure to apply for advertising such as "advertising" or "We will carry out an event" to your office.

and,An advertising medium that requires a license from your office

  • Japan domestic traffic advertising 


Japanese traffic advertisements are strict,All materials used for Senil advertisements must be obtained from their office.

If you want to know more information and email example sentences when granting your office.Hereplease look at!

The flow to the Senil / support advertising broadcast is as follows.

First of all, please feel free to contact us on LINE!
Media arrangement & settlement
Once the medium is decided, we will make a payment.
Advertising production
Create advertising designs and images.
Advertising material examination
The media will be judged if the advertisement can be broadcast.
Start of advertising
If you receive the screening, you will start advertising on the specified date!

I want to give Senil advertisements in individuals and organizations!

I want to put it out alone, but I'm still worried ...

For those who say, we have a free consultation on the official LINE of Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN, so please feel free to contact us!


Until now, we have introduced advertising media that can be issued by individuals and organizations. How was it?

When it comes to "Senil / support advertisements!", There are many people who think that the scale is large and cannot be put out alone, but other than Japanese traffic advertisements can be issued individually and advertising media. In some cases, you can easily advertise♪

We, Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN, will continue to support you in the future so that you can further enliven your activities (^○^).

If you think, "I want to give a Senil advertisement by one or an organization!", Please feel free to contact us for free consultation on LINE!


Leave it to Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN!

Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN

Looking at the examples introduced this time, many people may feel like "I want to release Senil!"♪

If you are worried, "I don't have the courage to give an ad ..." "Isn't it difficult to go?"

If you register the official LINE of Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN,Automatic response chat solves concerns about cheering advertising!

Of course, chatting to the staff, It is safe to consult by phone♪

You can complete only LINE, from consultation to medium arrangement -design production to advertising reports!

First of all, please register as LINE friends ^^