A person who wants to give a sensor ad in the SM! ! How do you put out? Which media do you use?


"I also want to put out the recommended idol Senior Advertising!" "What can you get a Senile Advertising from SM?" (^ ○ ^)

From now on to such a personWe will introduce the Sengail Advertising to SM♪

If you are interested in a little, please feel free to contact us at the official LINE of Senior Ads Agency JAPAN!

Let's go out of SM!

Speaking of SM entertainment, "Tohoshinki", "Girlhood", "Girlhood", "Girlhood", "Girlhood", "EXO", "NCT", etc.And there are many artists who are active in the world such as "AESPA"!

Also, recentlyThe company has been transferred to "Holy Water Support" for the first time in 20 years♪

There are subway, bus stop, convenience store, café, etc. around the new office, and you can give idol Senior Advertising on a variety of advertising media!

Therefore, this time, we will introduce the benefits of issuing Senile ads around the SM (^ ○ ^)


What is the benefit of issuing Senior Advertising around SM?

If you want to get a Senior Advertising, I would like to see the idol.♪

If you are pushing the idol that belongs to SM, you will spread the opportunity to visit the office by issuing SM Office, and you will see the person who visits the office to practice!

and,"Certification Shot"The establishment of the establishment (^ ○ ^)

"Authentication shot" means briefly"Employment photo"It is.

The idols find out the Senior Senior Advertisement you are out and take pictures as evidence (^ ○ ^)

If you have your own advertisement, you will feel happy as a fan if you look at the person♪


Also, as mentioned earlier, the SM office is currently a popular tourist attraction spot in KoreaI moved near "Seoul Forest"!

for that reason,The nearest station "Seoul Forest Station" is the benefit that many people go to and have the opportunity to see the Senile ad, or the benefits to give the SM area (^ ^)

It is also nice to be a fan that you can recognize the birthday of your idol to more people♪


Recommended media

From here, we will introduce which medium to take advantage of the SM around SM.♪

There are several media that can be delivered in SM, but this time, we will introduce the "Seoul Forest Station)", "Bus Shelter", and advertisements that can be given in "Format before convenience stores"!


Subway advertisement (Seoul Forest Station)

"Subway advertisement" is an ad that is easy to stop at the eyes of people waiting for the subway and who walks on the basement.

Near the SM office,"Seoul Forest (Seoul Spo, Seoul-Forest) Stationthere is!

Because the popular attractions "Seoul Forest" is nearby

Therefore, it is recommended to give a social advertisement to "Seoul Forest Station"♪

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If you want to know more details of subway advertisement, please see here!

Bus shelter

"Bus shelter" is "Bass Stop Advertising"!

It is a large ad installed at the bus stop, and if it is illuminated, you can see beautifully at night♪

There is also a bus stop in the SM office (^ ○ ^)

 Therefore, it is a place where you are likely to find idles that you have out♪

also,Bus shelter is around 24-hour LED, located around Seoul Mori Station (^ ^)

By all means, if you are wonderful to give a Senior Advertising!

 Bus shelter around Seoul's Mori Stationimage)

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If you want to know more about bus shelters, please come here!
About bus shelter
  1. Bus shelter

In front of a convenience store

Near SM offices,"GS25"There is a convenience store called!

Therefore, it is also possible to issue a sensor advertisement before the convenience store♪

 It is characterized by the fact that the cost burden is low compared to subway advertisement and bus shelter because it can be started for 24 hours and can proceed in one week basis.


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Introduce an idol belonging to SM

SM has a lot of popular idols such as "Tohoshinki" and "Girlhood", which became a precursor of K-POP booms in Japan!

Therefore, we will introduce a little about the K-POP idol that belongs to SM♪

Please try out the SM of the K-POP idols introduced from now on in the SM (^ ○ ^)



 K-POP popular ahead star! Top class with popular power♪


Super junior

 Asian NO.1 Multi-Entertainment Group, active in each genre such as singer, talent, model, etc.!



 Take over 1 million pieces as a Korean female group in Japan! Since then, the name is also the No. 1 girls group!



 In Japan, an arena tour or a dome tour is successful, and the total number of mobilization occurs 10 million people!



 Japan Debut Single records 147,000 copies of the best first a week as a debut single of overseas artists!


Red velvet

 Japan debut in 2018 and attracts many fans with looks and singing power♪




 It is free to celebrate new members, and no new type Boys Group who does not limit the number of members!



 The debut song is just over 21 million times in only 24 hours, and a new star that shines in the first place of Youtube Worldwide sharp rise.♪



So far, I have seen what kind of Semire Advertisement I could get around SM, but how was it?

Even if you want to know information about the Senior Advertisement, I'm glad if you want to actually want to get a Senior Advertising (^ ○ ^)

From now on, through "Senior Advertising",I hope I can support the idols who belong to SM♪

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