If you want to give a Senior Advertising around Hybe, you must see! How do I issue a Senior Advertising?

HYBE 周辺にセンイル広告を出したい方必見!センイル広告を出すには?

"I also want to put out the K-POP idol Senior Advertising!""I want to see the image of the Senior Advertising I Dried♪」Some people think that they are thinking (^ ○ ^)

This time,For those who want to put out the Senior Advertising of the Artist of Hybe, such as "BTS", I would like to introduce the Senior Advertising that can be delivered near the Hybe office with the merchandise advertisement that was actually issued!


Let's go out of Senior Advertising around Hybe!

 Speaking of "Hybe", it is a Korean super famous entertainment company!

It is a company that produces K-POP idol such as "BTS" and "TXT" and "Enhypen", which everyone knows, "TXT" and "ENHYPEN" that everyone knows ^ ^

Therefore, we will introduce the benefits of issuing Senior Advertising around such HYBE offices♪

What is the benefit of issuing Senior Advertising around Hybe?

 If you give an advertisement of yourself, you want to see the ad that he made out of the ad.♪

There is a bus stop near Hybe's office.

for that reason,If you issue a Senior Advertising to Bus Shelter, it is highly established that the idol comes to the office for practicing purposes!

And not only the eyesThe probability of "Certification Shot" also increases!

"Certification Shot" is a "evidence photo" briefly.

The idols find out the Senior Senior Advertisement you are out and take pictures as evidence (^ ○ ^)

I'm very happy to see the idol that I'm pushing out, and I'm very happy to have a photo taken before it♪




Recommended media

 From here, when you actually put out a Senior Advertisement, you will be able to see more people if you take out any media, or you will be more likely to stay in the idol? I will♪

Subway advertisement (Shin-Ryuyama Station)

 "Subway advertisement" is an ad that is easy to stop at the eyes of people waiting for the subway and who walks on the subway!

Near Hybe"Shinryama Station"Because there is a nearest station, thisIt is also recommended that you issue Senior Advertising at the station♪


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Bus shelter

"Bus shelter" is "Bass Stop Advertising"!

It is a large ad installed at the bus stop, and if it is illuminated, you can see beautifully at night♪

As mentioned earlier,There is a bus stop near the office of HTBE!

 Therefore, it is a place where you are likely to find idles that you have out♪

In addition, since the bus uses more people usually, you can see more people's birthdays to the idol's birthday, and you can see more than Senior Advertising (^ ○ ^)

Besides the photos, you may be able to put your name and message, so the voices of cheering may actually reach idol ^ ^


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Cafe advertisement

"Cafe advertisement" is an advertisement that mainly puts in front of shops such as cafes!

There are many cafes near the Hybe office♪

Therefore, near Hybe, you can also issue Senior Advertising in Cafe etc. (^ ○ ^)

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Other media

 Now, in addition to recommended media introduced, the provision is a bit tough but there are various advertising media!

If you want to put out such an ad, please contact us for us♪

Road-based ad (load sign)

 Mainly, it is installed on the general road along the national road and traffic volume!

You can also install in the place where you can touch the eyes of the local people, such as the lands of the building wall and the land of the private house.

However, because the provision is severe,It can be installed on Friday-Sunday night, but it seems to be removed if it is a weekday (;;)

Therefore, it can not be recommended to be a medium that issues a sensor advertisement,By issuing Senior Advertising on the road, it is more likely to be able to see from both the vehicle and the pedestrian♪

As follows,If you put out a great evacuating Senior ad, you may see the idol in the moving car (^ ○ ^)





 "Flag Advertising" is an advertisement of flags installed equally along the road!
Because the provision is severe,It can be installed on Friday-Sunday night, but it seems to be removed if it is a weekday (;;)
Therefore, here too, it can not recommend it as a medium that issues a Senior Advertising, but I will introduce it to a reference♪

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Idol introduction to belong to HYBE

Hybe has many popular K-POP idols in Japan.

Therefore, we will introduce a little about the K-POP idol that belongs to Hybe♪

By all means, please put out the K-POP idol's Senior Advertising from the K-POP idols around Hybe (^ ○ ^)



  BTS with great success worldwide♪It is a large black column of Hybe!




TXT known as BTS's younger army! It is also expected to work in the future♪




Recently, SEVENTEEN has been attracting attention in Japan♪




The topic he is said to be a monster-class newcomer now ENHYPEN (En Hyfun)!




 So far, I have seen what kind of Senior Advertising to Hybe I could give up, but how was it?

If you think that the Senior Senior Advertising you're out will reach the idol you are supporting, you will want to support it further!

I think I'm glad that many idols also have a lot of people celebrating their birthday♪

Even if you are interested in "I want to put out Senior Advertising around Hybe!" (^ ^)

From now on, I think more people should support K-POP idol through the Senior Advertising (^ ○ ^)


Leave the Senior Ads Agency Japan!

Senior Advertising Agency JAPAN

Looking at the case introduced this time, there are many people who felt that "I also want to put out Senior Advertising!"♪

"Don't you have the courage to give advertising ..." "Do you not make it difficult?" If you are troubled, please feel free to consult with Senior Ads Agency JAPAN ^ ^

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