For those who want to advertise Instacenir! Introduce how to deliver, expenses, and flow!

センイル広告 インスタ 出す方法 出し方 費用

Senil advertising Instagram expenditure cost expenses

It is a Senil advertisement that fans give to support idols, but in recent years, more people have issued Senil ads on Instagram.

Many people see idol Senil ads on Instagram and think, "I want to give Senil!"

So this timeWhat is Senil advertising on Instagram, how to see and how to publish?I will explain in detail!




Features of Instagram x Senil advertising

 Instagram advertisement

The main features of Senil ads performed on Instagram are mainly as follows.3 pointsis.


  • Low price than other Senil ads
  • Reach to fans around the world
  • You can make detailed targeting

InstagramThe minimum fee is 100 yenThe feature is that it is easy for individuals to put out.

(However, about 20,000 yen or more is good for actually seeing many people.)

Instagram adsIt can be transmitted to people around the world and target users finelycan do.

Therefore, Instagram adsIt is a very good advertisement that can focus on idol fans around the world at a low price!


Type of Instagram advertising

What are the types of Instagram ads used in Senil ads?Mainly the following fouris.

  1. Photo advertisement
  2. Video advertising
  3. Carousel advertisement
  4. Stories advertisement

I will introduce each!

1. Photo advertising

Senil advertising Instagram

Photo ads are on feedPainting1 image + textIs an advertisement displayed.

The image size isThree types of horizontal long (1.91: 1) / square (1: 1) / vertical length (4: 5)is♪ 

2. Video advertising

Senil Advertising Instagram Louese Advertising Story

Video advertisements are on the feedVideo (within 60 seconds) + textIs an advertisement displayed.

The video also has music, soIt will be a Senil advertisement that is more attractive than images. 

3. Carousel ads

Senil Advertising Instagram Louese Advertising Story

Carousel advertisements are on feeds3 to 10 images / videos + textIs an advertisement displayed.

You can see Senil ads with various designs at once♪

4. Stories ads

Senil advertising Instagram

Everyone is the most commonStory advertisingit might be?

Story's advertisement is on the entire smartphone screenImage / videoWith an advertisementIt is characterized by the easiest to see for users!

The image is 5 seconds, the video is up to 60 seconds (divided into 15 seconds)You can flush it.


case study

What are the Senil ads using Instagram?

Here are some examples!

TWICE peach

Senil advertising Instagram
Story advertising

EXO Sefun

Instagram advertising photo advertisement


Photo advertisement

ATEEZ Honjun

Instagram advertising story costs on agency
Story advertising

JO1 Yona Castle recommendation

Story advertising (video)


How to issue Instagram ads?

The flow of publishing Instagram advertisements is as follows.

  1. Facebook for Business linkage with Instagram
  2. Advertising design production
  3. Advertising settings
  4. Material examination
  5. Submission & advertising broadcast

I would like to explain each procedure.


1. Coordinates Instagram and Facebook page

How to collaborate with Senil advertising Instagram Facebook

Instagram advertisements will be published from Facebook ads, so we will link your account.

Not a normal Facebook accountAdvertisements can be posted only on the Facebook page.

Click here for how to make Facebook page

Usually, you can hit simple ads with Facebook pages, but you can't hit high -performance ads such as detailed targeting.Most of the Facebook advertising accounts are used separately and advertising from Facebook advertising managers!

Facebook advertising manager is introduced in detail in this article.

Explain how to use Facebook Advertising Manager

2. Advertising design production

InstagramScreen sizeorAccording to the recommended sizeLet's produce advertisements.

again,The amount of letters is within 20 % of the imageLet's put it in.

3. Advertising settings

People who deliver adsTargeting for age, gender, region, interest, etc.can.

Instagram advertising Senil advertising method

If you set the budget, you can advertise within the budget during the set period.

4. Material examination

Facebook advertising guidelinesIf the content is appropriate,We will pass advertising within 24 hours.

Also, if you are worried about "Is it okay to use an idol photo without permission?"

article➡︎Does Senil advertisement require permission from an idol office? Thorough explanation of prohibited items and guidelines!

5. Submit & advertising broadcast

If you receive the material examination, you will be submitted and the ad will be broadcast during the set period.


Expenses for Instagram ads

Instagram advertising cost Senil advertising

I think it's the cost of everyone.

What is the average cost?

The cost is basicallyBroadcast periodorReach numberIt depends on each.

The period of playing Senil advertising isOnly on the day of birthday or 2-3 days before and afterIt seems that there are many people who put it out.

TypicallyThe average cost starts at about 20,000 yenSo you can reach at least hundreds of thousands of people.


Advertising expenses = not reach number!

Actually, the number of reach is not only costGood advertisingIt also changes.

If the user's response to the ad is good, Facebook ads determine that the advertisement is good and adjust to reach many people.

Some people reach 200,000 people over 20,000 yen for advertising expenses, while others reached 1.4 million.

Instagram advertising expenses

Therefore, it is alwaysAmount = not reach numberBe careful.

To have as many people as possible, make a design -free design that attracts users.♪


What are the advantages and disadvantages of advertising on your own?

Make sure you understand the advantages and disadvantages of issuing Senil ads on Instagram.


First of all, the merit of doing it individuallyCosts can be reduced cheaplyThat is.

Since there is no agency fee, it costs only for advertising expenses.

Instagram advertising costs How to see


There is also a disadvantage of advertising by individual.

First, when you try to advertise yourself,You have to create an advertising design yourself.

For those who are not good at working on a personal computer, it may feel a lot of work.

Instagram advertisement agency to see how to see

again,Facebook page must be opened instead of Facebook personal account.

If you try to advertise on your own, there are disadvantages that you will have a lot of troublesome tasks.Let's understand that.


Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN will operate Instagram!

Instagram ads can be done individually,You have to create a Facebook advertising manager account, and you may feel a very troublesome task.

If you have difficulty operating by individuals,Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN will act on Instagram advertising!

Senil advertising Instagram agency

The Instagram operation agency we are doing is30,000 yen / 50,000 yen / 70,000 yen / 100,000 yenThere is a planDepending on the cost, you can increase the broadcast period and distribution countries!

How to pay for Instagram advertisements

Because the cospa is very good, the number of people who advertise Senil on Instagram has increased recently ^^♪

* Please note that the account for using the advertisement will be performed from the Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN account.

If you register the official LINE of Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN,Automatic response chat solves concerns about cheering advertising!

Of course, chatting to the staff, It is safe to consult on the phone♪

You can complete LINE only from consultation -medium arrangement -design production to advertising reports!

First of all, please register as a LINE friend ^^