Lightbox ads that can be cheap in South Korea Subway and Senior Advertising / Support Advertising! Thorough explanation to prices, stations and submission methods!

韓国地下鉄広告 費用 場所 価格 代行 ライトボックス

Recently, it is a Senior advertisement that came to see a lot in Japan, but I think that there are many people who say "Senior Advertising in Korea, which is recommended!"

The popular Korean subway media is an ad medium installed at the station home called Light Box.

This time,About the popular light box in the subway advertisement,Seoul installation station from basic informationcostAdvertising methodWe explained to thoroughly! !



What is the light box ad?

We will introduce the basic information of light box ads and other Korean subway advertising media!


Basic information of light box

About the light box is an ad installed at the station homeAnd is an advertising medium such as wide ads and poster ads.

KindTwo types of general types and composite typesI have.

General types are nearly square, but the complex type is a horizontal format that comes with a TV monitor. (TV monitor and write box separate sell)

feature It is installed at the position of the line of sight of the station home
Printed matter (LED lighting)
[General type] 150 cm * 162 cm [Combined type] 150 cm * 120 cm 
Post period Contract in units of one month


Other Korean Subway Advertising Types

What kind of medium other than light boxes are in Korea subway? There should be many people who do not know.

Station advertisement other than light boxCM Monitor Poster Advertising / Wide Advertising, DID Advertising, LED Large Monitor Advertising, etc.There are various things.

Korea Station Subway Advertising Cost Expense

There are many media,Among them is a light box that is popular!

See here for other media articles.

➡︎CM monitor

➡︎South Korea Subway Advertisement


case study

We will introduce the case of the light box!

Includes cases of other companies (persons).



ACE debut 3rd anniversary
  • [Period] 2020/5/14-6 / 13
  • [Place] Range Gangnam Ward Agency Station


Mamamoo Moonbyol

Moonbyol solo debut commemoration
  • [Period] 2018/5/23 to 6/22
  • [Location] Seventh Terminal Station Station


NCUS Sun Young

NCUS Sun Young Birthday Memorial
  • [Period] 2020/7 / 20 to 8/19
  • 【Place】 Linear Time Station



IZONE CEOON Debu Memorial
  • [Period] 2018/9/5 to 10/4
  • [Location] Lines 6 teleo station



SORN Birthday Memorial
  • 【Period】 2018/11
  • [Location] No. 7 Daiken entrance


Installation station of light box

Seoul subway in which the light box is installed is as follows.

Flowering mountain / Mta / potter / rainy mountain / Kachiyama / Shinya / Timkei / / / / 永 / 島 / エ / / / / 馬 / 峨 / / Quannal / Chido / Koto / Koto / Kubundari / Minister / Komoku / Tombi / Olympic Park / Pakai / Zhuhi / Keron / Gipling / Horse
Station Village / Tokpawi / Young Cinne / Kameyama / Sejeol / Chunsan / Digital Media / World Cup Stadium / Masau Masau / Telow / Yoshito / Hanji / Potigo Geo / Hakuhi / Aoi / Yue / Tsuki valley / Torgoji / Ishiishi / Tasuo Enox / Hanaruro
Porous / Taei / Tasuo Entris / Katsuhiro / Ryuman Yama / Nakatani / Kimi / Kido Park / Debt Entrance / Gangan Ward / Tsurugu / Non-Hyun / Pampo / High-speed terminal / inner / Water / Nanjo / 崇 大 / 上 / 上 / チャ / チャ / 新 / シ / 大 大 / / 鉄 / 天 / 光 天 / 天
Iwadoji / Chido / Koto-ku / Yume Village Tsuchi / Kashiwa / Ishimura / Matsushi / Easy Market / Philippe / Seniorhu / South Yamashiro entrance / Tani Ogoli / Emerging / Sunrise / peony

A particularly popular station,6 Telo Station, 6 Seii Station, 7 Non-Hyun Station, 7 Non-Hyun Station, Gangnam Ward Agency Station!

If you issue Senior Advertising around the Idol Office, the idol person may take a certificate shot and raise it to SNS♡

Let's decide in advance that you want to give advertising! ^ ^



I think everyone is priced!

The price of the light box depends on the grade of the station,It is about 100,000 yen a month.

(Composite TV monitor is sold separately.)

The market value of the Korea Subway Advertising Media is as follows.

Media name Market price (1 month)
CM monitor 88,000 yen
Wide ad
About 300,000 yen to about 500,000 yen
Lightbox ad
About 100,000 yen
DID advertisement
About 200,000 to 300,000 yen
LED monitor ad
About 300,000 yen

Because the light box is relatively cheap in the subway advertisement,There are many people who often publish Senile Ads♪

If you want to know more about other media, please see this article.

➡︎Korea Senior Senior Advertising Department! Introduce place and expenses [Senior Advertising Agency JAPAN]


Flow up to a part

The flow until you issue Senior Advertising is as follows. Korea Station Subway Advertising Cost Expense

If you want to issue Senior Advertising for the first time, we will support smoothly!

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How was it?

This time, we introduced in detail the Lightbox of Korea Subway Ads!

Please refer to the Senior Advertising in Korea.♪


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