[100 uniforms, sanko, handmade] A great survey of popular popularity! Introducing the classic Korean active gages that you are interested in♪


Are you "pushing"?♪( ´▽`)

Not only go directly to see the recommendation, but also look at the concerts in Yonton (video calls), exhibitions, event cafes, online ... etc.

The width of "pushing life" is infinite ٩ ('ω') و

So this time, the must -have items of the recommended live
Focus on "goods"

Recommended recommended goods 100 uniforms, Sanrio, handmade editions, trendy goods that I heard from Koreans,

In addition, even the introduction of the "recommended room"!

We will deliver a lot about "recommended activity" ( ^ ∀ ^)

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What are the recommended goods?
Introducing the recommended must -have items!

From now on, we will introduce the must -have items of recommended goods!

Speaking of the must -have items of the recommended goods,

"Treka, stuffed animal, Aqua"That's ٩ ('ω') و



Representative "Trading card (trading card)"That's right♪

It can be said that it is an essential item that can be used (?) Anytime, anywhere, such as behind the mobile phone, in a pass case!

Every time an album or goods appear, a new treka comes out, so

When I buy an album, I'm looking forward to collecting treka
That's right (laughs)

stuffed toy

 Quote source

What is a "stuffed animal"?

A stuffed animal that incorporates the characteristics of pushingThat's it!

As shown in the picture above, the character officially issued by the company,

There are two types of character stuffed animals and ota stuffed animals made by fans!

This is a stuffed toy collection that fans are making in Koreais♪


The stuffed animal is the same as a trick, and when taking a picture at a cafe, it is with a penlight at a concert.

There are a variety of ways, from those that can be carried to large to large ones (´∀ `)


Acrylic stand


Quote source

 Like stuffed animals, not only K-POP idols, but
Many of the neighborhoods such as Johnny's and animation, and live items
Acusa that can be said!

Acusa is whatever you sayThe whole bodyIt's attractive that it's a mini size ٩ ('ω') و

 Acesta is also sold as a concert goods, so

Acesta is also a fun goods that nerds collect (° ▽ °)!

Introducing recommended cute live goods!

[Promotional goods 100 uniforms]
For nerds that emphasize and convenient!

From here, we will introduce recommended goods that are 100 uniform products, especially recommended.♪

Stuffed toy bag


Quote source

This is Seria's stuffed animal back ('ω') و

"I carry a stuffed animal to go to a concert or cafe,

It is to put it in your bag as it is ... 🤔But I don't want to spend money on the container!

What is♡The face of the stuffed animal from the part ofRecommended because it is visible and cheap! !


Can batch cover


There are some things that put a can batch you want when you go to a concert in anime or idol.😏!

So here is what I would recommend!

This is also a SERIA product and has a hologram, so it's glittering and very cute!

In addition to the hologram, the normal is a heart -shaped one!

You can protect a cute can batch for 100 yen!

It's the best (´∀ `)

Trekas sleeve


Quote source

 Protect the Treka, a nerd necessity,
Trekastre and hard case!

This is from Daiso, but which one is Seria's sleeve?😊

I personally recommend a relaxed type because it is difficult to put in and out if it is a perfect size (´∀ `)

[Promotional goods Sanrio] For nerds that are classic popular cute!

Now, Sanrio's recommended goods that can be said to be indispensable for the activity!🐰 

Trick case



Sanrio's training case

Otaku Mast Items that make the treka cuteThat's right! (° ▽ °)

 Also, in the collaboration goods of Sanrio and the popular group NCT in Korea

Sanrio is popular worldwide, with treker cases and sleeves released (´∀ `)♡

Quote source

The Sanrio Treka Case is like an imageThere are many types♪

Quote source

Custom name plate


Speaking of Sanrio Puroland's recommended spotsIt is a place where you can make a name plate!

Character plates, decorations, characters, and colors are all customs
can♪( ´▽`)

The plate is700 yen to 880 yen, parts are 88 yen ~is!

If you make all the names of the push,
For some reason it looks round and cute (● ˃ ロ ˂) ꠥ

The nameplate where this stuffed animal has a name is also cute 🫠

Stuffed animal is 1100 yen and character parts are 495 yenThat's ^ ^

Uchiwa case


When bringing a fan to the concert, it is cute and can be carried around without scratching the fan.✨

This pattern and the shit case of the quilted material below!

There are many types of each character♪

In the quilting case, the character is printed in the middle,

It looks like a character is on the head of the push,
Is the cute🐰

Quote source

[Promotional goods handmade] For nerds who want to enjoy originality!

There are quite a lot of people who handmade recommended goods (´ ▽ `)

 Introducing cute handmade recommended goods♪

Trick case


Treka case is too cute with treka decorated with colors, parts, and related things that match the person ...! !

Family, board


 Above all, a fan, board!

This is a full name and this cohesion
It is cute with the character!

Nameboard, many people who make K-POP idol fans!

This board with wings on the heart is new and cute♪( ´▽`)

I asked Koreans! A big survey of trendy and popular goods in Korea!

From now on, we will introduce trendy goods in Korea that I heard from Koreans who are active in Koreans ٩ ('ω') و

솜치와 (Somchiwa)


Quote source

Quote source

솜치와 is a mini fan that can hold a stuffed animal!

It's cute, it's a place to make it a recommended specification.👏

stuffed toy


A stuffed animal that has been around for a long time.

However, in the past 1-2 yearsFrom small sizes to large sizes, it has become a stuffed animal, and it has become even more popular! ! 🤩

The image above shows the NCT mark, Hechan, and Taeyeon.
Image stuffed animal😍

From the size you can carry to the big size to put it next to the bed in the room!

In addition, in the video below,

At the signing session held the other day, Taeyeon himself said, "I'll give my mother a stuffed person to my mother."

Especially if you are a stuffed animal that the person himself is aware of.
You want it, right?❤️

트레 볼 (stress ball)


Because it is only a face, it is small, soft and plays the role of stress ball!

It's wonderful, but it's cute, so it's a problem if you can hold it so strongly (laughs).

Bring the recommended goods
Let's stay in the "recommended room"!

Everyone, the hotel room of the recommended specification
"Progenous room"Do you know? ^^

Recently, various groups, such as BTS and NCT, are selling "global packages" and "theme rooms" according to overseas tours.♪

It's like a package tour with a ticket, but what I want to focus on is that there is a hotel room with a recommended group! !

Quote source

It's like a dream to stay in such a room before and after the concert (;;)

If you are a fan saying, "But there is no theme room to push ...", why don't you use your own recommended rooms to bring live goods?

If you gather with your fans friends and stay in the "push room" according to your concert expedition, you will have to double the fun! > <<

I'm excited just thinking about preparing it ^^ ^^

Depending on the idea, there is a pleasure to come true in any recommended room.♪

Why don't you enrich your activities even more in the happy space surrounded by the recommendation?

I want to know more about the recommended room! By all meansHereArticlePlease also see ^^


This time, I focused on the recommended goods ٩ ('ω') و

"Progressive" has been attracting much attention in the last few years, and goods, apps that support "pushing activities", etc.

It's becoming a world where you can easily use it.♪( ´▽`)

From now on, all nerds, such as anime, K-POP, J-POP, and sports, will enjoy the best life with the push:*+. \ ((° ω °))/. +

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