[Ikebukuro Paleco Jack June 2013] Enjin Grass Ritsu Ryo & INI's Center / Ikebukuro's support advertisement is made in Ikebukuro PARO! Introducing luxurious plans for a limited time!

【池袋パルコジャック23年6月】円神 草地稜之&INIのセンイル・応援広告が池袋パルコに!期間限定の豪華プランをご紹介!

This time, a campaign that allows you to jack Ikebukuro PARCO, which is being held for a limited time from June 1 to August 31, with your support advertisement.

The two jacks held in JuneI will introduce♪

In addition, from AugustHeld on the roof of Ikebukuro Parco Main BuildingCollaboration projects with "Korean BBQ Bear Garden" are now possible, so we will deliver the details there.🍻!

For more information about Ikebukuro Palko Jack, you can check from the following.♪

Ikebukuro Palko Jack Details

If you look at this article, if you are worried about the details of PARCO Jack, or if you say "I want to give you a support/Senil ad!"

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Ikebukuro PARCO What is a week Jack Plan?

Fill out Ikebukuro PARCO with your recommendation and support you grandly! So,

Limited time from June 1, 2023 to August 31, 2023and,
We are holding a campaign to jack all four locations of Ikebukuro PARCO with your support advertising.♪

The following four places can be done with jack!

① Exterior wall vision

Cheering advertisements are posted on the large outer wall vision installed in front of Ikebukuro PARCO!

It is a vision that can only be used for one week from one week, but only this time it is possible to broadcast only for one day.♪

In this vision, a powerful support advertisement attracted the gaze of many passers -by (^○^)

② Cup holder distribution


Ikebukuro PARCO You can distribute cup holders at the cafe "Hello Donuts" on B2F💖

It's too cute to have a cup holder event at a donut shop, isn't it?😍
During the event period, you can specially decorate the decorative space next to the cash register!

You can take a picture of the recommended photos alongside the cup holder, so you can take a picture that shines.

③ P-Wall

We also broadcast support advertisements to digital signage installed immediately after entering the front entrance of Ikebukuro PARCO main building!

Because it is installed near the entrance, it is easy for many customers who enjoy shopping at PARCO to see it (≧ ∇ ≦).

④ Step gallery

Cheering advertisements have also been posted on posters installed on the stairs in the hall!

Normally, it is a place where the shop posters are included, but here tooI was able to fill in with cheering ads exclusively this time♪

How14 maximum B0 postersCan be posted! (There is additional cost)

It is also possible to collect messages from fans as sticky notes.🌟

④ JR Ikebukuro Station Digital signage

Furthermore, as an option, Ikebukuro PARCO's digital signage "J / AD Vision" at JR Ikebukuro Station.
Advertising broadcasting is also possible! (There is additional cost)

You can also see the recommended ads before you arrive at Ikebukuro PARCO
How exciting❤️

Please try it by all means😊

\ New!/ Beer on Ikebukuro PARCO
Collaboration with the garden!

This time! !

It is held in August on the roof of the Ikebukuro Parco Main Building
It is now possible to collaborate with "Korean BBQ Beer Garden". ️🍻👏

Distribution of coasters and capohoor,Original drink of recommended colorCan be provided. ️💖

In addition, decorations in the store such as the entrance are possible.

Probably the first Senil event in the beer garden ...?😏

Please take this opportunity to hold an event.🌟


⚫︎ The target period of the collaboration project with the beer garden is from the 10th (July 31) to the 13th term (8/31).

⚫︎ In the case of rainy weather, sales will be canceled. In the case of rain in the rain, you can re -make a reservation on another day during the period, or only the distribution can be reserved.

⚫︎ The contents of the original drink can be consulted with the beer garden. (Color, taste, alcohol or not)

⚫︎ The distribution will be handed over one per person who ordered the course. (Customers need to tell you that you want to receive the distribution when booking a beer garden.)

⚫︎ There is no additional cost even in the case of collaboration projects with the beer garden. The distribution must be prepared by yourself.

[Birthday Jack of Ritsuyuki Enjin Grass Land]

The third phaseJune 12~ June 18thIs the grassland of the circleRyoyuki's birthdayI jacked to commemorate!

From here, I will introduce the state of Jack ^ ^

① Exterior wall vision

This is the state of the outer wall vision!

The birthday advertisement, which flows to a powerful large vision, attracted many people's gaze!

It's a very cute design 🫠❤️

 Furthermore, hereIt is a certified shot that the grassland Ryo -kun came to Parco Jack!👏

The event was even more exciting with the appearance with the person himself ٩ ('ω') و

② Distribution of cup holders

Cafe on Ikebukuro PARCO Main Building B2F"Hello Donuts"It is a state of a cup holder event!

Everything from this vision advertisement, cafe decoration, and Capho were unified in pink, the members of the grassland -kun 🥰

Ryo -kun's authentication shot!

Quote source

Capho also went to the event with a cute design
Many fans were uploaded to SNS♪( ´▽`)

③ P-Wall

This is the state of the digital signage installed immediately after entering the front entrance of the Ikebukuro PARCO main building!

In this video, one video is created on four screens, so it has a presence.♪

④ Step gallery


This is the poster of the step gallery!

On the last day, it was full of post -it from many fans.😍

Until now, the god of the godBirthday of Ryoyuki KusajiI introduced the state of the commemorative, how was it? ^ ^

PARCO, such as Capphei event, exterior wall vision, poster, etc.It was a wonderful event that the grassland Ryuki -kun was specified, and the fans and the fans were excited together.♪( ´▽`)

In the future, through Senil/Supporting advertisements, Enjin,
And grassland
Ryuyuki -kunLet's further support the activities of (´θ `) ノ

[INI 2nd Anniversary Jack]

From here,6Month 19th to June 25thTo commemorate the 2nd anniversary of INI,Introducing the state of Jack!

① Exterior wall vision

Quote source

This is the state of the outer wall vision!

All members are on a big screen! !


② Distribution of cup holders

Quote source

This is the state of the cup holder event♪

The design of Capho was very cute, and the Capho event was also very popular.👏

Donut and cup holder with acrylic stand
The commemorative photo together is cute 🫠❤️

③ P-Wall

This is a digital signage just after entering the front entrance of Ikebukuro PARCO Main Building!

Each member comes out one screen at a time, and it's cute
It's cute combined with illustrations!

Since it is installed in a prominent place, from the front entrance
It was an advertisement that remains in many customers who can enter (^o^)

There were many fans who could only see this period and uploaded valuable support advertisements in videos and uploaded to SNS.♪( ´▽`)

④ Step gallery

The poster of this step gallery is also very cute with illustrations and members!

On the last day, many fans wrote a message and was pasted.♪

Quote source

It became a wonderful poster advertisement to be completed by fans👏

Post -it for poster ads, very popular Capphe events, etc.

It was a wonderful space full of the warmth of the fans by supporting support advertisements in various ways.♪

Let's further support INI's activities that have celebrated the 2nd anniversary ٩ ('ω') و

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