[Smtown Live 2022] Held for the first time in 3 years! Introducing gorgeous performers coming to Japan♪

【SMTOWN LIVE 2022】3年ぶりの開催!来日する豪華出演者たちをご紹介♪

"SMTOWN LIVE2022" where popular SM Entertainment artists gather

Smtown Live 2022: smcuexpress @ Tokyo "It will be revived for the first time in three years with the title of!

August 27, 28SM to be held at Tokyo DomeI think many fans are expected to be a resurrection in three years (^○^).

That should be it, the performers are very luxurious!

This performance, which will be held in Japan for the 10th anniversary, celebrates its 20th anniversary of Japan's debut.BoAStartedDong Bang Shin KiSUPER JUNIORShineeEXORed VelvetNCT

moreover"The Girls Group, which also became a hot topic on the "Coachella Festival" Main StageaespaIf it first appears on the stage of Tokyo Dome, the expectations will expand even more.♪

So, this time, In order to commemorate the holding of "Smtown Live 2022", we will introduce each performer!

In addition, we will introduce support advertisements that have been issued to commemorate LIVE in Japan in the past.♪

Let's further excite the "SMTOWN LIVE 2022" that will be revived for the first time in three years and will be held in Japan!

About "Smtown Live2022"

"Smtown Live2022" will be held at Tokyo Dome on August 28 (Sat) and August 29 (Sun)!

The main performers are artists belonging to SM Entertainment

Celebrated the 20th anniversary of Japan's debutBoAStartedDong Bang Shin KiSUPER JUNIORShineeEXORed VelvetNCTaespa

A very popular artist appears in Japan!

It was a big topic because it was decided to hold for the first time in three years in Japan.♪

The title of "Smtown Live2022" to be held this time is

Smtown Live 2022: smcuexpress @ Tokyo "

This "SMCU" stands for "SM Culture UNIVERSE", a future entertainment that SM wants to connect the whole world with culture beyond the boundaries of the real world and virtual world.Virtual spaceIt is a content for.

And "SMCU EXPRESS" is based on the SMCU that expands the world view of the newly named artists as "Metamical Origin Story"!

In January this year, to deliver healing and hope to prolonged Corona.

"Smtown Live 2022: Smcu Express@kwangya"It was held as a free performance, distributed worldwide on YouTube, and recorded 51 million streaming!

In this "smtown live 2022", ride "SMCU EXPRESS"

You can enjoy the various contents of SM Entertainment and the world view built by SM while visiting the "station" around the world, including Kwangya (^○^). 

Introducing the main performers!

From here, this timeSmtown Live 2022: smcuexpress @ Tokyo "Introducing the main artists who appear in!

Which member is your recommendation? (^○^)

I don't think there is much opportunity to see gorgeous artists together, so it's super valuable.♪

Both those who participate in the LIVE and those who are not willing to look back on the performing artists and excite Tokyo! !



Korean singer BOA, who celebrated its 20th anniversary this year!

Boa, who made her debut for a long time at the age of 14, made her debut in Japan in 2001 after her debut in Korea.

After that, the K -POP foundation was created in Japan, such as winning the record award, participation in the Red and White Singing Battle, and concerts at Tokyo Dome ( ^ ^).

even now"Queen K-POP who has achieved great success in JapanThe title is overwhelming as a legend in Korea.♪

In the SM entertainment to which I belong, I will be a director!

Speaking of such BOA's representative song, it is "Merikuri", which is a classic winter song in Japan.♪

Boa himself was an interview, himselfWhen asked what kind of song is "Merikuri",

Isn't the Japanese song sung by a foreign singer become a classic winter song in Japan? I am proud as a singer that the singer's song flows in the city in a country where he is not born in that season.Quote source

I am answering.

In addition, it became a hot topic, Got THE BEAT, the first unit of the new project "GIRLS ON TOP (GOT)", which is newly started by SM Entertainment!

She is the oldest member who is participating in a group unit of the office, which was said to be an Avengers in the K-POP world,

With the same singing voice and sharp dance as the heyday, you can feel the charisma!

This SMTOWN LIVE2022 has all the strongest members, so expectations will expand whether it will be the first performance in Japan (^o^).

Dong Bang Shin Ki

Dong Bang Shin Ki that has established status as an artist in Japan, not as a K-POP idol!
After debuting in Korea in December 2003, she made her debut in Japan in April 2005.
After that, in January 2011, Yunho (born in '86) and Changmin (born in 1988) started, and in Asian countries and European and American countries.It is overwhelmingly popular!
And in 2018 Among the many performances of many big artists,The number of spectators mobilized in Japan has been recorded to create a new history!

 The popular Dong Bang Shin Ki's live is exceptional,The commitment to the production of Yunho and Changmin and the passion for fansIt is a stuck live production.

The audience and the stage were united, "Live participation in the audience seats"

Dong Bang Shin Ki and the audience seats are synchronized, large singing voices wrap the entire venue, the singing voice grows as the tour stage is overlaid, and the audience and the stage are united.♪

I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of performance will attract Japanese fans with SMTOWN LIVE2022!



As Asia No.1 Multi -Entertainment Group, we are active not only for groups and unit activities, but also for personal activities.SUPER JUNIOR!

Debuted in Korea in 2005, and then made his debut in Japan in June 2011.

The feature of SUPER JUNIOR is

The purpose is to produce top stars in each field, such as talent, actors, and composers, as well as singers.about it!

That should be it,

The group name SUPER JUNIOR

It is a special entity that has a talent that everyone can play an active part in multi.

The meaning is included.

Leaders who are very active as many TV programs and radio MCsItuk is

You should wear skills other than songs

That's why I learned MC skills with my senior's advice!

SmtownI'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of excitement will show at Live2022.♪

TAEYEON & HYOYEON (Girls' Generation)


Popular group girls' age that did not stop popular momentum, such as making debuts and making a record of the girls group!

When you start full -scale activities in Japan in 2010, its popularity explodes!

Not only appearing on many music programs, but also the dome tour.♪

Recently, that girl's ageIt is decided to come back for the first time in 5 yearsAnd it became a big topic (^○^)

Of this timeSmtownLIVE2022 will feature members Taeyeon and Hyoyoung!

Taeyeon saidK-POP QueenShe is a very popular member in Korea.♪

She profess that she is a Taeyeon fanThere are many K-POP idols!

She is active as a girl's leader, as well as her solo activities, variety, radio and models.

Hyoyoung is the main dancer of girls' generation!

She is a member who has a high dance skill as she was thinking of going to study abroad before she entered girls' generation.♪

Her unique and cool fashion captivates female fans,Her solo activities are also attracting attention (^○^)

Even if you have a long time to work with the members, you can see how deep the bonds in girls have been in the girls' age.♪

ONEW & KEY & Minho (SHINee)


SHINee, which has various talents and is very popular not only in Korea but also in Japan!

Of this timeSmtownLIVE2022 will feature Onyu, Key, and Minho.

The leader, Onyu, has a characteristic of her soft voice and sweet singing.♪

She is also fluent in Japanese,She often performs Japanese songs at the concert,When she sang "Rainy Blue" by Hideaki Tokunaga, she was evaluated as the best stage!

The key isShe is a member of the song, wrap, and even more dance skills♪

She is also active not only in music, but also in various situations such as variety, movies, dramas, and musicals!

Minho is also active as a model and actor, taking advantage of her faint appearance and her height.♪

In addition, from February to March 2019, a solo event around Korea, Japan, Taipei and Thailand was held, attracting fans around the world!

These three peopleI'm looking forward to seeing what kind of stage you will show in SMTOWN LIVE2022 ^ ^


EXO is very popular in Japan, debuting in Korea in April 2012 and making its debut in Japan in 2015!

The concept of the group "New Star from Unknown World" became a hot topic at the same time as his debut, and won the rookie award one after another.♪

Of this timeSmtownLIVE2022 will feature three people, Suho, Chen, and Kai.

Suho, a leader in EXO, isShe has spent her trainee period for six and a half years, and is also known as a member of Member 1!

In March 2020, he made his solo debut, and expects Suho's success.♪

In EXOChen in charge of the main vocalAmong the vocalsIn charge of high tone!

It is also known as a member who has a short period of time as a trainee and has a high singing ability before his debut.♪

Kai, the main dancer of EXOShe is the center for most songs!

At the time of the trainee, he had outstanding skills about dancing so that the trainer was a genius.♪

Besides dancingShe is also a model, such as GUCCI's global ambassador.

Red Velvet


RED VELVET that establishes its position as a summer queen and keeps running at the top of the K-POP world!

It's a very popular idol around the world, including Japan and Korea.♪

If you make your debut in August 2014,The following year won three rookie awards!

In 2018, the first showcase in Japan, which debuted in Japan, was held the previous year

Despite the debut, applications over 20 times for the capacity are floodedI proved her popularity in Japan.♪

One of the characteristics of such Red Velvet is the high performance with cuteness!

Red Velvet,

Fascinating the world with colorful and sophisticated music and performance

AsAs the name comes,

If you hear it once, there are pops and cute songs that will remain in your ears, and songs that are dark and a little poisonous are singing.

Every time, they launch a variety of concepts and show their perfect performance (^○^)

In this SMTOWN LIVE2022, I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of concept stage attracting fans.♪



NCT, which has grown rapidly in Korean idol groups and is very popular around the world!

NCT isIt is a group of unusual mechanisms in idol groups where the members change depending on the concept of the song, with the nationality and age of the members.

The origin of the NCT name is

Neo Culture Technology

It is a group with a new concept of "activity groups, there are no restrictions on the number of members."♪

A unit that is not decided and can be freely combined according to the concept of the song.NCT U」、

The members are decided,"I am mainly active in Korea and Japan"NCT127」、

The unit was composed of members of teens at the beginning of the debut, and the graduation system is now abolished and is currently consisting of seven people.NCT DREAM」、

Belonged to the Chinese label "Label V"Mainly active in ChinaWAYV」、

It is a NCT comprehensive group born in 2020, with two new members in the NCT127, NCT DREAM, and WAYV introduced so far, and consists of 23 members.NCT2020」、

One of the features of the NCT that is composed of is that you can enjoy and expand the group, so you can enjoy songs from various groups without getting tired!

Groups and members who match the concept, from bright songs to cool songs, sexy songs, are selected, so

There are times when all NCTs work, but it is a group that is expected to grow in the future, not only in Korea but also in China and Japan, taking advantage of various members of various nationalities!



As a female idol group from SMASPA, a large rookie who debuted in 2020 for the first time in about six years!

The group concept is

Meet your ego and experience a new world

It is a group that is active in a new concept that never before, such as publishing MVs that incorporate the latest technology!

The debut single "BLACK MAMBA" recorded 24 million views in less than 24 hours from the release of the sound source!

This record is the fastest and faster than 50 countries around the world, as it is the fastest song of the successive K-POP group.

It is a newcomer but a hottest idol, despite being the second place in the world category of the iTunes song chart.♪

Japan alsoDespite the debut, it has attracted a lot of attention, such as recording the first place in Japan's iTunes chart (^○^).

Such AESPA finally opened Japan's official Twitter in May 2022!

again,It was announced that the first event in Japan will be held, and it became a hot topic on SNS.♪

In the future, expectations for Japan will increase even more!

Supported advertising examples commemorating Japan LIVE

From now on, we will introduce support advertisements that have been issued in the past to commemorate LIVE in Japan!

There are a variety of activities to support idols, but have you ever been able to push them up? ^_^

Recently, it has become popular in Japan to issue support advertisements such as cafe events such as cup holder events, which are the mainstream in Korea, and Senil advertisements.♪

There are various types of cheering advertisements, ads celebrating their debut anniversary, ads to celebrate comeback, and advertisements that commemorate LIVE in Japan.

This is a support advertisement issued to celebrate TWICE, which performed the Tokyo Dome performance for the first time in two years in April of this year!

Many people gathered in the cheering advertisement issued in the most popular Tokyo Unica Vision, and everyone stopped and photographed with a smartphone.♪

This situation isIt is also featured on TVIt became a hot topic (^○^)

in this way,You can further excite LIVE in Japan through cheering advertisements!

SMTOWN LIVE is also held for the first time in three years, so I hope the fans will be even more exciting ( ^ ^).

In addition, this is a support advertisement released in Hokkaido, Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka to commemorate SHINee's comeback in the past!

By issuing advertisements all over the country, you can further excite the recommended comeback (^o^).

I want to put it out alone, but is it expensive?If you think ", there is an advertising medium that can be easily put out by individuals, so by all means.Hereplease look at!

Also,"I also want to advertise to commemorate Kamba Memorial and LIVE in Japan!If you think, we have a free consultation on the official LINE of Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN, so please feel free to contact us.


So far, we have introduced the gorgeous performers and past support advertising cases of "SMTOWN LIVE 2022" to be held in August this year.

It is very valuable to be able to see the super luxurious artists together, and the expectations will be held for the first time in three years, so expectations are very high (^o^).

I hope the fans will be able to make the holding in Japan even more exciting.♪

If you are participating in LIVE, please enjoy it! ! (≧ ∇ ≦)


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