[Latest] ARMY must -see! 2022 BTS Busan Live! Deliver the information you are interested in, such as schedule and viewing method♪

【最新】ARMY必見!2022 BTS釜山ライブ開催!日程や視聴方法など気になる情報を詳しくお届け♪


"BTS YET TO COME IN BUSAN" has been decided!

This live is a lot of interest in the performance in Korea for the first time in "Permission to Dance on Stage -Seoul" held in March.♪

Many people are worried about what this live will be held in Busan?

This time, we will introduce how to watch online from Japan in addition to live details and performance information.♪

In addition, we will introduce the support and Senil advertisement we have helped in the past, so please check it out together ^^

BTS will be held in Busan!


Prior to Expo Busan, which is scheduled for 2030, BTS will be performed on a live for the purpose of attracting!

Speaking of Busan, it is also the hometown of Jimin and Jung -kuk.

Dedicated to solo activities for a while"BTS, which said, was excited to perform in Busan.♪

On the day, in addition to offline performances with spectators, there will also be a “Live Play” event to watch live on a large screen!

In addition, the expectations of fans around the world are increasing because it will be broadcast online ^^

Fans in Japan should also check out all offline and online events!

How to watch Busan Live?


Please be assured that you can not go to Busan♪

On the day, free distribution is scheduled for the following three media ^^

Busan Live Free Delivery Media
  • Weverse
  • Zepeto
  • TBS Channel 1 (Japan)
  • JTBC(Korea)

[WeverseWatching method]

Known by the Fan Community PlatformWeverse

This Busan Live isWeverseYou can easily listen to♪


  • WeverseMembership registration on mobile apps or websites
  • BTS WeverseRegister in the community

1. smartphone·PCWhen watching in

BTS WeverseCommunity "Live"choose

2.TVWhen watching in the app

Applicable from the home menuLiveSelect or artist menu


 【TBS Channel 1Watching method]

JapanArmyWhat I would recommendTBS Channel 1It is a viewing method!

In distribution via the Internet, the video may stop the video while watching due to the congestion of the line.

But if you watch it on TV, you don't have to worry!

In addition, you can record it many times because you can record it.^^

* Distribution itself is free, butTBS Channel 1teethCSA separate contract is required for broadcasting channels.

What is the schedule/location of Busan Live?


Busan live performance information
  • [Date and time] October 15, 2022 (Sat) 18: 00-
  • [Location] Busan Asiad main stadium

Busan Asiad's main competition is a large stadium used in the World Cup with more than 50,000 spectators ^^

This venue is located next to the Busan Asiado auxiliary Stadium where the fan meeting "5th Muster " was held.♪

Initially, it was scheduled to be held on the Nikko (Ilgwan) special stage, but there are concerns about poor transportation and the fact that the venue has not been developed.

As a result of convenienceBusan Asiad Main StadiumIt was held in!

On the day, an offline concert is scheduled with 100,000 spectators ^^

BTS support/Senil advertising summary!

From now on, we will introduce the support & Senil advertisements that fans have been published in the past for each member.♪

Some fans not only celebrate their birthdays, but also celebrate their debut commemorative and OST release ^^

There are many support methods depending on the idea, so please refer to it!

You can also realize such a large event with crowdfunding (^o^).

What is Senil advertising crowdfunding (hereinafter "Senil Crafan")?

It is a service that launches a project to launch an idol and support advertisement for you, and to provide support for people who agree with your thoughts and realize support advertising!

Anyone can plan and start a project for free,

I want to give a support advertisement, but it is hard to realizeFor those who say, Senil Crafan is highly recommended.♪

For more information, tap this banner and see!


"" Near the HYBE office "In front of Ryuyama Technical High School"RM's Senil advertisement♪

Bath shelter advertisements are basically one frame on two sides, so you can enjoy two types of designs ^^

In addition, it is brightly lit up so it looks beautiful even at night!

Some fans are celebrating the members who are close to their birthdays.♪

"" Hybe office is the closest "Shin -dragon stationJung -kuk and RM Senil advertisements that celebrated their birthday in September were issued in the digital general information version!

Digital poster ads that show videos are sure to catch the eye of passers -by ^^


Celebrating Jin's birthday born in December, a Senil ad was issued in Japan.♪

ShinjukuIn the Unica Vision, you can play images linked to three large screens!

Because it is in front of the intersection, it is a place that is easy to see in many people ^^

Gangnam Ward Office StationJin's birthday celebration advertisement was also issued on the CM monitor in ""

Video advertisements are one of the advertisements that often stop and see!

Instagram can advertise on feeds in addition to the story♪

Text is displayed along with images and videos, so it is a perfect ad for those who want to add a message!


It is a story advertisement of Suga that celebrated its birthday in March.♪

Instagram advertisements can be transmitted not only to Japan and South Korea, but to countries around the world, so it is a perfect advertisement to support World Star BTS ^^

In addition, many fans were celebrated in the bath shelter in Korea, Shinjuku Unica Vision, and the dragonfly in Osaka ^^


On the birthday of J-HOPE, born in February, a Senil ad was implemented in various places in Korea!

First,"Hongdae StationA big digital signage!

The J-HOPE ad on a powerful big screen is very cool.♪

In this place, so farMany idols have been advertised.

It is a spot where there are many people in the city with many young people, and it is a spot where many people can see it ^^

and"Yagai StationJ-HOPE's Senil advertisement on the CM monitor!

The big screen is colorfully projected ^^

The CM monitor is the most popular advertising medium and is installed in many places such as Gangnam Ward Office Station.♪

Furthermore, it is the hometown of J-HOPEGwangjuKinnan Road 4 Street StationPoster ad was issued!

The idea of ​​issuing Senil advertisements in the city where you were born and raised is also wonderful.♪

In addition, in Japan, J-HOPE's Senil advertisement was aired at six locations nationwide!

  • Unica vision
  • Dragonfly
  • Sakae Nanaiiro Aurora Vision
  • Bis Vision Makuhari
  • Hakata dart vision
  • Funabashiya Vision

The fans were advertised all over the country, so we were able to celebrate with fans all over Japan ^^


On the birthday of Jimin born in October, a 60 -second Senil ad was aired at Shinjuku Unica Vision.♪

After all Unica Vision is powerful!

Furthermore, "3D huge cats," "Cross Shinjuku VisionJimin's Senil advertisement♪

The collaboration between Jimin and the cat is also cute ^^

This Senil advertisement was broadcast for about a week!

Some fans are advertised other than Senl!

In commemoration of Jimin's OST released in April this year, an Instagram story ad was implemented.♪

Fans who come up with various support methods are wonderful ^^


It is a street vision advertisement that celebrated Tete born in December ^^

It is no exaggeration to say that Shinjuku Unica Vision is a standard spot for Senil advertising!

You will just look at the Senil advertisements projected on the big screen!

Many advertisements have been implemented in Japan and South Korea to celebrate Tete's Senil.♪

This is a bath shelter advertisement that was served near the HYBE office ^^

If you advertise near the office, you may see it!

In addition, Daegu City, the hometown of Tete, "Hantsukudo Station], Digital poster ad was issued ^^

This advertisement, which is installed along the stairs, has a different design on multiple screens, so the impact is outstanding!

It's a happy space surrounded by wonderful Tete photos.♪


And in Japan, a vision ad was issued all at once in six places!

  • Tokyo Unica Vision
  • Sapporo station square vision
  • Osaka Kowa Vision
  • Nagoya Sakae ICA Vision
  • Fukuoka Toho Vision Astion
  • Hiroshima Hatchobori C-VISION

Fans who can't go to see them far are a wonderful idea that can celebrate together.♪

In addition, Tete's YouTube advertisement has been implemented in the past!

YouTube ads with many users are one of the advertising media that are easy to see for fans.♪


The nearest "HYBE office"Shin -dragon stationIt is Jung -kuk's Senil advertisement published in♪

Many people are advertised at the station near the office because they have a high chance to see them ^^

Celebrating Jung -kuk's birthday, a story advertisement has been implemented in the past!

Instagram advertisement is a popular advertising medium because the price is reasonable.♪


This time, we introduced a concert in BTS in Busan in BTS to be held on October 15th.♪

It is surprising that both offline and online are held free of charge.

If you have time, please enjoy it online!

I hope that the Busan Expo and BTS will succeed and continue to be excited with the fans ^^

In addition, Jimin in October and Jin and Tete in December are also prepared!

If you are interested in Senil advertising, please consult us at any time.

We also accept free consultation on LINE♪ 

Leave it to Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN!

Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN

Looking at the examples introduced this time, many people may feel like "I want to give Senil advertising!"♪

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If you register the official LINE of Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN,Automatic response chat solves concerns about cheering advertising!

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