Introducing the gorgeous K-POP idol scheduled for Kamba in April! Deliver Kamba information such as Ive/NCT unit/SEVENTEEN/KEP1ER♪


This time, we will introduce K-POP idols that will be a comeback in April!

April is not only a group Kamba, but also a lot of idols, such as units and solo, are likely to be a gorgeous one month ('ω') و

We will also introduce the release date and album, so please check it out.♪

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Introducing K-POP idols of comeback in April at once!

Kim Usok [April 3]

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On April 3rd4th album"Blank Page"Come backTo do♪
In addition, a showcase will be held on April 3rd on the day of Kamba to commemorate the release (´∀ `).

The concept of this album is "Time Traveler", and all six songs of 6 songs have participated in the songwriting!

I'm looking forward to Usok's solo activity from UP10TION, Boys Group X1 and UP10TION ^ ^
Please check the concept film of Kamba here♪

Apink [April 5]

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Apink celebrated its 12th anniversary in 2023. A fan concert was held in Japan in March (´∀ `*)

Such Apink is10th mini album for the first time in about 1 year and 2 months"Self"Come backTo do! !

In this album "Self", as the word "real face, ego, themselves" means, it seems that "the real face of Apink, the presence only for yourself" is not the appearance of someone.♪

 Please check the concept photo from Twitter below.♪

STAYC [April 5]

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STAYC on April 5thJapan 2nd single"Teddy Bear-Japanese ver"ReleasedTo do!

This song is a Japanese version of the 4th single "Teddy Bear" released in Korea in South Korea ^ ^

To commemorate the release,A showcase will be held in Japan on April 8 and on April 10 in TokyoBe♪( ´▽`)

Check out the Korean version of the MV!
Rust dance is characteristic and cute♪

NCT Mark [April 7]

Mark released the first solo song "Child" in 2022.

Despite being very busy with the balance between NCT127 and NCTDREAM activities,The second solo song on April 7"Golden Hour"ReleasedIt was announced ٩ ('ω') و

On March 29, the day before the announcement, a member of the member posted a photo of the mark on Instagram.
"Maybe Mark's solo!?"

I'm looking forward to the Mark Mark's own song, which is an all -rounder of NCT.♪( ´▽`)♡

Ive [April 10]

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IVE has led a prize at many awards ceremony after his debut, as it is called the Grand Prize Girls Group.

Such Ive isFirst full album"I've Ive"I will come back♪

Prior to the comeback, on March 27Prelille song "KITSCH"The pre -religious song "KITSCH" has been released (´∀ `*)

Speaking of Ive, it is characterized by a song that does not leave the head once you hear it, but "KITSCH" is also addictive, so I am looking forward to the title song ( ^ ∀ ^).♡

Please also see the "Kitsch" MV♪

KEP1ER [April 10]

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Kep1ERCome back for the first time in about 6 months since October 2022To do!

This 4th mini album"LOVESTRUCK"Then, for the first time, it is an album that incorporates the appearance of nine girls who faced the emotions of "love"!

As a promotion, the phone number of "LOVESTRUCK CLUB" called "Club for those who want to fall in love" has been released, and if you make a phone call with a Korean number (or international telephone), you can listen to voice messages from members. rice field♪

The promotion for Kamba was so elaborate that Camba was even more fun ( ^ ∀ ^)

Check out the concept video of the title song "Giddy"♪

DKB [April 11]

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DKB, currently appearing on the survival program "PeakTime", is Japan on April 11, 2nd mini album"Rebel"I will come back!

This album also includes Japanese versions of "STILL" and "WORKHARD", including "SOBER" and "SOBER [Remix]".♪

Furthermore, since the first concert in Japan will be held on April 30, you can expect future activities ^ ^

Dreamnote [April 12]

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Dreamnote isOn April 12th, about 1 year and 6 months of blanking period, the fifth single"Secondary Page"ReleasedTo do!

Prior to the comeback, the song included on April 3rd"Blue"Will be released in advance♪

"I want you to expect a new Dreamnote side, which is different from the bright and lovely appearance that you have shown so far, so your expectations will increase (^ ∀ ^)!

Click here for the teaser of the pre -open song "BLUE"♪

Lee Cheyoung [April 12]

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Chae -yeon from IZONE ...2nd mini album for the first time in about 6 months since the solo debut album in October 2022"Over the Moon"ReleasedI will ^ ^

Concept photos for various costumes such as uniforms, dresses, sportswear, and room clothes have been released.♪

I'm looking forward to the second album of Chae Young, who is working hard in solo after the activities of Izone (´∀ `*)

Pakjifun [April 12]

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Pakjifun from Wannaone7th mini album for the first time in about 6 months"Blank or Black"Come backTo do!

The title of the album that means "empty, hidden", and the title song ""U Can't Fill Ma" on Blank or Black "

The phrase is engraved and I am interested in what it means!

Click here for the teaser video ٩ ('ω') و

Yeun [April 13]

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CLCBorn Jang YeunOn April 13th1st solo single"The Beginning"Solo debutTo do!

Prior to this solo debut3Month20Lead single on a dayStrange Way to LoveWas released♪
After the CLC dissolved in 2022, I am looking forward to Yeun's solo songs that start a new solo in 2023, the eighth year of singer debut ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Bol4 [April 16]

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BOL4 is a mini album on April 16th"'랑.zip'"I will come back♪

In addition, a solo concert will be held in Korea on April 29 and 30 ^ ^

The concept photo of this album seems to have been in charge by a photographer who photographed famous artists such as BTS!

 Check out the album teaser video from here ٩ ('ω') و

NCT unit Dojaejung [April 17]

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First unit from NCT"Dojaejung"April 17 1st mini album"Perfume"Debut inI will do ٩ ('ω') و♡

The members are NCT127 Doyoung, Jae -Hyun, and Jong -woo, and the three initials are unit names.♪

At the NCT127 encore concert and the year -end song festival held in Korea in 2022, it became a hot topic that the three "CAN WE GO BACK" showed was too cool!

 This title song "Perfume" seems to have a message in the lyrics "leaving a fragrance of confidence to the loved one"!

The promotional video and photos that are currently available are all different in costumes and concepts, isn't it?♪
In addition, the MV was shot in Thailand (° ▽ °)!

I can't wait for the debut of NCT's first unit "Dojaejung" on the 17th (´∀ `)♡

Golden Child [April 19]

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Golden Child,April 19 3rd single in Japan"Invisible Crayon"Come backI will ^ ^

Translated the title of this album directly, "Transparent Crayon"

It seems that the image is "for those who have no individuality or those who can not find it, it is okay to be in a hurry!♪

Ryusjeong [April 20]

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Lovelyz Sjeong is the first full album"Archive of Emotions"ReleasedTo do♪

Two songs, "Love or Hate" and "DayDreming", have been released in advance!

In this album, Sujong seems to be participating in the songwriting!
It's my first full album ^ ^

SEVENTEN [April 24]

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SEVENTEEN, which held a dome tour in Japan in 2022,10th mini album for the first time in about 9 months"FML"Come backI will (*^◯^*)!

Since the announcement of Kamba on March 31, it has been presumed a lot among carat (Seven fans) as to what the album title "FML" is abbreviated!

What a Kamba this time!The first double title in Sebchi history (2 title songs)is! The first title song released as of April 3"FXCK My Life"(● ˃ ロ ˂) ꠥ

Expectations increase by the attacking title name and the double title activities!

As of April 3, there is no concept photo of the members yet, but this time, which is the 10th memorable mini album, will surely be excited ٩ ('ω') و.

TFN [April 26]

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TFN on April 26Japan 2nd mini album"OUR TEEN: YELLOW SIDE"Released To do♪

The release of the album was announced in the final performance of the Japan Tour in February!

And to commemorate the release of the album, it seems that a release commemorative event will be held at four places in Japan (´∀ `).

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Introducing the types of advertisements that can be issued with Senil Crafan and a series of flow from achieving it.♪


This time, we introduced K-POP idols that will be a comeback in April ^ ^

In April of this year, I rarely see itCamback Great WarIt's going to be the moon!

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