Introducing K-POP idols & Japanese artists on August birthday! A special campaign for August only in collaboration with Ikebukuro PARCO!


Everyone who has a birthday in August!

Are you preparing for this year's birthday? (^^)

At Senil Advertising Agency JAPANCollaboration with Ikebukuro Parco in AugustWe will hold a special campaign for a limited time! !

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So this timeIntroducing special campaigns with K-POP idol & Japanese artists who will celebrate their birthday in August.♪

If you are starting to prepare for the celebration, or if you are worried about how to celebrate your birthday, please take a look (^O^).

Let's celebrate the artists of August birthdays.

K-POP idol summary of August birthday

From here, we will introduce K-POP idols that will celebrate their birthday in August in order of date!

Your recommendation may appear♪

NCT mark

  • [Real name] Mark Lee, Lee Min Hyun
  • [Date of birth] August 2, 1999
  • [Birthplace] Toronto, Canada Ontario

His personality is serious, with his first place in the evaluation survey by employees of SM Entertainment held in 2017.

Even during the trainee era, the trainees are given every yearThis year's practice kingMarks are a hard worker who recognizes both members and fans as they won the award every year!


  • [Real name] Choi Songchol
  • [Date of birth] August 8, 1995
  • [Birthplace] Korea Daegu General City

In SeventeenGeneral leaderSo, Eskpus, who is in charge of the leader and rapper of the hip -hop team!

The trainee period is six years, and the trainee period is the longest trainee.

Stray Kids Cambin

  • [Real name] Seo Cambin
  • [Date of birth] August 11, 1999
  • [Birthplace] Korean Ryujin

In the skis, he served as the main rapper and in JYP EntertainmentThe highest wrap abilityChanbin is said to be!

Before becoming a trainee, he appeared on a rap program♪

NCT Gemin

  • [Real name] Na Gemin
  • [Date of birth] August 13, 2000
  • [Birthplace] Jula Kaburido, South Korea

Gemin in charge of NCT's Reedrapper, Subvical and Read Dancer!

My dream when I was youngDoctor and programmerIt was ^^

B1A4 Gonchan

  • [Real name] Kon Changsik
  • [Date of birth] August 14, 1993
  • [Birthplace] Jul -in -Minami -do Juntenichi, Korea

Gonchan, the manne of B1A4!

Has outstanding visuals and high singing skillsGonchan was scouted by a video uploaded to SNS and made his debut.♪

TXT Huninka

  • [Real name] Kai Camal Hunin
  • [Birth date] August 14, 2002
  • [Birthplace] USA Hawaii

Korean, English, PortugueseHuninka, a trilical that you can speak!

Dad is American and mother is a Korean half, so the visuals are outstanding♪


  • [Real name] Kwon Ji Young
  • [Date of birth] August 18, 1988
  • [Birthplace] Korea Seoul Special City

BIGBANG leaderUnique stylish high tone wrapG-DRAGON is characteristic!

G-DRAGON's hairstyle and fashion are always attracting attention♪

Space Girl Bona

  • [Real name] Kim Ji Young
  • [Date of birth] August 19, 1995
  • [Birthplace] Korea Daegu General City

Ace member Bona that combines overwhelming beauty and ability!

Recently, he appeared in the Netflix drama "25, 211"High acting and outstanding visualsIt has become a big topic, and it is said that the number of fans has increased due to the drama.♪


  • [Real name] Kim Jung Eun
  • [Date of birth] August 24, 1984
  • [Birthplace] Korea Tadashi Nanko Tianan -shi

In 2001, he showed excellent singing skills at the SM Youth Best Selection Tournament and passed the audition in the song section first place!

"Art" technique "Voice" bandFrom the office, ""Joice (Yeson) ""

(G) I-Dle So Young

  • [Real name] Jung So Young
  • [Date of birth] August 26, 1998
  • [Birthplace] Korea Seoul Special City

(G) Soyon is the leader of i-Dle.

Soyoung is a high ability to wrap and dance, but in factDo the lyrics and compose songs, All Arounder!

August Birthday Summary of Japanese artists

From now on, we will introduce Japanese artists who will have their birthday in August in order of date.♪

Let's celebrate your birthday in Japan! (^○^)


  • [Real name] Herashi Shirahama
  • [Date of birth] August 4, 1993
  • [Birthplace] Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture

While working as EXILE and GENERATIONSGreat success as an actorArashi Shirahama!

When I was in my third year of junior high school, I started going to EXPG Matsuyama School, and in the first year of high school I belonged to LDH and won the seat of members in an audition that bet on EXILE.

Fantastics Hori Natsuki 

  • [Real name] Natsuki Hori
  • [Date of birth] August 6, 1997
  • [Birthplace] Tokai City, Aichi Prefecture

Soccer, judo, swimming ...Natsuki Hori who has been doing various lessons since childhood!

In 2016, he was selected as a member of Fantastics when he was 19 years old.♪

The Rampage Riku

  • [Real name] Aoyama Riku
  • [Date of birth] August 10, 1994
  • [Birthplace] Saitama prefecture

In THE RAMPAGE, Riku is in charge of vocals!

Among the members, "hard workerI am also working on muscle training and English studying.♪

Ini Kyosuke Fujimaki

  • [Real name] Kyosuke Fujimaki
  • [Date of birth] August 10, 1999
  • [Birthplace] Nagano prefecture

Inexperienced singing and dancing, Kyosuke Fujimaki, who had won the first place in the song before the start of the program, "Training Top3"!

“Sound source from the mouth”It is a genuine vocalist♪

THE RAMPAGE Yonamine Rui

  • [Real name] Rui Yonamine
  • [Date of birth] August 16, 1995
  • [Birthplace] Okinawa Prefecture

Yonamine Ru Yu who is active as a performer in The Rampage!

Okinawa's unique and relaxed airCharacters with are also characteristic, isn't it?♪

Fantastics Keito Kimura

  • [Real name] Keito Kimura
  • [Date of birth] August 16, 1999
  • 【Birthplace: Tokyo

The youngest performerKeito Kimura!

Before the debut, I had enough ability to participate in live performances such as EXILE and the third generation J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE as a kids dancer.♪

Fantastics Sota Nakajima

  • [Real name] Sota Nakajima
  • [Date of birth] August 18, 1999
  • [Birthplace] Osaka Prefecture

Sota Nakajima, who is in charge of vocals at FANTASTICS!

Until the third grade of elementary school, I learned the piano under the influence of my parents, and started playing guitars from junior high school.I like music from the root


  • [Real name] Ryohei Kurosawa
  • [Date of birth] August 23, 1982
  • [Birthplace] Shizuoka Prefecture

Lead the group as the central nucleus of EXILEAKIRA!

In addition to performing as a performance, he is active in various fields such as many movies, dramas, stages, and voice actors.♪

GENERATIONS Ryota Katayose

  • [Real name] Ryota Katayose
  • [Date of birth] August 29, 1994
  • [Birthplace] Osaka Prefecture

Ryota Katayose, who is in charge of vocals at GENERATIONS!

As an individual, he was very active in dramas and movies,Enchants fans with songs and actingI'm letting♪

EXILE/3rd generation J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE NAOTO

  • [Real name] Naoto Kataoka
  • [Date of birth] August 30, 1983
  • [Birthplace] Saitama prefecture

NAOTO is active in various fields, not only in dance but also in variety, acting, fashion!

Apparel brands produced by themselves"SEVEN"Is also supported by many young people♪

Ini Rito Ikezaki

  • [Real name] Rito Ikezaki
  • [Date of birth] August 30, 2001
  • [Birthplace] Fukuoka Prefecture

Rito Ikezaki who attracts fans with "Ikebo" rap!

It is a cool image from an attractive face and bass voice, but in fact within the groupMood makersSomehow♪

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Until now, we have introduced K-POP idols and Japanese artists on August, and special event plans for August only. How was it?

"I want to celebrate my birthday, but what should I do ..."

If you are worried

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