In 2022, the luxurious artist of the Red and White Singing Battle is decided! Introducing K-POP idols such as the first Japanese artist & Twice / Ive / Le sserafim♪

2022年紅白歌合戦の豪華出場アーティストが決定!初出場の日本人アーティスト&TWICE/ IVE / Le SserafimなどのK-POPアイドルをご紹介♪

Red and white song battle that can be said to be a traditional Japanese song program broadcast every year on New Year's Eve!

Finally, the artists of the "73rd Red and White Singing Battle" have been announced, and in addition to Japanese artists, Korean artists have returned this year!

In this year's red and white, which shows further excitement, a total of 10 pairs, including Japanese Uta, SAUCY DOG, and Korean groups, will participate for the first time!

This time, we will introduce in detail mainly about the first artists of Red and White, so please prepare by the red and white broadcast date!

Furthermore, we will approach the greatness of the groups of TWICE, Ive, and LE SSERAFIM 3 pairs that appear from the K-POP world.♪

Introducing artists who participate in the Red and White Singing Battle!

Uta (Red Gumi)

The heroine Uta, a character of the popular anime movie "ONE PIECE FILM RED", will participate in this year's Red and White Red Gumi for the first time!

Uta is a childhood friend of the protagonist, Luffy, and is gaining popularity in the setting of a diva.

This is the first time an anime character has participated in the Red and White Singing Battle, and from fansAbsolutely see this year's red and white!""

Uta has appeared in 3DCG in Budokan and music programs, and also performs music live!

The voice actorKaori NatsukaIt became a hot topic because the singer ADO was in charge and the singer's ADO.♪

Aimer (Red Gumi)

The second artist for Red and White is the second Japanese female singer Aimer!

Aimer has a private name and hometown private and has many mysterious parts, but under the influence of the bassist's father, he goes to the music path.

I haven't been completely cured after I hurt my vocal cords when I was 15 years old, but I am doing singer activities vigorously!

Since the major debut in 2011, I have been ranking at the top of the Oricon!

ONE OK ROCK's TAKA and RADWIMPS Yojiro Noda Produce and provide music, and the representative songs include "Butterfly Connection" ^^

This year, the popular TV anime "Oni no Blade" OP "Renshu" and ED "The morning comes] Was a hot topic!

Green and yellow society (Red Gumi)

The first artist of the third group of Red Gumi is a peepopop rock band composed of four men and women in Japan.♪

It was around 2018, which started his activities in 2013 and began to emerge, and released the 1st album "Green and Yellow Society"!

Speaking of the attractiveness of the green and yellow society, it is a song that maximizes the best singing voice that Vocal Haruko Wabils is woven ^^.

Typical songs include the theme song "SABOTAGE" of the drama "You and I on the G -line" and the ED "SHOUT BABY" of the anime "My Rohacademia"!


The first group of white group participation artists is a three -member rock band SAUCY DOG formed in 2013 ^^

SAUCY DOG made a major debut in 2019, and ballad songs are popular, mainly young people.♪

Typical songs include "Someday" and the theme song for the short drama "Tokyo Ale".Your gyoza]In the cheering song of the 101st National High School Soccer Championship, "I live now (now). Was selected!

JO1 (white group)

JO1, born from the survival audition program "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN", will also participate in the Red and White Singing Battle for the first time this year!

An audition program hosted by the Korean music channel Mnet will be held in Japan, and it has become a hot topic among K-POP fans!

It is an idol group that has been loved by many people since debuting in 2019 with each number of times the number of times has been repeated.♪

It has been selected as an ambassador for the project "HOT JAPAN with JO1", which is not only an artist but also the charm of Japan, and has been expected to have an influence both in Japan and overseas!

Naniwa Men (White Gumi)

The third group of Shirogumi's first participation is a Japanese seven -member idol group Naniwa boy!

This is a popular group that has grasped the hearts of fans in the "Beginner LOVE" released in November 2021, and has been drawn on variety shows and dramas.♪

Naniwa boys are composed of members from Kansai, and the producer is Tadayoshi Okura of Kanjani∞!

Despite the friendliness of the Kansai group, there are many members who have a long time of loading, and one of the reasons for the popularity is that it is a glittering idol power!

VAUNDY (white group)

The fourth group of Shirogumi is Voundy, a Japanese singer -songwriter and musician!

Voundy, born in 2000, is an active college student who attends an art school, and is a genuine artist who produces not only lyrics, composition, arrangement, but also video -related!

I started composing music since I was a junior high school student, and posted a MV for the digital distribution single "Tokyo Flash" on YouTube in 2019, and exceeded 1 million views in two months!

In the music video of the "Letter" released on November 28, 77 kinds of character fonts are used, and artwork is a hot topic!

A talented young artist who is expected to be more active in the future.♪

Be: First

BE: FIRST is a 7 -member artist group born from the Boys Group excavation audition "THE FIRST"!

SKY-HI, who is also a solo artist in AAA rapper, is broadcast, and many people are crazy!

It is attracting attention as a group where powerful people such as songs and dances are in line ^^

He also appeared in SUMMER SONIC held in August this year, and is expected to be active in the future!

What is the greatness of K-POP idols who have decided to participate in red and white?


TWICE, which is also said to be the queen of K-POP and has been loved by fans for a long time!

TWICE will participate in the 4th Red and White Singing Battle this year for the first time in three years.♪

TWICE, which was dominated by the TT Pose, participated in the Red and White Singing Battle in 2017 for the first time in the Red and White Singing Battle, and was selected as a group for the first time in six years!

KARA, which represents the second Korean wave boom, a appearing since Dong Bang Shin Ki, to prove the popularity in Japan ^^

The attractiveness is not only adorable visuals, but also dancing, singing, and performance -powered members gather, and have gained immovable popularity since their debut in 2015.

TWICE has released a 19th album this year, and it has become a hot topic that the cumulative number of shipments has exceeded 10 million!

In addition, the number of MVs, a total of 21 MVs released in Korea, three songs released in Japan, and the first English single, has exceeded 100 million.

With this record, TWICE has become the group that has the most MVs with more than 100 million views in YouTube among women's groups worldwide!


On December 1, 2021, IVE of the 6 -member idol group debuted from Starship Entertainment!

Ive is a super rookie that grabs the fans's heart with outstanding visuals and catchy songs, and has a presence that is unlikely to be a newcomer.

The warriors on Korean music programs will not stop, and the debut song "ELEVEN" achieves 13 crowns!

Next, "LOVE DIVE", which was released, achieved 13 crowns, "After Like" achieved 14 crowns and is gaining momentum!

In addition, the Korean award ceremony won seven rookie awards, as Ive was rumored to be the rookie prize!

Not only that, Melon Music AWARDS 2022 won the "this year's best song" and the 2022 MAMA AWARDS, which was held in Japan, and made the K-POP world known to the K-POP world ^^


On May 2, 2022, the 5 -person girl group LE SSERAFIM debuted from the Source Music under Hybe!

It is a large rookie who has been attracting attention before the debut because Sakiyoshi Miyawaki from IZ*ONE, Choi Won, and a mysterious beauty Kazuha from the ballet world belong to the ballet.

Its popularity is tremendous, the 1st mini album "Fearless" sold 300,000 copies in the first week and became the best record of the successive girls group!

In the K-POP world, it is said that the girls group is the Warring States period, but LE SSERAFIM has not only the topicality but also the results.

And LE SSERAFIM has decided to participate in the Red and White Singing Battle this year, but it is an unusual situation that the appearance in red and white will be decided before the Japanese debut is decided!

After the decision to appear in Red and White, the debut in Japan will be decided on January 25, and it will be more popular in Japan in the future!


This time, we introduced mainly artists who participate in the 73rd Red and White Singing Battle!

Did you have any interesting artists? ^^

It is the first time in 11 years that multiple groups will appear from Korea, so you can see how K-POP music is indispensable in Japan.♪

Following the immovable queen TWICE, the large rookie group Ive and LE SSERAFIM will surely break in Japan in the future!

Look at the Red and White Singing Battle this year's New Year's Eve and try to find an artist!

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