[February 2013's latest Korea -Cafe Cafe] Raw interview with local staff & Korean cafe clerk! Too shocking Korean Cenil Cafe Summary♪


Recently, in Japan, I often hear the words "Senil Cafe" and "Senil Event" ^ ^ ^ ^

Now that Senil Cafe has spread in Japan
In South Korea, the birthplace of Senil Cafe culture

Surprisingly, "Is this done by ordinary people!?"
The Senil Cafe is evolving (° ▽ °)!

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 So this time, at the Senil Cafe in Korea
boomSpecial menu,

And I asked the Korean local staff and the cafe clerk,
The latest Korean Senil Cafe situation is also open to the public ٩ ('ω') و♡

Those who can not go to Korea easily, those who want to know the latest information on Senil Cafe in Korea for the next trip to Korea!

If you look at this article, you can know the "now" of the Korean Senil Cafe!

Around the SM/YG/HYBE office
We will introduce a cafe where you can hold the Senil event.♪

 If you look at this article and think, "I want to have a recommended Senil Cafe!"

Senil cafe, further encouraging through advertisements
I hope you can get excited ^ ^

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From Korea! What is Senil Cafe?

"Senil" is a birthday in Korean, and is a "birthday cafe" when translated into Senil Cafe.

At Senil Cafe,
To celebrate the birthday of the organizer

Prepare a recommended store inner decoration, cup holder, traver, etc., special menus, and events,

We will celebrate a grand event in the whole cafe♪

[Latest] Korean fashion
What is a "special menu"?

From here, it has recently become popular in Korea
I will introduce the special menu to be served at the Senil Cafe event ٩ ('ω') و

However, even if it is called a special menu of a cafe
It's hard to imagine, right? ^ ^

So,It has become a standard in Korea
Please see the special menu♪


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Aespa Winter, SevenTeen's Hoshi
It is a motif character macaron (´∀ `)

The macaroons of the recommended motif are
Easy to take home and perfect for gifts.♡

Bottle cake

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Dino of Seventeen, Jeno of Nctdream
It's a bottle cake ^ ^

It looks like a small lunch and a bottle cake
It's too cute (*´Д `*)♡

One hole cake

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The top is the Mark of NCT, and the lower is a Treasure Doyong specification cake.♪

The color is flashy and it is hard to imagine the taste,
The taste of velvet, raspberry, cheese and chocolate is also delicious!

Not only on the cake but also on the side
Because it is decorated,It's cute no matter which angle you take a pictureWell (´∀ `)

It's delicious because it looks like a photoIt is a very popular special menu at Senil Cafe ^ ^


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NCT JaehyunWith a trademark peach illustration cookie,
Straykids Felix character cookies♪

It's too cute to eat (´Д`) y
Be careful not to break when you take it home,

Like macaroons, it's good for gifts♪


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NCT Mark is a drink with watermelon, so it is a drink with a special drink of watermelon and a trademark tiger.♪

Not only the existing drink of the venue cafe, but also
It's amazing that you can use it to the taste!

The menu name of the drink is recommended,
It is also a standard to make an interesting name♪

By the way, the watermelon juice of this mark
"얼 얼 주 스 (Realth Mark Juice)"(´∀ `)

Because the watermelon is 박 (Subak) in Korean
The name of the mark is given lol

Interview with local staff & Korean cafe clerk! Introducing the latest Senil Cafe♪

From here, we asked our Korean local staff and local cafe clerks.About Korea's latest Senil CafeI will introduce it in the Q & A method while incorporating videos and photos.♪( ´▽`)

How much is the Senil Cafe in Korea?
A. How ...
There is no cost to rent a cafe (・ Д ・)! !

Then, "Where do the cafe make a profit?"

The profit on the cafe side is to sell special menus and drinks at the time of the event.♪
Cafe store decoration, special menu design,
Are you all designed for Capho, benefits?
A. This is a selection system!

It is better to prepare an in -store decoration and special menu design
There are many, but I often ask a cafe for decoration ^ ^

(If you ask for decoration on behalf, it will not cost money.)

The special menu has a design proposed from the cafe, so you can choose only what photos and illustrations to use.♪

The organizers are very particular about Capho and benefits, as well as in -store decorations.

Many people work on their own in cooperation with friends!

Recently, fans are at the event
VLOG from Capho, bonus preparation, cafe decoration to the day of the dayIt is also popular to post to YouTube( ´∀`)

In this video, NCT DOYONGPreparation process of Senil Cafe EventYou can see♪ 

It's very cute, so please check it out ^ ^
How to notify and search for Senil Cafe?
A. The organizer and the cafeNotice on SNSis!

The organizer fans will be created by yourself even the poster for the SNS announcement (° ▽ °)♡

Please see this photo♪( ´▽`)
image                                            Quote source

If you look closelyNot only the event venue and period, but also Capho Design and Benefits,Lucky draw (prize lottery) prize contentIt is described in detail♪

And how to find a Senil Cafe event,As shown in the photo belowCute mapIs being created,

The fan is idol on the Kakao mapSometimes you make a list of cafes that hold the event (´∀ `)
image              Quote source

Here, we also introduce recommended methods when you want to find a summary of the Senil Event on Twitter.To do♪

"〇〇 (the name of the recommended) 생카 (abbreviation of Senil Cafe) 타래 (Lip column)"If you search, many fans will summarize the recommended Senil Cafe information!

It's wonderful to help nerds (T ^ T)♡
What are the events at Senil Cafe, which are recently popular in Korea?
A. The recommended specification "생네 컷 (4 cuts)", "Lucky Draw (Lucky Draw)"is♪

I will introduce one by one ^ ^
First,The recommended specification "생네 컷 (4 cuts)"is.

This is the same mechanism as Japanese Purikura, but the design is recommended (° ▽ °).

Please see this image♪
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image                                            Quote source

At the recommended Senil event
It's great to be able to take photos of the recommended specifications (´ ▽ `)♡

Not only in the cafe, but also in another place with a machine of "생네 생네 (4 cuts)" at the same time as the cafe event.

It is also popular to set up a limited birthday recommended frame "생네 컷 (4 cuts)".♪

Second"Lucky Draw"(Hereafter, Rakidoro)♪

This is a prize lottery, and it is a losing a lottery with a recommended specification (´∀ `*)♡
image                                                                Quote source

In this way, there is from 1st prize to ◯, etc.
All prizes are recommended!

Tote bags, can cases, mini files, treka, and special gifts are blankets and stuffed animals.

It's very luxurious!

The author has also participated in this Senil event, but the Rakidro in this image is100 yen each timeI was able to draw ('⌓')!

Everything was so cute that I was so happy ...♡

At South Korea's Senil Cafe Event, as in Japan, of course, sticking to cup holders and benefits,

In addition, "생네 생네 (4 cuts)",
Events such as "Lucky Draw" are added (´∀ `*)

As expected, the birthplace of Senil Event,
It's Korea ^ ^

Even around HYBE/SM/YG office
Senil cafe can be held!

                                Quote source

So far, we have introduced Senil Cafe Event♪

There is a Senil Cafe where events can be held near a major office such as sm/hybe/yg, so

Please check out the article about that (´∀ `)



How was the latest situation in Korea Senil Cafe? ^ ^

The number of Senil cafes is increasing in Japan,
After all, the birthplace of KoreaMany cafes, speed of evolution of eventsAs expected♪( ´▽`)

What can be said in both Japan and Korea cafes
It's a happy space full of love for pushing ^ ^ ^ ^

In the future, Senil Cafe culture will continue in Japan.
I want you to penetrate and go♪

If you have never been to Senil Cafe in Korea,
Please go (´∀ `)♡

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