Explain the K-POP idol scheduled for Kamba in January in 5 minutes! Introducing Kamba information of gorgeous idols that flutter now, such as New Jeans/MONSTA X/TXT/NCT 127♪

1月カムバ予定のK-POPアイドルを5分で解説!NewJeans/MONSTA X/TXT/NCT 127 など今をときめく豪華アイドルのカムバ情報をご紹介♪

As 2023 has finally begun, many K-POP artists are preparing for comeback in January!

This time, we will introduce K-POP artists who come back in January.♪

From veterans to newcomers, please check out the hottest artists!

There are plenty of basic information from the group to the latest comeback, so please enjoy it!

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Introducing K-POP idols scheduled for Kamba in January at once!

New Jeans New Single "OMG" [1/2]


NEWJEANS, the first comeback in January!

NEWJEANS is a five -member rookie girl group who debuted from Ador under HYBE.♪

The nostalgic and new unique worldview and life -sized members are exploding, mainly in teens!

"DITTO", which was released on December 19, was also talked about as the first place in South Korea's main music chart in two hours from the release!

I mentioned in detail about this comebackSpecial article of NEWJEANSPlease see if you like ^^

Introducing new single information and pop -up stores!

MOONBIN & SANHA (ASTRO) 3rd mini Album "Incense" [1/4]


ASTRO's Mumbin and Sana unit will release the third album this time ^^

Sana's unit, which has a powerful performance that attracts a powerful performance and a soft treble singing voice, is very popular!

This comeback has been hoped for the first time in about 10 months since the second mini album "REFUGE" was released in March 2022.♪

The title song "MADNESS" is also involved in the lyrics!

The highlight medley has been released and it is showing more and more excitement ^^

H1-key 1st mini album "Rose Blossom" [1/5]


The four-member girl group H1-key, debuted in January 2022, will release the 1st mini album "Rose Blossom" in January!

The GLG Entertainment belonging was known as an office specializing in hip -hop, so it became a hot topic for the girl group to debut!

The group name "H1-Key" is derived from the English "High-Key" and "Dignified and healthy beautyI'm aiming for ^^

The debut song "Athletic Girl" showed the natural beauty and dignified charisma!

All members are2000Born after the year, the average height170.7cmIt is also known as a tall group♪

ILY: 1 2nd Single "Que Sera Sera" [1/5]


Ily: 1, a 6 -member girl group that debuted in April 2022, will release the second single "Que Sera Sera" in January ^^

It is characterized by multinational members, with two Korean citizens, two Japanese nationality, and two Taiwanese nationality.♪

Lyrica, a Japanese member who appeared on Girl's Planet, has been attracting attention before his debut!

In the debut song "Love in Bloom", I showed a cute and refreshing side like a rookie idol!

This time, I will not lose hope in the darkILY: 1It seems to be an album depicting a dream^^

MONSTA X 12th Mini Album "Reason" [1/9]


MONSTA X will come back for the first time in about nine months since the 11th mini album "Shape of Love" released in April 2022!

Following the previous album, it will be an activity with five people except for the oldest member of the soldier now!

MONSTA X, which celebrates its 8th anniversary next year, is still growing even when it comes to veteran idols.

Juhon has been involved in three consecutive songs, including the title song "GAMBLER" released in June last year, and this comeback is also attracting attention ^^

I'm looking forward to seeing the concept of MONSTA X, which will show off a powerful and sophisticated stage.♪

SF9 12th mini Album "The Piece of9" [1/9]


SF9, which has a comeback for the first time in about 6 months since the 11th mini album "THE WAVE OF9"!

Speaking of SF9, it is a group that is refreshing but filled with adult charm ^^

Unfortunately, Yongbin and Inson, who are in military service, are absent, but there are expectations for the comeback with seven people, including Rowun, who could not participate last time!

This comeback is "Collect Piece like a puzzle, and the completed SF9 goes forwardIt seems to be the theme.

It's a comeback on the same day as my senior MONSTA X, so it's also worth paying directly to the confrontation!



LE SSERAFIM, a five -member girl group that debuted in May 2022, will make a long -awaited Japanese debut in January!

You belong to topical members, such as Saki Miyawaki from IZ*ONE, Sakiyoshi Miyawaki, Chawon, and Kazuha from the ballet world!

The Japan's 1st single to be released this time is a Japanese version of "Fearless", which showed the overwhelming presence of LE SSERAFIM.♪

The song was released on December 15, and was ranked first in AWA immediately after its release!

In addition, there is an unusual achievement to decide on the first appearance of red and white before the decision to debut in Japan!

It is a rookie girl group that has an unknown popularity and potential ^^

TXT 5th mini Album "The name chapter: Temptation" [1/27]


TXT has come back for the first time in about 8 months since the fourth mini album "Minisode 2: Thursday's Child".♪

Speaking of TXT, the world view that has entered a fairy tale is popular ^^.

This year, we conducted the first world tour, and for the first time, we succeeded in a solo offline concert in Japan!

TXT was particularly popular overseas, and it seems that many overseas fans were waiting for concerts.

The peeled TXT is a new series called "The Name Chapter", and will return on an album depicting the youth swaying in the face of temptation.♪

NCT 127 Repackage Album "AY-YO" [1/30]


NCT 127 will release a repackage album for the fourth full album (2 Baddies) released in September 2022!

NCT 127, which has been particular about our own music since debuting in 2016!

In this comeback, three new songs will be added and comeback will be back ^^

In May and June, the first dome tour in Japan was successful, and in October we held a concert at the Olympic Main Stadium, the largest venue in Korea!

Its popularity is not limited to Korea or Japan, and it is captivated around the world, and in January we are preparing for concerts in all seven North -South American countries.♪

Got the Beat [undecided]


Did you know "GOT THE BEAT", a gathering of SM Entertainment? ^^

Got The Beat is a seven female group consisting of Boa, Girls' Generation Taeyeon and Hyoyoung, RED VELVET Surugi and Wendy, AESPA's Carina and Winter.♪

Debuted on January 3, 2022 with the title song "STEP BACK", and the number of playbacks on YouTube is now over 140 million!

Is the female version of SUPERM born? !"And topic!

Dance, rap, and vocals are gathering, and the stage performance is the highest peak as well as ability!

This time, attention is focused on how to come back!

TWICE [Pre -release]


The immovable queen TWICE will pre -release the songs in January ahead of the comeback in March!

This is the 12th mini album, but I have released 45 albums so far, including full albums and Japanese albums!

Furthermore, TWICE, which celebrated its 7th anniversary this year, became a hot topic because everyone had a re -contract with the office ^^.

It is decided that nine TWICE will continue to be seen in the future, and we are reassuring fans with continuous comeback.♪

This time, it is an English single that will be released in advance, and overseas fans have received hot expectations!

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