Explain K-POP idols scheduled for February in February in 5 minutes! Introducing Kamba (Japan Activities) information such as Dong Bang Shin Ki / BSS (SEVENTEEN) / NCT DREAM / The Boyz♪

2月カムバ予定のK-POPアイドルを5分で解説!東方神起/BSS(SEVENTEEN)/NCT DREAM/THE BOYZなど超豪華アイドルのカムバ(日本活動)情報をご紹介♪

hello everyone♪

2023 is already in the second month! In February, the K-POP world is busy with comeback and debut! !

This time, we will introduce K-POP artists who come back in February.♪

From veterans to newcomers, please check out the hottest artists!

There are plenty of basic information from the group to the latest comeback, so please enjoy it!

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1. Introducing K-POP idols scheduled for Kamba in January at once!

Dong Bang Shin Ki (Japanese activity) [2/1]


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Legendary duo! Dong Bang Shin Ki comes back in Japanese activities♪

The sharp dance is passionate with weaponsYunoAnd the owner of the natural singing voice and the sweet face,ChangminThe perfect combination is still an absolute being that no one can exceed it.

This time, in addition to the release of the new single "Parallel Parallel", we will have a tour of Japan for the first time in about three and a half years from February 11 to go around eight cities nationwide! !

Here is the MV of the title song "Parallel Parallel"!


BSS (석순/Busoxun)/SEVENTEEN [2/6]


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SEVENTEEN has a very popular three -person unitThe first time in five yearsI'm back! ^^

BSS is a group name that means three members.

Bu ...Sungwan, Manne

Sok ...Dogyom(DK), leader in charge

Sun ...Hoshi, Eldest son position

The three are the most naughty and passionate trio among CARAT! It seems to be a group that is said to be♪

In 2018, "거침 없 (Just Do it)" was released and CARAT's explosive reaction, and this activity has already become a expected unit!


NCT DREAM (Japan activity) [2/8] 

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This is not a Kamba

Very popular now around the worldNCT DREAM is finally! I will debut in Japan♪

Speaking of NCT DREAM, belonging to SM Entertainment, which debuted in 2016

NCTUnit formed by the manne group!

It is incredible that it will finally make my debut in Japan this time,

On 2/8, "BEST FRIEND EVER", which will be a Japanese original song, will be released.

I want to see the members singing in Japanese as soon as possible ~> <


Key (SHINee) [2/13]


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On February 13, the key will come back from SHINee♪

This time,The 2nd full album repackage version "Killer" will be released!

Speaking of keySinging, dancing, language skills, fashion sense, and recent talk power on Korean variety shows, etc.

In any field, he was really dexterous and "" ""Universal key (key)Members who are also called!

The songs released solo are also catchy and addictive every time, so this time too.

The repackage version is already fashionable from the jacket and I'm looking forward to Kamuba.♪


Tri.be [2/14]


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7 -member girl group,Tri.be comes back with the 2nd mini album "W.A.Y (We are Young)" ^^

Tri.beInternational groups formed by 4 Koreans, 1 Taiwanese, 1 Chinese, and one JapaneseThe feature is♪

The debut album isA famous Korean composer "Shasango no Tiger" and EXID LE that composed EXID's "UP DOWN"Is working on

It is also a group that has attracted attention since the beginning of the debut.♪


Stray Kids (Japan Activity) [2/22]


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Of course, don't forget the Kamba of Stray Kids> <

On 2/22,The long -awaited 1st album in Japan will be released!

Speaking of Stray Kids, I belong to JYP Entertainment to which 2PM and TWICE belongs.K-POP 4th generation representativeAlso called

It will be a group that is attracting attention for the world wide right now.♪

In this album, trailers have already become a hot topic before this year.

At the same time, two of the 4 performances of the 4 encore concerts of last year's World Tour in JapanFirst dome performanceIt's a hot topic because it will be! !


Class: Y (Japan Activity) [2/22]

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Class: Y (Classy)The Japan original single "Target" will be released on February 22 ^^

Class: Y is a girl group in which all members are Korean and are active in a group of seven people♪

Decide seven debut members from over 80,000 applicantsFormed on the survival audition program "after school Tokimeki"

It is a rookie of the expectation just debuted in February 2022!

SuchClass: YThis song "TARGET" is a song that adds the elements of the 70's music scene to the latest K-POP.

According to the titleWorking on fans of Japan and Korea and targeting the world! DeclarationIt seems to be included!


The Boyz [2/27]

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Finally, don't miss the Boyz comeback! !

The eighth mini album is scheduled to be released on February 27,It will be a comeback for the first time in about 6 months as an album activity♪

Also, the most nice news this time is the members who have been suspended for temporary activities.Because Eric returns and becomes a full body,

It will be a more special meaningful activity for the B (fan name).

Click here for the trailer of this activity!


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Progress Camba Memorial Advertising (Woodz / Cho Seung -yong)


This was published by Japanese fans last year to commemorate WOODZ's Kamba.

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At this time, it was broadcast for two weeks, and I was able to enjoy the recommended Kamba with many fans ^^


3. Summary

 This time, we introduced the K-POP idols who are Kamba in February!

This month, this month is likely to be a gorgeous month, such as the legendary Kamba that everyone knows and the debut with the long -awaited Japanese original song! !


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