Delivering K-POP cam back information in July July! Large idols such as EXO/NCT DREAM/ZEROBASEONE/NEWJEANS are concentrated!

大激戦7月のK-POPカムバック情報をお届け!EXO/NCT DREAM/ZEROBASEONE/NewJeansなど大型アイドルが集中!

The summer comeback season has arrived!

This time,Delivering plenty of comeback information of Korean idol in JulyI will do it ^^

This month, there is a great group of newcomers from the debut of a large rookie to a seasonal popular group, and even a large veteran!

Are you ready to support the recommended group?

I want to excite the recommended comeback and debut in a special form!Many fans have a support advertisement in commemoration!

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Introducing K-POP idols of comeback at once!

Idols come back one after another in July!

I want to contribute to the push that I'm always working hard!」「I want to aim for the first place in the music program!Please refer to the following article ^^

Introducing how to become the first place in music programs from the details of the sound source chart/sound chart, which are indispensable in supporting KPOP!

Here is the article!

Here is the article!

[July 3rd release] NMIXX

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NMIXX is a comeback on July 11 with the 3rd single "A Midsummer NMIXX'S DREAM"!

The pre -release is scheduled to be released on July 3, and the first summer comeback is attracting attention.♪ 

The concept photo like a forest fairy is fantastic and cute ^^

[July 4 Come back] TEENTOP

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TEENTOP, celebrating its 13th anniversary this year, is back for the first time in about three years!

The album "TEENTOP [4sho]" released this time includes a recording of the famous songs selected by the fans ^^

On July 15th and 16th, we will also have a solo concert in Seoul!

[Debut on July 5] Kiss of Life

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Kiss of Life is a rookie girl group that debuts on the 1st mini album "Kiss of Life"!

We are also focusing on debut promotions, and MVs of solo songs are released one after another, and they are showing excitement ^^

Natti from Sixteen, an audition that produced TWICE, is also attracting attention!

[July 5th Japan Camback] TXT

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TXT will release Japan's 2nd album "SWEET" on July 5!

This album will include 12 songs, including Japanese versions of "Sugar Rush Ride" and Japanese original songs.♪

At the concert held at Kyocera Dome on July 1st and 2nd, the songs included were unveiled ^^

[July 5 Japan debut] Cravity

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The 4th generation Super Rookie CRAVITY has finally debuted in Japan!

The debut single "Groovy -japanese ver.-" to be released on July 5 also includes Japanese original songs ^^

It seems that a music video was also shot for the Japanese debut single.♪

[July 6 Come back] QUEENZ EYE

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QUEENZ EYE will come back on July 6 with the 2nd single "UNI-Q"!

Debuted in October 2022 and welcomed the first Kamba in about 9 months ^^

[July 7 ahead release] NEWJEANS

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NEWJEANS will release a pre -release on July 7, and on July 21, the 2nd EP "GET UP" officially comes back!

I'm looking forward to seeing what the girls are talking about in the world view that can only be created by New Jeans.♪

There is also an announcement that all six MVs included in this album will be produced!

[July 7 Come back] TXT

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TXT will come back in Korea on July 7!

The digital single "Do It Like That" to be released this time is a collaboration with Jonas Brothers!

Expectations increase for unusual large collaborations ^^

[July 10 cam back] EXO


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Finally, EXO will return on July 10 with the 7th full album "EXIST"!

Finally a comeback with a complete body! It was exciting, but Kai was in a hurry.

However, I was involved in preparing the album, so it seems that Kai's singing voice is also recorded ^^

[July 10 debut] ZEROBASEONE

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ZEROBASEONE, born from the audition program "BOYS PLANET", has finally debuted!

The songs included in the debut album "Youth in the Shade" are also talked about that composers who work on songs such as IU, BTS, and IVE are involved!

It is the same day as the comeback of the great senior EXO, so it seems that a fierce battle will be held (;;)

[July 12 Japan Camback] Class: Y


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Class: Y will release the digital single "Crack-Crack-Crackle" in Japan on July 12!

This new song is selected for the opening of the anime "Ander Girl Murder Fars"!

up to dateK-POPand70Old -fashionedJ-POPIt seems that the concept is "Neoretro Girl Crash" which is mixed.^^

[Solo debut on July 14] BTS Jongong

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BTS's Golden Manne, Jong -guk, will make a solo debut on "SEVEN" on July 14!

As I promised to make a solo next to SUGA, the release was decided after my brother ^^

This time, the release on a digital single is also focused on whether or not to appear on music programs!

[July 17 Camback] NCT DREAM


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NCT DREAM will launch a 3rd full album "ISTJ" on July 17!

The title song "ISTJ" depicts a story in which two people with the opposite personality grow love ^^

Sometimes it is a song that incorporates the trendy MBTI, and the topicality is outstanding!

[July 19 Camback] NIZIU

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NIZIU will release the 2nd album "Coconut" on July 29 ^^

It's a summer -themed album!

In addition, the song "Look at meWas decided on the theme song for the TV drama "Mukai -kun"!

[July 26 Japan debut] Misamo

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TWICE Mina, Sana, Momo unit "Misamo" is finally debuted in Japan!

It is the first time that TWICE unit has officially debuted!

The mini album "Masterpiece" also includes the pre -released "MARSHMALLOW" ^^

[July 31 comeback] ITZY

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ITZY comes back on July 31 with the 7th mini album "Kill My Doubt"!

Many fans may have been waiting for Kamba for the first time in about 8 months (;;)

Title song "Bet on me"teeth,ItzyPark Jin Young wrote the lyrics in inspired by the conversation with the members.^^

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This time, we delivered Kamba information of K-POP idol to come back in July!

Did you have a group of interest? ^^

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